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LOVE IT! this is a big help odin thank you, sometimes the simplest approach is the best  :), so about the smoothing feature in apex can you make a tutorial demonstrating what it can do and the situations where it may be necessary to use it.   

I have played on both PC and console since XIM3 on BC2, BF3, BF4 and now BF1.  Because XIM handles BF so well you will not notice that much of a change in your muscle memory unless you were using weird curves (a la Dr Bullsocks or whatever he calls himself these days).  What you will discover after a while is the prevelance of cheating on PC and the fact that PC players can hit moving targets far better than controller players.

Therefore you will struggle initially with the more level playing field but give is a weekend and you will be back to blasting heads.

is cheating that common in pc ?

Game Support / Re: BC2 translator update
« on: 03:11 PM - 02/21/17 »
xbox one owners enjoy one of the best BF games ever made, i would switch from BF1 to BC2 if it is available on ps4.  :)

Game Support / Re: BF1 sticky AIM your brain.
« on: 03:17 PM - 02/07/17 »
thank you DB i will try this but i saw that you recommend the use of steady aim, should i use it ?

Game Support / Re: My Battlefield 1 Settings Nov 20/2016
« on: 09:13 AM - 12/05/16 »
i am now using this

4k dpi, 500 polling
cloth pad
hip 50 with zombie's curve
ads 50 with hip ST and no curve

Is your XIM4 blinking red when moving the mouse? I have G402 with 4000dpi and sensivity at 45 and is blinking all time :(

Oh yes
It means you hit the turn limit which is fine if there is no issues :)

Game Support / Re: My Battlefield 1 Settings Nov 20/2016
« on: 04:56 AM - 12/05/16 »
i am now using this

4k dpi, 500 polling
cloth pad
hip 50 with zombie's curve
ads 50 with hip ST and no curve

uni soldier ON
Both AA ON
soldier sen 200%
all other zooms are 100 by default

i dont remember who posted that his hip and ads at 50, all i want to say is thank you, my quest to find the best config has ended.

Game Support / Re: My Battlefield 1 Settings Nov 20/2016
« on: 07:54 AM - 11/20/16 »
Oh i am so excited to try it when i leave work. ;D

Game Support / Re: Battlefield 1 setup
« on: 03:13 AM - 11/19/16 »
^ No worries man, I'm glad you found something that works for you. I will be posting a new curve this weekend that I've been tweaking on for sniping. It's a modified version of Dr Lupos curve, which is a modified version of my Original Destiny ADS curve, which is a modified version of Tuff rabits BF3 ADS curve, which is a modified vesion of a Three Wheels curve, which he modified from a COD ToysRme curve. That's the beauty of sharing stuff like this. Others find ways to tweak it which leads to other ideas and tweaks. Eventually, we end up with lots of alternatives that gives the community a better opportunity to find something that fits their style.

looking forward for it, tried to replicate lupo's curve did not suit me went back to your curve and now 95% i end the rounds with 2+ K/D thank you again RML.

Game Support / Re: Battlefield 1 setup
« on: 01:38 PM - 11/13/16 »
i have all zooms at 200% and AA ON by default as recommended by RML using G502 12k dpi 500 polling rate and it is working fine until the fps drops which is not the xim4 fault, changed the hip to zombieguy's curve for fast turns and RML's curve for ads.

I may do the same and swap back to zombie guys curve for hip. Just need a little more from the current. I tried putting my sens to the recommended but it was way to twitchy for me to play effectively. Or maybe I just need to git gud! Haha

This is my config hope it will help.
>>> XIM4 [Battlefield RML] START PASTE >>>
<<< XIM4 END PASTE <<<

Game Support / Re: Battlefield 1 setup
« on: 08:04 AM - 11/13/16 »
I finally got a chance to try out this curve and to answer my own question, this is definitely NOT made just for use with aim assists on. I mainly ran Assault/Medic class so nothing really long range, but I'm not a long range player even when 'sniping.' I was able to get 40+ kills and be the top scoring player a few rounds while PTFOing!

One thing that seemed weird was sometimes the aiming was spot on, no issues, other times it seemed like I couldn't land a shot to save my life! lol! Not sure if it's just a network issue on my end or what, but seemed odd, overall, not enough to make me try anything else!

My gear/settings for anyone interested:
G502 12k dpi
Hip 12
Soldier stick sens %100
Vehicle stick sens %100
Soldier zoom sens %100
Zooms are 1x-2.5x %100
                3x-5x %95  (these will change slightly as time goes on)
                6x-10x %90
Vehicle sens ALL %200
Uniform soldier aiming OFF
Aim assist auto rotation OFF
aim assist slowdown OFF
FOV 90

i have all zooms at 200% and AA ON by default as recommended by RML using G502 12k dpi 500 polling rate and it is working fine until the fps drops which is not the xim4 fault, changed the hip to zombieguy's curve for fast turns and RML's curve for ads.

Game Support / Re: Battlefield 1 setup
« on: 10:46 AM - 11/08/16 »
RML you are awesome as much as Negan's Lucille.
Before i was struggling with AA now it is like the mouse is working with it to slaughter everything.

Thank you!

i couldn't agree more with antithesis but if your budget is too tight for a new mouse, you can try to do what you can with that cheap mouse just remember the following.

1) dpi max

2) perfect smooth aim is not possible, these games are made with controller in mind and everyone is different some prefer high sens and some low just find your sweet spot by doing this start low and increase sens by 5 and try to aim at a stationery objects until you feel comfortable with what you have then decrease by 1 until you find your sweet spot.

3) be calm, shaky hands will throw your aim.

4) BF1 is so dark that you cant see people move 10 meters away from you, pump the brightness to the max it will give you time to react with a steady calm hand.

good luck.

Game Support / Re: Battlefield 1 Ballistic Curve
« on: 07:20 AM - 10/26/16 »
Awesome zombieguy tried it and it is what i was looking for, what do you recommend turning off AA or keeping it ?

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: XIM4 Community Gameplay Videos
« on: 03:23 AM - 11/23/15 »
A very good Rumble Match in destiny using bad juju.

General Discussion / Re: Bloodborne
« on: 09:32 AM - 05/24/15 »
It's $40 on Amazon now. Don't know if that's a sale or permanent price but decided to pick it up anyway even though I don't plan on playing it for a while.

You won't regret it, this game is an addiction the first hours are the hardest just don't give up :) .

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