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XIM 4 Discussions / Re: [ PS4 ] Any BF 2042 config ?
« on: Today at 07:19 AM »

I was thinking about a curve and maybe some tips about what to do with in game options.

XIM 4 Discussions / [ PS4 ] Any BF 2042 config ?
« on: 05:30 PM - 12/02/21 »

Do you have a config for BF 2042 on ps 4 ?


So i tried your settings felt really good but to slow for me, so this is what i am using at the moment and added a recoil settings which i like alot.

Anti Recoil

A quick 4k dmg with the settings still not perfect tho

Hello, if i want to add a no recoil settings to a config, i just need  to add a tab and paste your settings ( same number for ads in recoil tab and ads tab i guess ) ? Is it working with every game ?


Shared Configs / Looking for rogue company config
« on: 10:50 AM - 08/22/21 »
Hello someone have a config for this game ?


Game Support / Re: Looking for rogue company config
« on: 10:49 AM - 08/22/21 »
Zzz UP ?

Nobody is playing this game ?

Game Support / Looking for rogue company config
« on: 08:05 AM - 08/20/21 »

If someone have a good config for rogue company, let me know thanks !

XIM 4 Discussions / Any settings Rogue company xim4?
« on: 02:15 PM - 08/15/21 »

I found some for apex  but none for the xim 4 anyone have one ?

Thanks !

i ttried to connect the headset to the controller and still count for two

so my only solution would be to buy a first generation controller ?

is there a way to remove the controller from audio devices ?

so, i got my powered sub hub and it's the same message, my dualshock goes to bluetooth because two audio  usb device are in use.

edit : Ok so from what i see i can't connect 3 audio devices ( aka controller + mic + headset ) is there a way ?

Haha yeah, i'm not fluent in english sorry ;D

My setup : Front usb port => xim4 + headset
                   Back usb port => mic

The headset in the controller was just a test.
Is there a powered usb hub who can act as a switch too? ( 1mouse and 1keyboard for both pc and ps4 )

well everything works fine until i plug in my mic ( birm um1 ) then, the controller go to blutooth and obviously th xim 4 stop working.

Do you think a powered usb hub will do the job ?

i tried to connect the headset directly on the controller but same problem

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