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Game Support / Re: Apex Legends ST ?
« on: 04:08 PM - 12/02/21 »
Whatever it gets trained at it's gonna have the same feeling. 4.1/4.2 on small is basically like 4.3 on large deadzone wise. So say 4.4 is trained with none the same super sticky feeling is gonna be shifted to that but then we'd have no way of dropping the deadzone (since it's already at none) like we usually have to make it playable.

What would be nice is if hip and ads had separate deadzone trainings if that's even possible. Hip firing isn't too bad at the deadzone it gets trained at but ads feels like crap. So we drop it to make ADS feel better but then hip fire suffers. But I don't think that's possible as ADS is just an auxed activation.

Shared Configs / Re: Apex Legends s11 Arena Predator
« on: 01:55 AM - 11/27/21 »
Do you really feel a difference between 7/2 +per optic and 7-7

Yes because with 2+per optic you can find a more fitting sens than with 7. I explained it in the discord server. The only downside is that 4x and up is a little slow. 10.0 is not enough for 2 ADS. But I'd rather have 1 - 2x feeling good than those larger sights.

My post in the discord server:

"You can get the 2 sens at 8.2x feeling with 7 sens but just note that it's not at 1.0x. It's somewhere around 1.1 and the reason I say around is because the slider can be moved like 5 times to left or ride and still be at the same value. In this case 1.1 right? but since you're dealing with 7 sens the tiniest change in the slider effects sens and AA way more than 2 sens would. But yeah it's not that it directly changes AA. Since you're multiplying off a lower number (2 instead of 7 in this case) you can get the sens that interacts with AA easier. Lower number = less sensitive the bar is to changes."

I'd love to play with 750 or 800 hz if only the Xim allowed it

Game Support / Re: Vanguard ST ETA?
« on: 04:47 AM - 11/18/21 »
Thanks for letting us know. Iím getting weird issues on pc where my crosshairs go in full 360 rotation and pointing towards the airÖ

Go to the analog section and turn off Right X and Right Y

on ne comprends plus la configuration utilise par Marie quel est la configuration utilise actuel? Avec alc ou sans ?

First post usually has the latest setting. In a few days I will give an update with an image on what the sight value should look like.

Adjusted to 16%, a little more
But the gray behind the border is invisible
(When you see it, it becomes 17%)

Is there any special method?

Lower menu cursur speed. Just keep trying it can take minutes otherwise it'd be too sticky or floaty.


Can i get the 1st version settings please?, that one really worked for me.
PC and PS

Which first version?
the 7/2 please with the 20k DPI

oof I deleted it

It was 7 / 2 / classic / small

1x - 8.2
2x - 9.5
3x.. - 10.0

In Xim sens is purely user preference. Triple it if you want! Lol jk..

Settings where made for Playstation! Cannot guarantee they'd work on other platforms.


MOUSE: Razer Basilisk V3
Dpi: 26000
Mouse Hz: 1000

Xim Settings

ST: Apex Legends P4.2
Xim Hz: 500

Sens: 12.00
Synchronize: Off
Smoothing: 1
Y/X: 1.00
Steady Aim: 0
Boost: 0
Curve: N/A

Sens: 8.37
Synchronize: Off
Smoothing: 1
Y/X: 1.0
Steady Aim: 0
Boost: 0
Anti Recoil: N/A
Curve: N/A

In Game Settings

Deadzone: 4%
Outer threshold:  1
Response Curve:  12
Target Compensation:  ON

Yaw Speed:  500
Pitch Speed: 500
Turning Extra Yaw:  0
Turning Extra Pitch:  0
Turning Ramp-up time:  0
Turning Ramp-up delay:  0

ADS Yaw Speed:  500
ADS Pitch Speed:  500
ADS Turning Extra Yaw: 0
ADS Turning Extra Pitch:  0
ADS Turning Ramp-up time:  0
ADS Turning Ramp-up delay:  0

Custom Per Optic ADS Sensitivity: ON

1x 1.2
2x 1.4
3x 1.4
4x 1.5
6x - 10x: 1.4

Only really tested 1x and 2x so far tbh

Deadzone needs to look exactly like this image! Use the default line for reference before moving it to 4%. Notice the little bit of gray after the line and at 16%

How to get this ST if you deleted it or never had it:




This Alc settings are good. I used these since crackedAF post his setting with it.
The setting you post before with 7/2 was good to but I don't notice a big Aimassist boost.
For me default or common works better for hip then sync. Off.

