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Are you using new settings now? Why are they obsolete?

These are great, just what I needed to track high-level strafe God players. Aim assist is good. One question though, do you have ALC per optics set up or are they supposed to be turned off?

anybody know what manager version they are running? i can't paste any of the configs into my manager, i am on the beta manager

How do I get this to work with my Titan Two? I have it set to the PS5 USB output protocol but it is not working. I have the Xim in port A of the T2 and my duelsense, keyboard and mouse all in the xim hub. Can't figure out why it is not working.

I can't use controller please fix xim on PS5  🙏

I haven't played Overwatch in a while so I may just need to get accustomed to the aim assist strength again but is the aim assist supposed to be this strong? I can hardly move my crosshair in the bubble. There is extreme slowdown when you target an enemy. Is this normal? This is how the config feels for everyone else? I'm on PS4 btw. Just making sure I'm not doing anything wrong.

Shared Configs / Re: Consistent Apex Legends Config
« on: 01:30 AM - 05/31/20 »

This is mine and I've been shredding pred players and havent consistent aim 15+ kills a game also lobas 20 kill and 4k was done on this config with SBMM being 5kd+ in a pub lobby

I've been having great results with this config on ps4 so far although aim assist is a little strong. I just changed the dpi to 12k and adjusted the sensitivity. I'm able to kill people again and my kd is going back up. I'll see if I get the same results tomorrow because you never know with this game.

I still have to try the other suggestions.

Shared Configs / Re: Consistent Apex Legends Config
« on: 11:04 AM - 05/30/20 »
Thanks, I'll try these out and let you know the results.

Shared Configs / Consistent Apex Legends Config
« on: 03:09 PM - 05/29/20 »
Nothing feels good on Apex Legends at the moment. I don't know why but I have to constantly change configs. I've tried almost all the configs on the forum, some days they are fine other days terrible. Does anyone have a good config that doesn't change day by day? I'm going insane here and my kd is dropping like crazy.

I thought it was just me, I was dominating with this config yesterday but it hasn't felt the same since. I tried changing smoothing, using slow sync and boost but I can't get it to feel like it did when I first tried it. I guess I'm just going to have to rotate between multiple apex configs depending on the servers. I don't know why this always happens.

Ok so I got another keyboard and it still happens. I've noticed that when I physically use my controller it happens more often. Also I don't know if this means anything but when the Xim stops working the lights on my controller stay on but the lights on my mouse and keyboard go off, I guess they completely lose power?

Mouse: Logitech G502
Keyboard: Logitech G13
Extras: None

I'm not touching the controller when it happens. I'll just be playing the game with the MnK then suddenly can't move or hear anything. I'm using a PS4 Pro and my Xim is on the latest firmware.

I checked and my controller is fully charged, I tried other cables but I still get the issue.

I have been having an annoying issue lately where my Xim Apex just stops working. The manager shows everything is fine but my mouse doesn't respond, the sound goes off in my headset, and I can't move around with my G13. Any help would be appreciated.

Shared Configs / Re: Apex Legends at 16000 dpi
« on: 07:20 PM - 03/09/20 »
I have been using this with the Razor Viper at 20k dpi..... shredding people. Had back to back 15+kill games.. this is my forever profile.

What firmware are you using? I had to go back to the old firmware after the update.

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