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With advent of all these RGB Devices, it would be interesting if the XIM Apex could be programmed to control the brightness and color.

I cannot be the only person who plays the game on a monitor, using a streaming computer. The PS4 Pro I have sits inside my server tower in my office (where I cannot really see it). Needless to say, if we have a Razer Orbweaver or Logitech Gaming Mouse (such as the 903 or 503) or even the Steel Series 650 with RGB it would be beneficial to be able to control the lights. I can on some device program them, however on other devices you cannot. Such as the Razer Tartarus V2.

To take it a step further, it would be really cool if these lights could reflect a personal option (all red for example) or be switched to display the profile in use (the mouse displays the corresponding rgb light for the current profile).

Hardware Compatbility / Firmware update request.
« on: 04:00 PM - 01/10/19 »
Can we get a Xim Apex FW update that allows for compatibility with the Scuf Vantage on PS4? This controller is light years better than the Dual Shock 4, and I would rather have it as a standby and in use.

Also can we get an update that works with the latest FW on the Corsair K63 wireless?

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