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General Discussion / Re: Ps5 & xim apex compatibility
« on: 01:51 AM - 11/13/20 »
Not a ps4 owner.. should I order a ps4 controller for ps5? Coming next week

« on: 04:20 PM - 11/06/20 »
12k dpi and max horizontal & vertical sens
0.2 deadzone
Ads 1/1

« on: 10:06 AM - 11/05/20 »
This has been working for me..
Xbox one controller 
Xbox MW infinite warfare st

>>> XIM APEX [Warzone test] START COPY >>>

« on: 01:56 AM - 10/18/20 »
Also looking for a pc config. So far d1sable's felt the best. Any luck?

General Discussion / Re: cold war fov on ALL PLATFORMS
« on: 04:24 PM - 10/07/20 »
Currently on pc and actually prefer the fov closer to consol.. maybe its what I am used to but never have it over 100.

General Discussion / Re: Consol to pc and back again..
« on: 04:22 PM - 10/07/20 »
 The crossplay function would be great if you could select to only play against consols.
Warzone/Multiplayer has got to the point now on pc that every time I die I assume its a hacker.. it was nice at the beginning on consol when you got killed you actually had to think how they bested you.

General Discussion / Consol to pc and back again..
« on: 12:39 AM - 10/07/20 »
Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone is in a similar situation to me.. made the switch from xbox to one x to pc and I have now ordered the PS5.
I Play mostly COD multiplayer and Warzone. I used the xim apex when I was on consol and honestly the game was more enjoyable, it seems almost impossible to play the game on PC due to the amount of cheaters in every lobby.
It is disappointing that PC players feel they have to cheat. I notice when I do get paired up with consol players (duo, trios and quads) a lot of consol players drop out before the game starts, which I do not blame them. Most of my friends are consol and they say the game is more chilled when I'm not in their squad influencing what lobbies we get put in to. (Or im just trash haha)

Its not just this game but every game seems to have a big cheat problem on PC.
It is a shame as I was looking forward to going back to my roots of pc gaming on cs 1.6 but with better graphic capabilities for modern games and more in game customisation. Hoping the PS5 is capable of running the game almost as smoothly as PC.


I do hope so.
Recently swapped over to pc gaming and looking to go back to consol with PS5.
Playing warzone on PC is painful, most lobbies have players in them with some kind of aimbot or wall hack it is not enjoyable. I know you can do native K+M on PS and xbox but you still get filtered into the same lobbies as PC.

Game Support / Re: XIM Apex on PC (COD Warzone)
« on: 04:43 PM - 08/25/20 »
I have recently switched from xbox to pc also. Using the same config as I did on the xbox, feels fine but I get random mouse drift? Any ideas.. yes I will be going native mouse and keyboard soon but for the time being I liked the simplicity of the key binds I already had. Aim assist off as it was before.

Xbox / Re: Warzone monitor settings - LG27UK650
« on: 04:00 PM - 07/23/20 »
Xbox settings are set as 4k uhd.. any changes there?
I mean the game looks great but was definitely feeling some lag earlier .
Bit of a noob with display settings, plus seems there are quite a few options on this monitor.

Xbox / Warzone monitor settings - LG27UK650
« on: 03:46 PM - 07/23/20 »
evening all,

Curious to know if anyone has this monitor and what settings are best suited for warzone/ most fps games.

I'd like to be able to spend a few hours testing but my time is limited these days (kids) so when I do switch the xbox on I just want to play.


Any help hugely appreciated

XIM APEX Discussions / Warzone & Multiplayer setup
« on: 02:07 AM - 05/23/20 »
Morning all,

So sold my xim4 went native for a while and couldn't handle playing with so many pc players, watching a fair few kill cams where I have been blatantly wallhacked. Now I have the apex and already it feels better with the standard ST.. I tried to setup RML's config but for some reason my mouse would only look sideways and not up and down (maybe its something simple as I'm new to all the extra options compared to the xim4)

I have read a few comments regarding the latest update changing the aim mechanics, wondering if anyones been successful with a setup?

I have a steel series rival mouse max 4000 dpi
Worth upgrading?
Any help greatly appreciated.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Ballistic Curve Library
« on: 04:04 PM - 04/21/20 »
Anything for warzone?

XIM 4 Discussions / Any good configs for Battlefield V
« on: 12:10 PM - 01/14/19 »

Just curious to see if anyone has any good configs/setups for Battlefield V..
I am using one at the moment but something just doesn’t quite feel right.

There a lot for the apex but struggling to find something for the xim4

Any help is appreciated

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Ballistic Curve Tools & Library
« on: 11:30 AM - 01/12/19 »
I also could do with the Battlefield V config..

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