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Sma problem here, but didn't affect my gameplay in any way

XIM 4 Discussions / Dauntless st
« on: 02:02 PM - 05/30/19 »
Hey I wanted to know if there will be a Dauntless ST ? And if someonne knows, which one should I use atm ?

Thx  ;D

XIM 4 Discussions / Apex legends curve
« on: 05:42 PM - 02/11/19 »
Hey, do any of you guys know which reponse curve ( in the game ) i should use for Apex Legends ?

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Fortnite detecting my Xim Apex?
« on: 01:11 PM - 10/11/18 »
Yup getting kick after 2/3 mins into the game, bought the xim 4 fro ma friend a couple days ago, i'm kinda sad rn xD

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