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Join the dark side RML, xim on pc! Haha but I'm glad to hear, I'm looking forward to buying the new Xbox for that reason, i feel like it will bring some life to the older games!

Shared Configs / Cold War PC Config
« on: 04:47 AM - 11/23/20 »
Hey guys, thought I'd try out my xim for pc after playing native keyboard and mouse for about a year and been having great success doing so, currently at max level for this pre-season and sitting at a 2.7kd which has been increasing rapidly since picking the xim back up so I thought I'd share what I've been using!

In-game settings~
Fov: 120
AA: Default
Right stick deadline: 10
Sensitivity: Both Maxed

I believe that's all the core settings in game that I'm using aside from graphical changes!

MW19 Xbox st

Xim/Mouse Settings~
12,000 DPI
1000hz Mouse and Manager
Ads & Hip Sens: Both at 45, just a personal preference!

I'm not sure if I missed anything else important but if I have comment below and I'll be sure to reply asap!

For me I'm running 12k dpi, 1000hz, mw st and sync off, feels really nice.

Game Support / Re: Planned Support List
« on: 10:14 PM - 11/19/20 »
Try the mw st with Off sync, default deadzone, works beautifully on pc, no micro adjustment issues at all.

General Discussion / Re: Xim Apex on PC
« on: 09:12 AM - 11/19/20 »
Thank you Odin, much appreciated!

General Discussion / Xim Apex on PC
« on: 07:19 AM - 11/19/20 »
Hey guys, been a while since I've been here, transitioned to pc gaming a while back but recently pulled my xim out of hiding and got it setup on my pc to try it out, as I couldn't get the xim to work on pc with my ps4 controller I downloaded some software which basically makes the pc believe it is a 360 controller, in saying this I know pc isn't a supported software but all seems to be working a lot better than expected but my question here is should I be using the ps st's or Xbox? In the xim app it shows the ps4 controller so I'm assuming I should be using that but thought i should ask!

Also sorry admins if posted in the wrong forum!

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Goodbye fellow ximmers!
« on: 10:14 AM - 11/23/19 »
I'll definitely be back to test the ps5 with the xim! 😝
Haven't seen a hacker yet but I guarantee I will 😅

Thanks for the messages guys, wish you all the best! ✌

Shared Configs / Re: My MW Config!
« on: 09:42 AM - 11/22/19 »
How i can find the "ST v2"?

I only have MW 2019 in my Libary..
Config works well with  MW 2019 ST.
Is that the right one?

I don't believe you can anymore, the newer st feels almost identical on 1.0 multiplier just a small increase in turn cap which isn't needed tbh!

XIM APEX Discussions / Goodbye fellow ximmers!
« on: 09:40 AM - 11/22/19 »
I havent been to active on the forums since I joined but I've made a few threads and tried to help others on there threads so I'm not really known but it's been a great time playing with the xim and talking to you all! I've gone out and bought a pc and therefore sold my console and xim along with it, just wanted to give a massive shout out to the whole xim team for the great work you've all done and continue to do for all of us, also to the community for the help I received when I was new to all of this, it was needed! Haha

Anyway thanks for the help and good times here! Goodluck to you all with your future endeavors! 😝✌

Shared Configs / Re: My MW Config!
« on: 09:32 AM - 11/22/19 »
what about in game sensitivity multiplier
I use 2.0 with the v2 but the other  st works the same on 1.0!

Shared Configs / Re: My MW Config!
« on: 09:31 AM - 11/22/19 »
I can't really notice much difference in feeling between v1 or v2 so either one works, I'd stick to v2 if I still played console purely for the turn cap increase.

Shared Configs / Re: My MW Config!
« on: 06:26 AM - 11/18/19 »
Everything has stayed the same, I felt no need to change anything, it felt good to me but will do some testing again and see if I'd change anything!

Shared Configs / Re: My MW Config!
« on: 05:52 AM - 11/10/19 »

Shared Configs / Re: COD Modern Warfare
« on: 09:50 PM - 11/09/19 »
Briefly yes but I didn't really tweak it to find the right timing for it, this issue really doesn't bother me much so I just went without it!

Shared Configs / Re: COD Modern Warfare
« on: 09:23 PM - 11/09/19 »
What exactly is happening? Is there a jump between Hip and ADS?

Basically as soon as you let go of your ads button there's a brief moment your sensitivity feels higher almost like acceleration, happens both with nav and mouse for ads, thats on hold to ads not sure about toggle, yet to try that.

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