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Support / Re: Xim Apex doesn't read my keyboard
« on: 05:34 AM - 02/14/19 »
Hey thanks for the quick response.  That actually worked but was difficult to find out how to do so with no switch on kb. F1+the lock key switches it into bios mode for anyone else having trouble with this issue.  Thanks again

Support / [RESOLVED] Xim Apex doesn't read my keyboard
« on: 04:21 AM - 02/14/19 »
I bought the xim apex about a week ago and it work great at first,  but now won't read my keyboard . I have a corsair k95 platinum, I changed the onboard memory to not have lighting effects although my first couple times using it it worked fine with lighting effects.  I even bought a 5v power supply in case the was the issue.  The xim manager shows all 3 logos but doesn't register key strokes. I was thinking the hub failed but I can plug it into my computer with kb and mouse hooked up and it works fine.  Any help would be appreciated

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