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XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Destiny 2 Season 17
« on: 08:58 PM - 05/24/22 »
I felt that the AA got stronger. I wish there was a way to turn it off in game.

General Discussion / Re: Ps5 & xim apex compatibility
« on: 05:41 PM - 05/24/22 »
Am I missing something? I play with my Xim Apex and Xim Nexus on my PS5 all the time.  What are people trying to do that it won't work? And yes, I'm using a third party controller and it just works in all my games.

Will do and thank you for the quick response, sir. This controller feels better and feels more responsive than the PS5 controller.

So, I am using my Xim Nexus with the PS5 I picked up today. Everything works perfect except, I'm not sure how the touchpad is suppose to be mapped. I just need to be able to push the touchpad as if it was on the PS5 controller I noticed that there is no way to select PS5 when I setup a profile. I also understand the support may have ended because of the issue with the PS5 and the Nexus. Mine is working perfect fine though. If any advice can be given, I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

Have you tried using a pin and pushing the reset button on the back of the controller?

I think the back buttons would have been better situated where to fingers wrap around the back of the grip, where the fingertip placement would be. Buttons could have been in place with some nice resistance so no accidental pushes.

I can sit here and play with the Xim Apex on my hand kb & m on the FPS games I like. And then, when I am feeling like I want to jump into some Elden Ring, Killer Instinct, or whatever, I just pick up the Xim Nexus. How convenient! They both go hand in hand!

Feedback / Xim Nexus & Titan Two goodness
« on: 08:52 PM - 03/16/22 »
Well, last night I went back to using my Xim Nexus in which I am not a controller player at all. I went into Destiny 2 using the Xim Nexus and my Titan Two and found the pair love each other and now, I love them both a @#$% load!

The aim snapping with the gyro was so sick! My favorite weapon seemed to be the Malfeasance.

The AA was activating very nicely even using the gyro. It was literally following enemies in the air and I found it pretty crazy.

Took me a little to get use to using the back buttons but, I started using them and it gave me greater control to get out of those instances where it was live or die.

If you are remotely pondering whether or not to purchase the Xim Nexus, I took the plunge and it has been a pleasant experience thus far.

Feedback / Xim Nexus is a great product overall
« on: 03:57 PM - 03/06/22 »
I played with it for about a week and a half and really enjoyed the experience with it. I found myself enjoying it more within single player games and not so much multiplayer. I think for now though, for my personal preference, I will stick with my Xim Apex. I went back to it and it felt so good. I am not a controller player by any means. I think I will still use the Xim Nexus for my single player experiences. :)


Feedback / Xim Nexus back button question
« on: 07:16 PM - 03/03/22 »
Now that I've had about a week using the Nexus, I would like to ask the dev team. Why go with the placement of the buttons on the back? Why not just paddles that fit  under the fingers like the Xbox Elite? Or have the buttons fit on the back of the grip where the fingers actually wrap around? I feel like that would have been a better placement for the buttons and I don't think there would have been accidental buttons presses. The buttons seem to have enough resistance.

Feedback / The Division 2 and Xim Nexus
« on: 10:37 PM - 02/26/22 »
Alright, I just sat down and followed the setup for The Division 2 through the Nexus app. I went to an area with one of the shooting ranges and practiced with motion aim and as I was doing that, I was tuning the controller with the Xim Nexus app. I found a setup that works well for me.

Dam, this thing is awesome! I'm not a controller player at all but, I am actually having fun playing my games with this controller. I am a native Xim Apex user but, I am very pleased with my Xim Nexus purchase and I can say that people really need to pick this controller up. There is absolutely nothing like it as of now in gaming. It feels so good in the hand and the way I have it set up in The Division 2, the motion aim is always on. It just feels good to have it on all the time in this game.

I will also say this, don't think that right when you plug it in, you are disappointed because you think it will give you God-like aim. You will need to customize your settings for the particular game you are playing. It also takes PRACTICE! If you don't allow yourself to get use to the aiming feature and when it can be best utilized in situations, then you will be disappointed because you will think it's not for you when actually it can be, if you wanna put the work into configuring it to your liking and setup.

It works great! Thanks to the Dev Team for such a great product I can enjoy for a very long time coming! I wish I could buy you all a drink. ;)

Feedback / Xim Nexus Thubsticks...
« on: 04:50 PM - 02/26/22 »
Omg, how come the thumbsticks just feel so good!? The texture and feeling feel really good! The overall movement feels so smooth! Feels better than the controller I got with my XSX!! This will now replace my XSX controller!

Ok, Xim has the fastest shipping! My Xim Nexus is here today and it took two days! Wow!! Super fast!! I appreciate that and thank you!

I'm super excited to try out the Xim Nexus!

General Discussion / Re: It's official BBB said it
« on: 04:16 PM - 02/23/22 »
This seems more like @#$% and crying to me. I mean, this guy acts as if he is losing so much sleep over people playing with a controller.

Playing on a controller with gyro features doesn't make you a God. You still need to aim for yourself.

As far as button remapping, the Xbox Elite controller does the same thing, a mouse and keyboard keys do the same thing. They can all be remapped.

I like how he says that streamers are in for it because of this device and others. I am a streamer myself and I use a Xim Apex and have never had a problem with streaming even if another person was using a Xim product. I don't lose sleep over who has an aimbot or wallhacks, nor do I lose sleep over who has a Titan Two, Xim, Cronus.

Basically, I like Xim products and will continue to use, buy, and support this company with my purchases. I decide how I want to play the games I enjoy.

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