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I have been using this mouse for a few months now and it has worked amazing but all of a sudden it just keeps powering off and on as im playing. It sounds like a power option but it doesn't seem like it would start out of no where so i unplugged everything from the hub besides the mouse and it still continuous to be a problem but I can play on my pc with it no problem. Does anyone have any solutions?

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Xim has ruined me
« on: 09:01 PM - 07/21/19 »
I have to agree with Alan on this one. It gets old. I'm an old school guy myself and when I get a pc there will be no use of my xim on it. I will put time into it and become the best that I'm capable of being. I do understand the point of this post though. He's taken ownership. But to continue to handicap yourself for AA on pc is ridiculous. If I get destroyed on pc until I get better that's just how it will be. But I will return the favor once im not longer a noob. The younger generation will just need to learn some perseverance and understand that nothing is easy. You can get all of the advice in world, but until you put the work in the results will never show. That's why professional athletes train and train everyday. Because words don't produce results, actions do.
to be fair the comments I have gotten has motivated me to get better. When your really good a something and then your really not. Its hard to adjust to the fact that you just suck

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Xim has ruined me
« on: 06:02 PM - 07/21/19 »
IMO the whole: "I got XIM to make the switch to PC" is absurd. (I'm, not saying you're absurd not try to offend you) the idea is nonsense.

You know what is the best way to switch to PC?, just get a frikking gaming PC and play, that's it, grind it everybody has it.

OK you develop a crutch with the Aim Asssit, that's why in part, why some of PC gamers/Ximers we encourage to others to no use Aim Assist or reduce it as possible.

But even though if you haven't use any aim assist, is not going to be an easy change.

specially if you have a capable above 100fps gaming PC, there is a bunch of other factors:
On your end:
- Fastest almost no-input lag (present on consoles)
- Faster fluid gameplay, higher fps
- True native mouse tracking
- More complex keyboard bindings.

- Potentially better servers
- Players with a very good aim
- More savy players (game understanding)
- Cheaters (hacks, aimbots, etc).

Did you guys know that is more easy to teach women to shoot and handle firearms that men?
The reason is, they don't have bad habits are clean. We as boys develop many by playing as a children with or hands, slingshots, nerfguns, etc.

So your memory muscle is mess up, fix it. Stop playing on console, don't go aimbooster, play the game you need to be good at and practice practice practice. Just find a right sensitivity, remove all mouse acceleration from your game, OS and go for it.

I suggest to stop to blame something else to your fuckkups, XIM didn't ruin you; you did it by relying on aim assist, by the same token you are the only one who can fix it. Go for it.

-That's right, I agree with everybody here: playing on low sensitivity will be easier for you to develop your aim.  ;)

Enjoy the ride!
  Dont make this forum like reddit. Try not to be toxic please. I simply couldn't afford a PC at the time but i knew I was getting one with in that year. I would plug it in when I got aggravated. Looking for the easy way out. To counter that crutch I have actually gave away my xim to a friend. Not yet lol but I am going too.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Xim has ruined me
« on: 05:10 AM - 07/21/19 »
That is completely it. its harder to track enemies on PC but aiming in general is easy. I really need to make myself stay away from it. I get frustrated sometimes and just plug it in. I played with a low sense on xim and now even lower on PC. PC apex legends I use a 400 dpi with .4 ads so its really low. Thanks for the reply's. It really gave me motivation to just get better instead of giving up. Im glad i am not alone with this.   

XIM APEX Discussions / Xim has ruined me
« on: 03:49 AM - 07/21/19 »
I originally bought the xim to make the switch to pc easier. I have been using the xim for about a year now and recently decided to switch to PC. I have come to realized how much aim assist really helped me with the xim on console and now find myself playing PC with the xim. The whole point in me switching to PC was to not have to use the xim anymore. I just cant adjust to it. I didn't realize how much the xim has held my hand until I built a PC. Has anyone else switched to PC from using xim? IS any one in this forum a PC gamer and has some tips to get better at PC without the xim? BTW the xim works amazing on the PC even better then it does on console IMO.

