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General Discussion / Re: New product?
« on: 07:45 PM - 10/27/22 »
I think there is a very clear line between using a device to use your preferred input method versus using a device and implementing an anti-recoil method on it.

They're two very distinct actions. I'm not sure why people are having trouble separating those two things because they are quite different.

It is disappointing that you'll be able to cheat with things like anti recoil on the next product.

General Discussion / Re: When the new XIM is released.
« on: 07:41 PM - 10/27/22 »
Wait. Haven't been here in awhile. They are releasing a new xim m&k translator?

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Footpedal USB switches...
« on: 11:38 AM - 08/22/22 »
Yep. I've done it.

General Discussion / Re: Want to buy XIM APEX
« on: 11:35 AM - 08/22/22 »
I already have a XIM Apex and I want to buy another one but it's been ages since they've been in stock.

Pretty darn sad about it. It's still such a hugely relevant product for so many so I know there is demand.

Game Support / Re: Dying Light 2 ST
« on: 06:29 PM - 02/05/22 »
Curious to hear this as well. Just bought the game and waiting on the ST.

Game Support / Re: rainbow six extraction ST
« on: 01:54 PM - 01/28/22 »
What ST is? And can i use Xbox Series X profiles on Ps5??

ST stands for the translator which is a profile specifically designed for the game by XIM that you select on your phone via the XIM app when you want to play that game with your XIM.

Game Support / Re: rainbow six extraction ST
« on: 11:01 PM - 01/25/22 »
My guess is it was listed incorrectly as Rainbow Six Quarantine rather than Rainbow Six Extraction.

That's been corrected as of a few days ago and looks to be second in the Game Support list - https://community.xim.tech/index.php?topic=30363.0

Cool beans!

Game Support / Re: rainbow six extraction ST
« on: 06:06 PM - 01/24/22 »
Looking for an official ST for this game too. I'm surprised it's not on the planned list.

It comes with XBOX game pass, so should have quite a few players for a high quality FPS game from an established franchise.

Will this be supported?

Game Support / Re: Battlefield 2042
« on: 12:38 PM - 01/09/22 »
They turned off the Rush 2042 and TDM modes. That is so dumb. How do you turn off a Rush mode in a BF game? It's the most iconic mode after Conquest and so beloved and was one of the better modes in this game.

Also you can shoot armored vehicles with guided rockets, someone on the team just has to spot them with the gadget SOFLAM and then all standard rockets become guided - against choppers or ground vehicles.

Game Support / Re: Battlefield 2042
« on: 03:19 PM - 01/06/22 »
...so it is what it is if you like battlefield type games.

and that's exactly what it is no longer without the class system but this hero specialist system. That has nothing to do with Battlefield. This is a miscarriage. The maps are all @#$%, regardless of whether they are 62 or 128 players, they are for the garbage. There are so many development errors in the game that one wonders that a fool has ever played at dice himself. Last capture point on a skyscraper? Really?..and the game has no potential due to the glaring wrong decisions. You can't make chocolate pudding out of @#$% anymore.

Marcus Lehto was asked on twitter what happened to the Battlefield franchise.
"I'm trying to find out for myself right now. Then I want to put things right."

Doesn't want to have his job right now!

I strongly disagree on the maps. I think the Breakthrough 64, Rush maps and Conquest 64 maps are quite fun actually except for a couple exceptions. I wish there were more maps but for the ones we have in those modes there are some great transitions in there going from objective to objective. Nice mix of infantry and vehicular combat. I am primarily infantry only and I am having some great battles. Some maps are better than others. I enjoy those. They took off the final point on the skyscraper weeks ago last I heard. So maybe you haven't played in a while. TDM is a blast.

I was very anti the specialist system at first, and I'd still prefer the old class system back but it's really not as horrific as people are complaining about. I always find myself joining the haters at first, gamers are such huge haters. And gamers hate hate any change. And they often have very good points, but they just give up completely on any change no matter what it is all the time and just really like to @#$% way way too much and never see any positives..

The specialist system is certainly not the end of the world by any means, though it should be tweaked. They can keep specialists but just restrict their loadouts by class. So a recon specialist can only carry recon items. An assault specialist can only carry assault weapons/items. Etc... I think that is where this new guy will take the specialist system because it's not disappearing. In the meantime, it doesn't ruin the game, but can evolve better. There are some cool things specialists can do in different situations actually.

I have checked out Hell Let Loose and may buy it, but it's far more of a simulation war game and far different style than BF games. I have Insurgency and will play it, but it's much smaller scale than BF. I never liked COD games, so really, I'm out of options. Still nothing gives me that experience BF can. Have had quite a few BF moments in this game.

I see a lot of people complaining but they only played the 128 player maps. They actually haven't tried the 64 player maps yet.

Game Support / Re: Battlefield 2042
« on: 08:12 PM - 01/05/22 »
I didn't play it the first month but only after the first few patches. It still needs plenty of work (bug fixes, scoreboard, voice chat) and more content but I see a lot of potential in it. I can't find another shooter that has this much potential released in the last year so it is what it is if you like battlefield type games.

I prefer the 64 player modes over the 128 player modes except for times when I have a good squad of four all on mics in a party on Xbox. But usually I'm on the 64 player modes or team deathmatch. I was not having fun when I started out with just the 128 player modes. Discovering 64 player modes helped make the game good for me.

Breakthrough 64 has good maps, the Rush maps are good, the deathmatch maps are fun as fook. I can handle Conguest 128 on a couple maps with a good squad with comms - Conquest 64 is good also with a squad with comms.

I play the Series X so the graphics are acceptable. Nowhere near what they should have been, but good enough to be able to focus on the battles. But find me a game that lets you have these types of shooting battles and get back to me.

General Discussion / Re: About Beloader...
« on: 08:08 PM - 01/05/22 »
ppl are so stupid....They dont even take 5 mins to read anymore or search some more info.

this is true about so many things in life, just look at the society around us today.

Don't Look Up is a fun movie on this phenomenon in a way.

General Discussion / Re: Monitor advice for 4k gaming
« on: 08:05 PM - 01/05/22 »
agreed. I just bought a 27" MSI that is 1440p and can run 165hz. It can run 4K at 60hz but I did not care about that. I just wanted 1440p at 120hz for console, with pretty good color reproduction once calibrated for photo editing. Unless you are gaming on big screens, 4K resolution isn't that noticeable. The extra 60 screen refreshes a second can help you in game though, especially when playing pc players with high end rigs on crossplay

General Discussion / Re: G Pro X Superlight impression
« on: 01:58 PM - 01/02/22 »
endgame is coming out with a wireless version of their xm1r mouse any day now. best shaped mouse I've ever used. own the g pro wireless now.

i don't feel any jitter at 1000hz, what is up with that?

General Discussion / Re: Xim is Underrated
« on: 01:08 PM - 12/27/21 »
The XIM is a fantastic product with a great community with hands-on employees/owners. The only things that are usually bad are limited by the games themselves really - such as turn speed in Halo. These are beyond the control of the XIM crew.

Now just to make the Apex available again :)

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