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Honestly i tell u the hardest thing going to pc .. I lost most of my xbox friends who i had spent alot of time with im hoping when mw comes out i can slay them lol

hey guys dont post much any more as ive gone to pc but this has been interesting me, ok so i have gotten apon a high horse since going back to native MnKB, 1st because i know exactly how "helpfull" using a xim with AA really is (of coarse thats after uve got all ur settings dialed in and im talking vs AVG. pc user or even AVG controller user for that matter)

anyhow, point is i can already feel that hate you guys are ganna get from both sides eg. say your above avg and maybe a streamer or publicly known ximmer and you start destroying pc lobbies aswell, LOL imagine how much flack your ganna get when they find out your using a MnKB with AA.

just been thinking over it alot lately, i used to laugh at the blokes who would rant about being a cheater for using AA with your xim, but now i see there point, but in saying that idgaf ill fight any one of yas on the MW field ;) with my native MnKB any ways just thought it was a interesting topic PEACE.

it all depends what a person wants from a game really dosnt it.. as this new cod may well decide ... your shrouds will destroy no matter what. but your faze optics and what not will also adjust and play a new style .... you will have your stock standard pc hackers... and you will have your modding console players...

i think xim is a tiny problem for them really... alot of people use it yer ... they get an advantage over your avg player but top tier ..... its all the same at the end of the day zues beat hades in one place hades beat zues in another... but if what you want is to be top tier .. i dont think your ganna do it on a xim (physically yes you could be the best any mastery is possible just adapt to weaknesses) but i mean would u get 1million followers and be invited to play at events and be called a pro ? i highly doubt it 1 you will get hate from the console players... 2 you will get hate from the uninformed pc players when they find out your getting aim assist and using a mnkb .. so ... it is what it is

Im referinf to xim with no aa

XIM APEX Discussions / Do ur self a favour leave x/y at 1
« on: 02:03 AM - 07/18/19 »
Since going back to pc i notice how much im lacking in self controlled traking and mouse position recoil control . I can still use aim booster at 90plus for a minute but in game my muscles became lazy because of the features i used ximming to game easier

My time here will be less as ive moved to pc but im glad ive got a convo started where people can see . Some people miss the point but its goos to take about we all have different perceptions on life and what our time needs to be dedicated to. I just wanted people not to get to caught up in it because at the end of the day its a fake mouse n keyboard your never ganna be famous or pro using xim or playing on a console (i know that comment is wrong but you get my drift) that being said i love this forum and i love this tech and gaming peace to all and wish u all the best in your games

Game Support / Re: Problem with PUBG ST
« on: 02:03 AM - 07/16/19 »
Its just a trash game on xbox pc is so much more skilled and options and gfx

Game Support / Re: Help take a look if u play blackout!
« on: 02:01 AM - 07/16/19 »
For most games i use 2 3 left n right and mouse wheel up n down or g t you can also make sub configs if u want u r game to have closer pc controls some games this isnt possible with youtube should have some videos im fairly sure od1ns channel has a specific blackout video.. Alternativly read rmls threads he makes quality configs

Game Support / Re: People who xim on pc
« on: 06:31 AM - 07/15/19 »
Im not saying its a epidemic im just saying its rubish ... I was playing fortnite today on pc and i thought back to all the threads id seen and thought @#$% ur right id be accually cheating eight now if i had the bullet.magnetism i have on conaole

Its a beautiful game now but still broken on pc it looks amazing but unfortunately we in oc arnt getting servers and getting redirected to sea and because of the routing im gettingnthe same ping as if i was connexting to na on my xbox . But ive neber not had a fun load in lol or been stuck in a wall

Game Support / People who xim on pc
« on: 10:38 PM - 07/14/19 »
Ive recently got back on pc . The movement is perfect. If u use xim on pc imo you are just as bad as hackers which essentially u are. On console there are a multidute of acceptable reasons and it takes practise but on a pc u can just change binds to what ever your used to. I used to defend people who use it because of muscle memory and what not but now after getting back to native mouse and fighting people on mouse i realise if i plugged my xim in it would be absolute cheting turn cap or not especially if the game has high aa . Just my opinion and i dont really care if you disagree. The only acceptable way in my books is turning thr auto aim off to keep turn cap muscle memory but why u would do that is beyond me

Game Support / Re: Problem with PUBG ST
« on: 10:34 PM - 07/14/19 »
Yer its off i trace lines and snap to heads every lobby (personal aim booster practise) something isnt right ive tryed changing multipliers in game and xim

Game Support / Re: Problem with PUBG ST
« on: 07:17 PM - 07/14/19 »
Whilst i agrer something is off its still well playable and its easier to get kills than on pc but thats probably due to server issues in my region

Game Support / Re: Problem with PUBG ST
« on: 09:43 AM - 07/14/19 »
When i would do 180s in the lobby right to left no matter how straight id keep my hand the cursour would raise like 45 degrees not that muxh but after a few 180s it would be in the sky played with multiple settinga cleaned surfaceses and mouse sensor but still happened... Also ive been playing pubg on pc ... Are you sure no aa is what we should be aiming for on xim ?

Game Support / Re: PUBG: Advanced Setup (Updated 20190712)
« on: 06:26 AM - 07/13/19 »
Copy the full config and then go thru and change ur buttons

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