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Hi MJFame
The config surely works no doubt and aim assist is too good
But with 60 yhe sensitivity feels too much slower...dnt know why..
Then i shifted to 20 on bottom axis then 100 on right for ballistic curve and thats feels perfect for me..but my question is does this make aim assist low if i use 20 instead of 60 for ballistic curve? Rest all settings are same as u put here

Game Support / Re: COD MW (beta and release)
« on: 03:01 AM - 09/12/19 »
upgrade your firmware to latest firmware and update your xim manager to latest one. Then try using the setting and it will work, i had copy paste error and it worked after updating firmware and manager both

Hi I am observing that my xim apex continuously flashes red color lights when i am moving my mouse.

My XIM is profile is set at 1000 Hz
My mouse is G502 set at 1000Hz

Kindly assist

Hi, I am looking for blackops 4 blackout mode settings from long time.

I have failed to find best settings where we can use mouse and keyboard for using parachute, driving vehicle, helicopters etc etc.

its irritating to use controller for these things and KB for other things. no perfect settings found.

Dear All,

i am using Razer ornata keyboard with Xim Apex.
I want to know, how to change colors preset when using this keyboard on ps4. because on laptop it works fine as we have software to do that.. but when i connect to ps4... its resetting the colors back to default breathing effect.

Kindly help

Dear user. I just got razer Ornata Chroma keyboard. I am able to change color presets on laptop using razer synapse software. but when i connect it to PS4, its going back to default breathing effect.

How do i change colors on ps4 as well. Any kind of configuration needed?

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