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I've played yesterday 2 hours with each curve, mine original and GoodAimButATankMain's version and I didn't feel any difference. But... he is way more experienced than me on this so I'll keep using his version.  :)

Ok, guys, finished the curve for PS4:

>>> XIM APEX [Translate Ballistics] START COPY >>>

It was made with 33 "aim easy in" and "linear" in the game settings.

@GoodAimButATankMain : Thanks for all the support you gave me while I was making the curve. You are the best! Feel free to add it to the first topic if you want.

I've turned on "legacy sticks" in the game. It puts the spin on the left stick instead of the right one and it worked.  :o No crosshair going up!  ;D

I don't know if it will mess something up.  :-\

Hmmm, well thats never happend to me before while SAB was turned off so thats odd? I wonder if its coded in the game for some reason on ps4  ??? Well, I wonder if on every stick tilt value, the cursor goes up at the same ratio, u may be able to still get pretty accurate results since EVERY value will go up. U could try choosing a starting target thats pretty low on the ground, and then choose a target thats kind of high up as ur end target so then u still have to do quite a bit of spins to get accurate results. Im not sure if this will work though, because if the vertical stick tilt goes at the same speed through all of the stick tilt values, when using lower stick tilt values ur cursor will go up a lot faster than it will on a high stick tilt value.

Yes, I'm almost sure that it will not work either.

If i were you, id try recreating the configuration? Use "Generic Alpha", turn your sab completely off, and then I also take the extra precaution of turning my xim sensitivity to 0, setting the whole xim curve to 0, and turning my xy ratio to 0. I also turn my boost to 0, then i bind my look stick to my arrow keys, and then bind the right sticks "walk" key to my right arrow key. Im not sure if this will help, but its worth a try? I do all this because i dont wanna accidentally slide my mouse and mess up the translation lol

In the update of my post earlier I'd already tried all of that. I've even tried to change things that I know won't matter like the keyboard and the PS4 pad. I've tried to create a "Generic Beta" too, same results.

Also, check that ur in game sens is set to 0 on both vertival and horizontal sensitivity? And adjust ur in game settings to linear with 33aei or whatever in game settings u wanted to use for config? Can u try these and tell me if the problem still persists?

Here are the configs I'm using, I think there's nothing wrong:

The curve is on default but I've already tried to flatten it.

Maybe I'll get it to work if I manually press the down key rapidly every couple of spins to adjust the height.  ???

Yeah, ive experienced this problem in a few xbox titles as well :) Check that ur "simulate analog behavior" is ticked to "OFF" because even at "0%" it will still be activated and mess with the results. U get it to the "OFF" position by clicking 1 more time to the left after 0%.

Man, I swear to you that yesterday before sleep I've thinked about that!
I'll try to put SAB to OFF today.

I'll try to make the curve with increments of 5% like you suggested and if I need some help I'll sure pm you. Thanks!

Update: SAB was set to OFF, it is in the guide.  :( So the problem persists.

If I have some time, I'll try to make the curve for PS4 using the guide this weekend.

But I want to ask you guys that have a PS4 a favor.

Following the guide, I've started to make some tests here and I've noticed when I spin with 100% walk speed things go fine, but if I go down that percentage, let's say, 30% like in the guide, the crosshair starts to go up with each spin. I'll make a video to demonstrate better and edit this message with it.

Could anyone try to spin in place and see if the crosshair goes up with 30% walk speed? I recommend the same place in training mode as in the guide.


GoodAimButATankMain, thanks for all your work!

Have you tried to do a config for a game that's not supported because of the aim mechanics, like Resident Evil 2 Remake?

Maybe with your method you could get them to work.

General Discussion / Re: Two players with one controller
« on: 01:12 PM - 05/18/20 »
I've never heard of such a request. If it were possible, isn't it plausible that things could get out of sync between the 2 players you are controlling?

Yes, the two players would get out of sync in case of being hit, dead or by the difference between the speed of both.
In the two first cases, go to one corner of the screen would sync then again and in the last, choosing the same character, if the game allows it, would prevent that.

I was not thinking about the XIM, but now I think it would be possible if two XIMs could communicate with each other: XIM "A" sending the inputs to XIM "B".

This is not by any means a feature request, just an idea.  :)

General Discussion / Two players with one controller
« on: 07:28 AM - 05/17/20 »
Someone knows if there is a device that makes possible control two players with the same pad?
For example, control two ships in a shmup or two fighters in a beat'em up simultaneously.

Yes, you can map the thumbstick on the Orbweaver to WASD. I have one and have it configured this way.

Yesterday I was playing in the Quickplay Classic in the Arcade and I've headshoted a Widow from only a few meters away with a full charged shot and the game registered like a regular shot. This game is all wrong.

Beta / Re: XIM APEX BETA [Firmware 20190819] (**LATEST**)
« on: 01:20 PM - 10/01/19 »
I don't know if this is a expected behavior for debug purposes or whatever, but when I press the option button and the touchpad simultaneously on the PS4 pad, everything connected to XIM stops working and it starts to flash blue.

It's happening on the retail firmware and on this last beta too.

option 1 doesnt work for orbweaver joystick. any help?

It doesn't work because the Orbweaver joystick is digital, not analog.

That's what I thought.  :)

I've installed the new version of the manager and disabled the auto update for it in the PlayStore app.

Here's how to do it if anyone needs help:

    Open Google Play Store App on your device.
    Tap on Menu option on the top left corner of the screen.
    Tap on My Apps and Games.
    Under Installed Tab, tap on the app you wish to change the auto update option.
    Tap on More option on the top right corner of the App Home Screen.
    Uncheck the ‘Auto update‘ option on the prompt.

Problem solved!

It happened to me too and I don't have changed anything since.

Manager version: 5.00.20180528
Firmware version: 5.00.20181204

The manager is installed on an Android phone.

It's an old version of the manager, I know. Maybe the android system saw that it was different of the available in the PlayStore and updated?

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