Do you ever tried snyc. Slow?
I heard it is good but I don't find the right values for consistent.
Markapalooza is the name of the Predator who tell it. Don't know if you know him.
I always switch syncs up on Hip but I personally cannot use anything other than off on ADS anymore.

Can i get the 1st version settings please?, that one really worked for me.
PC and PS

Which first version?

Any new tweaks to this config for PlayStation? And is this config better than the xim central config which has sab included, ballistic curves, etc.



still the best Config Maria!

One question:

Why only  20000 dpi and not the full 26000?

Thanky you very much!

Tbh because it felt like a good medium between the stickier 16k and 26000k DPIs. Since 7/2 has weaker but snappier aim assist than the 7/3 setup on PC 3200 feels amazing. I'm gonna post that soon but I don't think it'd work on console. Would be too overpowering.

I use Elite series 2 for Authentication and PS5 Controller to play with.

R2 - Fire - Left click
L2 - ADS - Right click
R3 - Melee - Scroll down
L3 -  ̶S̶p̶r̶i̶n̶t̶  Sight Zoom - Scroll up
R1 - Ping - Mouse Forward
L1 - Tac Ability - Mouse Back
X - Jump - L1
Circle - Crouch - Left stick click
Square - Reload - L2
Triangle - Change Weapons - Scroll Click
Up directional - Healing Menu - Up directional and Sniper/DPI Button
Down, Right, Left directional - Down, Right, Left directional
Options - Game Menu - Touch Pad
Tab - Map - Share
Guide - Guide - Guide (Console Only)
Share - Share - Options (Console Only)

Buttons not used basically right side of controller...

Ads - inherit

Aux 1 - Heal Wheel - Click Inherit then uncheck to do these edits

Key - Sniper/DPI Button
Delay - 225 ms
Deactivation Keys - What you set as Jump, Reload, Crouch and Change Weapon
Check Left Stick


Left X - Joystick Left X
Left Y - Joystick Left Y
Right X - Joystick Left X
Right Y - Joystick Left Y

Auto Sprint [ON]

If you on the elite it's gonna look a little different maybe. But you have back paddles so more buttons to play around with. 

Hi thanks for this config Iím going to take a look at it.
Iím on PS5, for per optics settings I just need to put what you say in the video first page ?


Yes. I've been playing on PC lately so the settings on console could be outdated. Alternatively you can also try the PC sens on console (7 / 3) but with the TF2 (PS4) ST. But on PC everything feels great for me.

Shared Configs / Re: My New Apex Legend's Config (Xbox)
« on: 12:15 PM - 10/09/21 »
Both my SABs are turned off. I have ADS unchecked at the top so I can find right stick down when I fire
I don't understand. With the generic alpha we don't have ads option. How do you unchecked it?
Can you share your link for the complete settings?

You copy your current Apex ST to it then add the curve + adjust the sens etc..

Maria, thank you for your settings. I am currently using the one that was from the start of this topic with 25600 dpi on Logitech mouse and it feels great. A bit off topic, but do you play Overwatch? I have problems with it, tried so many settings and it feels off everytime. I will be really glad to try yours 😃

Not anymore. It was my main game for about 2 1/2 years then Apex came out. I've been thinking of even buying a Series X to play it at 120 hz but more than likely just gonna wait for OW2. I used to go off this guy's settings mostly, but it's been almost 3 years. They're so outdated now.


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