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Do these settings work with the update firmware? 20190719?

These settings are old now and I havenít played PubG since Modern warfare came out.

Game Support / Re: Ongoing Pubg Inventory Issue
« on: 11:13 AM - 09/30/19 »
This used to happen to me all the time when the game first came out. I havenít experienced it in a while. Iím racking my thoughts but I donít think I changed anything dramatically in my app settings to fix this.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: MJFAME !!
« on: 04:28 PM - 09/18/19 »
Can anyone Post the mjfame setup? Thanks alot
go to the xim YouTube channel, I think its the last video Obsiv made under xim myths.if your new to xim , Obsiv is the creater and owner of Xim, the name of the channel is ximgameplay, watch the video, leave a like and subscribe to stay up to date on the facts and latest on Xim. tks. if for some reason you cant view YT leave a message and Ill post his config.

I always thought Odin did the ximgameplay videos.

Iím not sure what Iím doing wrong, Iíve set all my settings to whatís in the OP, but there is so much pixel skipping no matter how much I lower or higher the ballistic curve. Itís unusable.

Does anyone have a video of how to set this up, I must be missing something. Or is this not specifically great for pixel tracking?

Iím trying it on Apex Legends.

Did you set smoothing to 20 on both Hip and ads

Hardware Compatbility / Re: Razer Viper
« on: 05:23 AM - 09/16/19 »
i canít find an answer but can you turn off the mouse acceleration on the viper?

I donít remember seeing any on when I did my settings. But it does have on board memory. You need to use razor synapse 3.

Just a few questions / comments

I see different opinions on having either low DPI (~1800) and a higher xim sense vs higher dpi (~12k) and lower xim sense. In your opinion lower xim sense is better?

Following your settings, I was only able to turn ~90 degrees (ADS) on my 14" mousepad. That seems a bit low for me. Does that sound right to you?

The Boost+deadzone combo is a nice thought. I never would have thought of that solution.

Why specifically 250hz xim polling rate and 1000hz mouse polling rate? I have tested my mouse to hold a solid 500hz. Would that be smoother?

Ok letís start with the 250hz. I use this in combination with Off sync specifically because I believe Xbox and off sync at higher Hz causes jitter. If you do use a higher polling rate you will have to multiply the settings by 2 I believe. Hz rate directly effects off sync.

I have a steelseries qck xxl mat and it is very large, but I have not measured the distance it takes to turn. It just feels good to me. The ads speed is lower because I feel that is the best sensitivity for tracking targets. If you would like it higher I recommend going up in increments of .50 and testing from there. If it gets too fast lower by .25 until you find the best value for yourself.

I like 1800dpi because most gaming mice sensors use smoothing past 2000dpi and the xim seems to play just as well, in my opinion, at 1800 as it does with higher dpi.

Hope this helps!

Hardware Compatbility / Re: Razer Viper
« on: 05:36 AM - 09/10/19 »
I personally love the shape and itís light weight which is great!

How do you play with this settings ???
i cant move my mouse XD

Iíve never moved better. Go through the settings again you must have missed something. Make sure to go to your global settings in the xim apex manager and put it on 250hz. Then disconnect the xim and plug back in so the change takes effect. You probably have your HZ polling rate too high and thatís making the Off sync slow.

So I donít use the same mouse and have only tried these settings in training but these settings translate well to PS4 and Xbox. The snappy turning is very nice and not having to use any smoothing I think helps it stay that way. I really like these settings and will run with them on both systems for at least a week. But I was using smoothing and I think it was making it not exactly like I wanted it. Very nice settings so far let you know what I think after a week or so.

Glad to hear you like them. Your not gonna get this snappy turn with any other config. I dropped 4 solo dinners in just about three hours the first night I implemented these settings. Thatís how I knew they were right for me.

Reckon this will translate well for the trinity naga? I've had nothing but trouble with PUBG and the naga mouse its been terrible.... 10000 Boost?.. Only 250Hz from the xim as well not 1000?

Yes sir, 40 right stick deadzone and 10000 boost creates a very nice snappy look mechanic with hip and ads doesnít feel like you have slow start. I also feel like I can turn faster and not overaim. Notice as well how hard it is to hit the turn cap with your turns with these settings. The 250 Hz will keep the jitter away on Off sync. Feels like a brand new day in PubG with these settings and my viper!

Shared Configs / Re: PubG ďViper Secret Sauce V2Ē
« on: 08:24 PM - 09/08/19 »
Still working with new st? Thanks buddy

Yes this is for the new st

Important- Please follow in game settings below for the correct deadzone

Xim apex manager
Beta 20190819

Razor Viper


Off for both Hip & ADS

No curves

X/Y= 1.00
Smoothing & Steady AIM= 0
Boost= 10000 ( Yes, Ten Thousand)
Simulate analog behavior= Off

X/Y= 1.00
Smoothing & Steady AIM= 0
Boost= 10000 ( Yes, Ten Thousand)

In Game settings

Type B

Right Stick deadzone= 40

Left stick deadzone= 10

Forward running= 20

Movement sens= 10

Vertical sens= 100

General & Vehicle sens= 20

Aim accel= Off

Over the shoulder= 20

1X= 20

2X= 17

3X= 20

4X= 15

6X= 11

8X= 9

15X= 20

Full config

Code: [Select]
>>> XIM APEX [Off sync 250hzboost on] START COPY >>>

Hardware Compatbility / Re: XPG Headshot 4D Printed Mouse
« on: 05:51 AM - 09/08/19 »
This seems like a good idea. I hope they go through with it.

I can run 120 Hz and 1440p over hdmi with my monitor. However, as far as I know, Xbox does not support freesync past 100 Hz.

Game Support / Re: PUBG Retrain?
« on: 01:37 PM - 09/04/19 »
@OBsIV Any update brother? Weíre all on edge!

mist4fun says it'll be ready today which means I'll be releasing it tonight.

Best news Iíve heard all day!! Thank you and Mist for your time and efforts.

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