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What values to use for 12000 dpi in that case?
i can tell you how you can narrow it down, disable the ads page on the xim,  then go into a bot lobby and adjust your ads sensitivity in game. when you do that the game does the ads delays for you. after you get sensitivity right try a reg. match. if that fixs the problem its probably your settings on the xim ads page. when you disable that page you will notice the aa is still there but more like a controller, it only helps and dont pull you off target.
Thanks i will try it out , i am just intrigued, if i disable ads page, will the config register my hip sens as my ads sens ? I play with same ads sens across all games.

What values to use for 12000 dpi in that case?

Played apex , aim was on point , just with modern warfare i am facing this wierd issue, i hope its not native and has some solutions, because i am tending to miss shots on most of the encounters

if its just on MW it does have a very strange ads transition compared to other cods probs what your feeling brah
Ok tried the weights on and even tried 224 ms of activation and deactivation delay on MW CONFIG, NOTHING WORKS, my issue is in MW  only, as on rush encounters. I am not able to control the Hip to ADS Transition , my aim is really off

i had this problem with my glorious model 0 i found out for me that because it was so light i was overshoting my target at the start i switched back to my heavier mouse after a few months and instantly better lol
I play without any weights , i will try with some weights just to test

you might also want to play with your ads time. go into a bot lobby and set the number to 400 and see if the problems still there.
I guess could be the issue, as its really horrible in modern warfare, rest of the games just works fine most of the time. Btw i have put ads activation delay and deactivation delay both to 224ms as recommended

mouse pad?
Steel series QCK HEAVY mousepad

It's going to happen due to the refresh rate in console. It may appear to you that you're on target, but in reality your opponent may have moved slightly either to the left or right depending on when he starts to shoot, and when you start to shoot. The same thing happens with controller. There's not really a way to get the most precise shot 100% of the time. I've even come to notice this on pc now that I am into pc gaming. I wouldn't bother with worrying about it honestly. Check to see if you have mouse acceleration turned off, and if you do just ignore it and chalk it up to the game.
Mouse acceleration is off in the mouse settings , i am facing this issue mostly on MODERN WARFARE.

Hello guys, i am new to all this, so i may sound a bit noob like. I have been using xim for over a year now and it has just completely turned around my experience on FPS games. I have had my highs and lows, but i am constantly learning whether it be the mechanics or the whole mouse and keyboard thing. I have been running into an issue every now and then, i noticed it on the playbacks i had recorded. I am missing initial shots that is JUST AFTER ADSing ,most of the time, because of which my aim hinders my gunfight. So as usual i thought it might be my sens thats causing the issue, but while in firing range i am perfectly able to stay on a target . I am bit confused now because i am not sure  if over shooting is causing the problem here. As i said my first shot is the issue here. BTW I tend to use same sens on every game i play . Its around 19.5 cms on ads and 14.5 cms on hip.

Will my xim 360 sens and mouse and keyboard without xim  be the same? i mean , i tried modern warfare. I play all games at around 18cm on ads config and 14 cm on hip config . When i plugged mouse and keyboard on my ps4 , i am not able to handle that sense at all. I am getting around 48 cm on ads with generic mouse and keyboard as my sens on modern warfare. Why is it so?

XIM APEX Discussions / Unable to update MW CONFIG
« on: 03:54 AM - 11/25/19 »
Hi , i have tried updating modern warfare config, when i force download it , it shows there is an update,I downloaded it but feels like its not downloaded as when i go back and check it again , the update shows up again. Help would be appreciated

Let me get this straight , first of all i love xim , been playing with it for almost  2 yrs now . If there happens to be an issue and if someone discusses about it, doesn’t necessarily mean they are relenting it . I am not a pro here neither am i someone who knows in depth  functioning of xim . I got a notice, published it . That all .get over it

So , i happened to switch between two ps4 controllers, soon as i logged in , i got a notice. “Switch either to keyboard or controller or change the layout to controller”. Since then xim feels odd plus when i try mounting my weapon , the game displays R3 to press, where i have clearly opted for double tap ADS option for wall mounting. Please help

Shared Configs / Re: Modern warfare wrist aim CONFIG 8/11
« on: 07:51 AM - 11/24/19 »
How do you adjust ads sens without an active page ? Just wondering

So , is it possible to have a consistent aim while playing games like destiny 2 and fortnite?  I have a consistent aim across all the games mostly except destiny which as u said is because of the sluggishness of the game itself.

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