Game Support / Re: Planned Support List
« on: 12:47 AM - 05/09/19 »
Any word on world war z(4-16) or days gone(4-26). Haven't played them waiting for support for the xim team. Also what happen to Resident Evil 2 or did I just miss something.
I feel like the XIM team just gives up on resident evil STs bc itís of the weird mechanics in the game. I personally would love to have a config for it. Does anyone have a config for resident evil 2 that they can share with me.

Game Support / Re: Resident Evil 2?
« on: 12:21 AM - 05/09/19 »
Wow just bought this game and highly disappointed that there isnít a st for this game.

Can I get the latest firmware code?

Iíve been using the generi. Alpha st ever sense the game came out lol but had to use like 2500 boost before but I think Iím doing something wrong with this config bc the hip is wayyy to slow a full swipe on my hard pad isnít even a 180 i had to triple the hip sen. only different is I use 500hz

EDIT: I switched to 1khz and it was definitely that Iím not sure why polling rate changed sensitivity in default sync. It should only change on off sync

Post your config, don't spam your youtube channel.

11 minute video where more than 50% of it is religious text pasted on the screen.

Clown thread; clearly self promoting spam and continuing to push your religious junk.
Oclus Mikkie is a highly respected part of the XIM community. Iíve even watched his streams of him playing with one of the developers of XIM. He is clearly new to the site and wouldnít be in here if his subscribers didnít ask him to post in here. So instead of saying he is promoting help him understand the site. Also calling his religion junk is very disrespectful. You canít tell me god isnít real when his liver got crushed hip broken into multiple pieces and couldnít walk for 6 years and now can. Ever just want to know about that story stop by his stream one day and ask him about it. He will gladly share his relationship with god and how it got him through it. He does so much for the XIM community and always helps people 1 on 1 with issues they have on there XIM no matter how many people need help.
Playing at 12 K dpi is just awful. Anything over 4000 is way too much for a gamer. Just my humble opinion
From my understanding when asked a developer him self always Max out your dpi if your equipment can support it. That way you can have a lower XIM sensitivity and your XIM doesnít have to do much. You got to understand this isnít a pc where lower dpi is better. Of course if it feels better to you always use what your comfortable with.

The #1 Rated Settings that have helped tons of Ximers reach there full tracking Capabilities. Testimony have poured in left & right regarding how much this have helped Ximers improve. How far can you go? Test it out yourself!

Subscribe to me on YT: Oculus Mikki

How to Setup Settings Video: https://youtu.be/23-lvbDbovs

In game settings: https://imgur.com/a/BlpS0VM

And here is the official Config running at 12k dpi & 1k or 500hz & 98 FOV.
Config: https://pastebin.com/SRLA1Qwa

I am using the G20... why do you recommend in your video to use 500 polling when itís capable of 1000?

I went ahead and set it for 500

Using your setting exactly and it feels way to fast for sens both HIP and ADS... I do like everything else about it though
he is a very fast sense player and some mouse poll at 1000hz but not consistently there are plenty of programs or site that test your pollinngeate and if it doesnít consistently poll at 1000hz drop it to 1000hz

Game Support / BFV Firestorm settings?
« on: 10:57 PM - 04/02/19 »
What is everyone using on firestorm? I having trouble with this game. Aiming feels really clunky to me. Iím just curious to what everyone else is using

Letís not start a forum war just drop it setting are settings. There are not any perfect settings. I swear you guys make me laugh

Game Support / What sync should I be using for division 2?
« on: 12:27 AM - 03/22/19 »
The new st just came out and wondering what sync to use. I think this game only runs at 30 fps so should I use slow?

Support / [Q/A] Question about XIM apex
« on: 01:04 AM - 03/19/19 »
So Iím ordering a new XIM apex tomorrow because my wife accidentally broke my other one and was wondering if I would lose all my configurations? Also how fast do you guys ship the product? Iím getting next day shopping bc my life is torture right now with a controller lol.

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