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Hardware Compatibility / K63 wireless compatibility
« on: 09:05 AM - 11/30/18 »
Why is the Corsair K63 only compatible up to it's 3.07 update? I've gone back and forth with support from Corsair and apparently I can't roll back the latest firmware update so I can no longer use it wirelessly with my Xim Apex on PS4. Is there any plans on making this compatible? Why did it work up to the latest firmware?

I'm using the K63 wireless and I'm not having any issues.  I'm not doing anything special.  I plug the wireless dongle into the APEX and I turn the keyboard on before plugging the APEX into the PS4.

Try unplugging / replugging the wireless dongle into the APEX with the keyboard powered on.

If that doesn't help, have you tried plugging it into the PC and make sure it works there?  Maybe the wireless dongle is not paired with the keyboard for some reason.  I did connect mine to my PC before ever plugging it into the APEX to make sure it worked and also updated the firmware.

What firmware is your K63? If it's updated to the latest version 3.07 it won't work wireless, if you don't have the latest firmware DO NOT UPDATE IT but can you make a backup or image of what firmware your running and let me know if you'll email it to me?

Hardware Compatbility / Re: K63 Wireless Not Working
« on: 03:22 PM - 11/29/18 »
I have been talking about the firmware downgrade with corsair support for more than two weeks. so far unsuccessfully. They say that when the firmware is lowered, the bootloader can be damaged. although it seems to me unlikely.

Hey have you gotten a firmware downgrade yet? Did they ever give you an image of earlier firmware, if so can you contact me and send it to me through email? I'm having the same issue

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