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ive tried searching the forums for a powered usb switcher that will allow me to switch to my PC, as well as not freak my @#$% keyboard and controller out if I keep it plugged in (powering them on and off cant be healthy)

doesn't have a power supply cord and I don't feel like spending a month buying random cords trying to figure out what works

doesn't have a power cord either

can someone please help me this is insane

no we don't need a video

we need a SIMPLE PICTURE with a mouse, a keyboard, and a @#$% controller going into . .. and ... like there is for xim four and titan and chronus max setups.  And I need to be able to find it easily when I google search

honestly that should be attached to the sticky, don't have time to watch a video because youre timing out?  quick connection reference picture.

why doesn't the @#$% xim say controller, keyboard, mouse, or have little pictures honestly
itd be easier to remember "plug racing wheel into mouse port"  instead of . .. or ...

Lets face it, the . .. and ... system is retarded.   How about when I accidentally disconnect I can find a guide to what god @#$% peripheral goes into what god @#$% dot before I disconnect from idle?

Too salty for you?  Its @#$% necessary drink some @#$% water.

I don't need a 10 minute @#$% video.   I don't need to know the god @#$% titan 2 setup.   I don't need to know the @#$% xim 4 setup.   I need to know what god @#$% peripheral goes into what god @#$% dot RIGHT GOD @#$% NOW and this is a service that isn't being provided.

Deal with the causticity, its the hard truth.

This @#$% needs to be easier to find.  If I time out from game while I'm frantically googling images its a bad system that needs improvement. 

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: 6/6 on Apex legends....
« on: 05:06 PM - 03/26/19 »
Im liking 7/6

Keeps me turning faster, still a little AA hip with my low dpi and zim polling

Listen the @#$% up because I'm about to blow your mind and change your life.

bind sprint to w
There are a few drawbacks: you cant move foreward and heal unless you already were moving foreward ( just turn and strafe ).   you cant use toggle scopes ( theyre trash anyways and maybe you can unbind in ads? haven't tried it)  you cant crouch walk foreward (unless you ADS get used to it quick)

I read a guy say it here after launch, I tried it, ive spread the word and people love it.
see u at the final circle

I had to turn deadzone to none because otherwise youre always dragging behind target. Ive read this simply gives the equivalent of adding boost, because it was trained at deadxone small. So, id say boost is def required if you have deadzone small.  Idk why it wasnt trained at none.

Game Support / Re: Apex Legends will need a retrain?
« on: 02:05 PM - 03/19/19 »
Oh god im freaking out

Would we want to maximize turn delay or ramp up to make it more responsive ???

Has anyone else noticed this? 

I only used the newest one so i dont know difference

Game Support / Re: Is Apex Legends getting retrained?
« on: 03:42 PM - 03/15/19 »
I actually use 7,6 too

Game Support / Re: Is Apex Legends getting retrained?
« on: 03:34 AM - 03/10/19 »

This game is an exception, theres magnetic aim assist that helps counter the horrible combination of 1. bad net code, 2. choppy fps, 3. tiny hitbox characters a+d spamming.

individually, not a big deal.  but with all three, aim assist makes it playable.
unable to know that without extensive playing and cant figure it out from training.

Game Support / Re: Keybinds Apex Legends
« on: 10:33 PM - 03/08/19 »
Its bound as sprint and foreward on the stick

Its auto sprint. Creates minor inconviences, makes a massive improvement to quality of life.  You gotta slide, jump, swap weapons all the time in fights.  U dont have a finger to hold sprint 100% of the time like u should.

Game Support / Re: Is Apex Legends getting retrained?
« on: 10:03 PM - 03/08/19 »
I think the game needs to be retrained for 7/7 and DeadZone none.

It took me a lot of education and work but mine is working great on the xim Apex, but I'm definitely not using 8/8 or small DeadZone. A hard mouse pad helped too you would not believe how jerky those soft rubbery cloth ones make your micro movements. You'll be correcting for Jitter when there really is none

I don't think version 1.0 St is bad, I just think we all didn't understand how aim assist worked because fights are so few and far between. And it's really hard to test how variables affect aim assist because what are you going to do Hot Drop skull town and ask everyone to please not shoot you in the face for a 20 minutes while u conduct tests and adjust variables?

Maybe even common sync should be explored, the games a @#$% slide show most of the time i swear it averages 30 fps, but i dont know enough about sync.

Been experimenting with it. What do you guys think?  Think it helps AA in this game or no?

What values do you use?

Game Support / Re: Keybinds Apex Legends
« on: 06:38 PM - 03/07/19 »
Bind sprint to w.  Trust me.
You have to ads to crouch walk foreward, cant move foreward when healing, and those @#$% toggle scopes are annoying but dont use anyways.

Make spacebar crouch and shift jump.  Youre like a ninja.  E to reload/use cus u use it so much. Capslock ping.

The biggest mistake would be jacking ur sensitivity up too much.

U can raise it by 100 and still only turn 45 degrees with a quick swipe. I def got used to it in apex legends

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