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Hey Ximmers,

Just saw this mouse on Amazon and seen some reviews on it. Looks like the G502 with a similar sensor. I was just curious as to anyone who might also checking out this mouse or if anyone has bought it and used it with the Xim?

Mine will be the same as well. I don't have a team but I put up a lot of kills.

Sony Nav, 12k dpi and 250 hz

Glad to know that I am not alone in playing on 250hz, Love that sticky icky lol.

But make yourself a big favor and get the Ventus Z, is on 42.67
Same button layout than G502, advanced macro capability.

If you are in a budget:
G203 is a solid choice 17 and it works great with XIM.

Alan you stand by that Ventus Z my friend, I may have to order it and check it out.  8)

I'll give this a shot when I get home. I play on 16k, guess I have to try out 12k. Thanks for sharing!

You're welcome.

The Rival 600 gets a lot of love on this forum.

I posted this last summer. You may find it useful:

Any mouse with Pixart's PMW3360 (and its variations) optical sensor works really well with any XIM. The following mice each have one (and advocate forum members):

Logitech G502 (loads of buttons)*
Logitech G900 (wireless)*
Logitech G Pro (small, light-touch l&r clicks)
Logitech G305 (new, wireless version of the G Pro)
Logitech G403 (cheaper wired or wireless options)
Razer Deathadder Elite (classic shape)
Steeseries Rival 600 (configurable weight system)
Finalmouse Ultralight Pro (very lightweight)
Zowie FK (Pixart PMW3310 sensor, ambidextrous)
Zowie EC-A (Pixart PMW3310 sensor, simple design)

and my personal favourite...
Swiftpoint Z (the most configurable gaming mouse in the world)*

(*=I own and would recommend them)

Wow Ceebs thanks for that dude! I am happy to know that the Rival 600 is surely recommended.
That Swiftpoint Z mouse is sort of out of my price range haha but I am glad to hear that the mouse is working out for you. Unfortunately that is out of my price range. Again thank you for your valuable feedback Ceebs!

My advice is to not get too hung up on polling rates. We all did pretty well with the XIM4, which only collects data at 125 Hz. I've tried 125, 250, 500 and 1000 Hz extensively, within both XIM Manager and mouse settings and I can honestly say that it's impossible to tell the difference over 250 Hz.

My mouse polls at ~980 to 1000 Hz. Most of the time I have it at 1000 but if I start getting jitter, I'll turn it down to 500: jitter gone, but no noticeable difference to responsiveness. And as I play with Sync - Off, I don't need to adjust my sensitivities.

The three most important factors when buying a mouse are (in no particular order):
  • Will it track smoothly? (Good sensor, weight, minimum friction, balance)
  • Does it feel comfortable? (Size, shape, speed)
  • Does it have enough buttons?

Most of us have to add a fourth: does it have on-board memory so that changed button bindings and RGB effects carry over when I'm using it on console.

For me, the mouse's polling rate is pretty low on the list.

Hi Ceebs. Thank you for your response. Okay that is good news then and I can not worry about that affecting my xim gameplay. I was somehow under the assumption that it affects it but I can disregard that now.
That is great information. That actually helps me feel better and less stressed during my mouse search lol.
Now I have to read up more on the forum to see what other ximmer are using  :) as I am leaning towards the Rival 600.

Thank you Ceebs!

Welcome to the community. I don't think it's common for mice not to poll at their configured rate. I've personally not known Logitech mice to do this, but it would be great to hear more of the experiences of others.

Thanks ObsIV, I hear great things about you here so I do appreciate the reply. Okay sounds good and also I notice I did a rookie mistake to post this in the Xim4 and not Apex thread. I apologize for that.

Hi everyone,

New to the forum here but I've been an Apex user for almost a year now and love everything about it.  I am currently shooting with the Zowie Fk1 ( which I have had for years) and it is finally giving up on me. The question I have is that I am in the market for another mouse so I am looking for something that will poll 1000hz consistently as I like to play with the max polling settings on both Xim and Mouse at 3200 DPI. 

I have read throughout the forums that some mice doesn't poll consistently at 1000hz so I wan't to avoid in purchasing an item that I have to return.
If anyone knows of any mice that fits the criteria I would be greatly appreciate it. All suggestions are welcome. You guys rock, thanks.

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