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The easiest way is to use XIM on PC.

Other than that you need a script device and a script that mimics PC Builder controls. Macros make sequencial keystrokes, scripts does that and conditional activation needed to replicate PC builder due its more advance input manipulation.

My suggestion, get used to is not that hard as learn to walk again and you will be a better builder.

So if I use the xim apex on pc I get some sort of dead zone. Where if I move in small amounts nothing happens, how do I fix tht? Some one said ballistic curve.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Xim apex on pc.
« on: 10:35 PM - 10/28/18 »
This is because the look mechanic is different on the PC version of the game. You can adjust for deadzone by raising the first curve position in your ballistics curve. I don't have an amount to share, raise in increments of .5 or 1 until the issue goes away.

Oh so ballistics curve does fix the issue. I thought my mind was playing tricks on me.

Game Support / Re: Xim4 on PC fortnite??
« on: 10:34 PM - 10/28/18 »
Why does it have to be about cheating?

I don't play FN on PC because there's a million and one bindings, many of them very similar. I far prefer the more concise controller schema with context-sensitive buttons, e.g Square for Reload / Use, Circle for Build / Cancel.

I have yet to do it, but I would use a Xim on PC for the more customisable bindings, double-bindings etc that you just can't do with native m/kb.

Besides, people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. Who cares what someone else's motivation is to use a Xim? We're here to help, not to judge.

Is there away to get the xim to not have those deadzones when moving slightly?

XIM APEX Discussions / Xim apex on pc.
« on: 10:09 PM - 10/27/18 »
I want to play on pc for the the cleaner graphics. But I do not like the button lay out for fortnite. When the xim apex is connected to my pc, and I make small movements the mouse doesn't moves. Is there a way to make it similar to the way it is on the ps4/console.

Beta / Re: XIM4 BETA [Firmware 20181019] (**LATEST**)
« on: 01:36 AM - 10/21/18 »
UPDATE: Our latest official retail firmware is no longer being blocked by EPIC. However, we will continue to provide our BETA firmware which unblocked XIM keyboard gamers on Fortnite so we can further refine the technology.

This is an updated experimental BETA firmware build designed to address the Fortnite disconnect issue for keyboard users.

Download (PC): http://cloud.xim.tech/Beta/XIM4Flash-20181019-PC-BETA.exe
Download (Mac): http://cloud.xim.tech/Beta/XIM4Flash-20181019-Mac-BETA.zip

Please leave your feedback here and let us know:

1) Do you get disconnects, if so, how often and how far into the game do you get?
2) How does player control feel to you?
3) Does it feel better or worse than the last BETA -- if so, how?

Flash Upgrade Instructions:
1. Hold down the button on your XIM4
2. Plug your XIM4 into your computer while continuing to hold the button
3. Wait for your XIM4's light to display blue and then release the button
4. Download and run the XIM4Flash tool
5. Select Update Firmware
6. Disconnect your XIM4 from your computer after the tool completes

Where do I down load the original retail firmware??

maybe a stupid question, but why do you want to use xim when you play on pc ?

Not a stupid question, but it seems like you missed a part. I want to use the keybinds u use on the xim on the regular keyboard and mouse for pc. And if that isn't possible try to take away the deadzone sensitivity on the xim when u use it on pc. I like the key binds. Lmb and RMB to build.

I think what hes saying is if there could be a keyboard builder pro option in the game itself...

Cause ive thought the same thing... like if i were to play on pc without using the xim, because i dont want to have to relearn a new keyboard layout for building or whatever... I would love it if i could keep my wall and stairs on left and right click through the game itself..pretty much if i could have a builder pro but for keyboard.

Maybe theres a way to do it but not quite sure how to do it.

This is what I'm asking. Idk what my hard ware or any of tht have to do with anything. Lol but I use the xim apex with the latest firmware.

I wanted to play on pc, but have already gotten used to the layout for the Xim, is there a way to emulate that button layout (Lmb and RMB for building) on a regular keyboard and mouse with out the xim? And or use the xim but not have the weird sensitivity issues (micro movements don't register) any tips?

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