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Game Support / Re: Xim Apex on PC, Xbox Serie X
« on: 09:53 AM - 11/25/20 »
I use a Xbox One Controller, but is this diffrent from the xbox series x controller? or for the ST if u use an xbox controller u can choose either the ST for Xbox One or Xbox Series X?

Game Support / Xim Apex on PC, Xbox Serie X
« on: 08:05 AM - 11/25/20 »

Im currently playing on PC with a Xbox One controller. Normaly i pick the Xbox One ST they work the best on PC. But with the new xbox serie x support and also diffrent ST's you can choose from in the Xim Manager. Is it beter to go with xbox serie x ST in the future? Because of the higher FPS you get on PC and now also on Xbox Serie X?

New beta or the latest original version?

XIM APEX Discussions / Warzone SAB off my mouse drifting
« on: 03:47 AM - 10/30/20 »

Since last two weeks when i play SAB off my mouse keeps drifting one side if i swipe. When i turn sab on it doenst drift?

Im using a ps3 nav controller and a logitech mouse. Dindt had this problem before. My sticks are fine no drifting in them. Also tried to move the deadzone ingame up. Stil the same with SAB off.

Your dynamic config with 3200dpi is literally a cheat code .. very well done dynamic is now my favourite 🙌

Do i also need to use Dynamic aim assist in the Warzone settings? or leave it to standard?

Shared Configs / Re: MW Advanced Setup (2020325)
« on: 06:52 AM - 05/08/20 »
I'm literally torn on a few different setups right now. I could use some community feedback on these setups. Anyone interested?

Bro, this setup is SICK. Movements are extraordinary and as I am firing at opponents I can move freely in the hit box. Before if opponents would strafe I would get stuck and felt like I couldnít move my cursor as I was trying to follow while firing and Iíd be dead. I adjusted sensitivity to my liking and left it. This is PERFECTO for me. All configs work out nicely from Parachute, Sniper etc. This curve is perfect for warzone IMO. Coming in to my 2nd match of Warzone with this setup in a clutch win. Both my teamates were downed. BTW I am using this at 20k dpi. 15 Hip and 11 ADS.
Razer Basilisk Ultimate 1000hz
500hz Xim

Great Work RML.

Wich config u reffering to ?

Is there a readon u unchecked the smooth aim transition?

Shared Configs / Re: MW Advanced Setup (2020325)
« on: 08:31 AM - 05/04/20 »
Also as for the Sniper option how would we go about using that?

As for the AA, I mean it improves cursor movement in the hit box. I like very little AA, just enough to be helpful. The curve allows you to run lower sensitivity then no curve and have the same AA cut through that you would experience with high sensitivity. In turn this makes AA feel slightly different then no curve, it's easier to both not over aim and not get stuck outside the hit box, once sensitivity is set to preference.

As for the Sniper button. I use a Nav and I use it like I would PUBG for secondary 3rd person aiming. I use left trigger for common ADS (CQC/Midrange Combat). Then I use Left Bumper for Sniping (Mid/Long - Long range combat). For KB, I would suggest using the Forward button on your mouse or other button that you're comfortable with. This takes a little getting used to, but like PUBG it's very doable and offers more tools to improve your skillset. I personally  guarantee it will improve your game play! How can I guarantee this?

Two reasons.
1.) I'm living it, my personal skill set has improved and I make shots I struggled with before.
2.) Separating CQC and Sniping is crucial in all games, especially games that have strong Aim Assist. Aim Assist is much stronger with an enemy that is right in your face (CQC), then when they're far away. In order to overcome strong AA you must raise your sensitivity. Unfortunately, raising your sensitivity to overcome AA in CQC can lead to missing shots a long range. So ALL users try to find a "Happy Place" where you're setting your sensitivity somewhere in the middle ground. So now most shots feel solid, but you still occasionally suffer with CQC and some long range shots. I mean seriously, how many times have you felt like you should've made that shot or had that guy? Well, alot of the time your sensitivity combined with AA put you at a disadvantage. By separating the Two (close and long range) you can now set both to your preference. This allows you another added advantage. But like all skill sets this takes time to adapt to and perfect. It is the best way though to master different ranges of combat in ALL games.

Wich deadzone u are using on ps4?

Thanks for sharing. What's your deadline?

Sorry i mean deadzone

And what about xbox st?if it was 0.2 and now 0.5 ps5 and 0.7 xbox then the default for xbox was 0.4?or 0.2?

Possibly the deadzone on a Xbox controller is naturally larger normally due to higher stick resolution the devs will release a config guide soon. Iíve been using .3 feels great still off slightly Iíve tried a lot of different deadzones and Iím going to stick with .3 till they update it.

So for PS4 u using 0.3 now? Because om rocking ur condig since the new season and its great. Using deadzone 0.2 right now.

Shared Configs / Re: Warzone new deadzone?
« on: 02:08 PM - 05/02/20 »
Original was 0.2.  after patch it went up to 0.5.  I couldnt quite put my finger on why it didnt feel right.  Once I changed it to 0.2 it felt so much better

Where u got this info from?

Something felt off after the patch.  I also use anti recoil profiles for my main guns.  After the patch the anti recoil was off.  I read about the deadzone in this thread.  Mine was set to 0.05. I changed it to 0.02 and now my anti recoils are working again.

Hope Od1n or mist can confirm that the ST for ps4 is trainend on 0.02. Because i played on 0.05 since the slider was introduced. The feeling was the same as before the patch.

Shared Configs / Re: Warzone new deadzone?
« on: 12:04 PM - 05/02/20 »
Original was 0.2.  after patch it went up to 0.5.  I couldnt quite put my finger on why it didnt feel right.  Once I changed it to 0.2 it felt so much better

Where u got this info from?


Do u use high velocity as response curve in game setting? Or classic?

Because i noticed on classic the Xim Apex keeps blinking because of the turncap. With High Velocity it doenst. But i gues the ST is trained on Classic?

Hardware Compatbility / Re: Glorious Gaming mouse Model O
« on: 04:56 AM - 11/05/19 »
Yes it will work but it adds smoothing above 2k dpi. People say you wont notice it but i switched to the Logitech G403 because i could notice a litte delay in swiping. Like in fortnite with shotgun swipes.

you must set the controller the USB in the Device Settings of the playstation.
Because normally its set to Bluetooth and this is not working.

And plug in like:
1 Controller
2 Mouse
3 Keyboard

I use the settings as suggested on youtube on the Xim page.

1 Controller
2 Keyboard/Nav controller
3 Mouse

Game Support / Re: Modern Warfare Turn Cap
« on: 03:18 AM - 11/03/19 »
I am using 2.0 multi for ADS? Is it beter to go back to 1.0 because the ST ia trained for 1.0?

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