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XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Xim got wet..
« on: 11:05 PM - 10/03/18 »
Okay so I kept shuffling ports and I got mouse to work but controller is plugged into slot 2 instead of slot 1 and I can use nav via slot 1. I'm so confused. Why did ports change?

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Xim got wet..
« on: 10:49 PM - 10/03/18 »
Another strange thing is xim still flashes when moving mouse too quickly. I don't understand how it's still getting signal through hub yet it wont work or control console?

And controllers work while plugged into any usb slot so I don't understand why the nav/mouse will not?

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Xim got wet..
« on: 10:44 PM - 10/03/18 »
You mean the hub got wet? Or the APEX?
Yeah the hub my bad. I just realized that's all it is and ordered another hobfrom amazon. Hopefully that fixes it.

XIM APEX Discussions / Xim got wet..
« on: 09:40 PM - 10/03/18 »
I accidentally spilled water that got onto the xim usb ports and now it won't work. The only part water touched was 2 of the 3 usb ports and not the device itself that goes into xbox. I let it dry over night but the buttons aren't registering.. . I can get the buttons to register inside of the xim app it shows I'm pressing but nothing happens on console.

My questions...

1) Is it fubar?

2) Is there any way to buy the 3 usb thing without buying a whole new device for 100$?

You have to press the build/edit button to exit building mode each time after building something. So, if you pres LT/RT for wall and stairs you have to quick tap B (or whatever it's assigned to) before you can aim/shoot with LT/RT.

Game Support / Re: EPIC vs XIM 1-0
« on: 04:56 AM - 09/02/18 »
Xim is not designed to interact with AA in any way. STs are built without AA, otherwise they'd be janky AF. There's nothing Xim.tech will do to intentionally exploit AA. Any Advanced Settings we use to manipulate AA are unsupported. So let's just knock the whole AA thing on the head - that's on Epic, not Xim.

As for mouse vs controller experience - when using a high DPI mouse at a high polling rate on a 30+cm pad and max in-game sensitivity, you're far more likely to notice look mechanic imperfections than using a 1cm thumbstick with a range of around 6mm in any direction with mid-range game sens. The fidelity and granularity of movement with a mouse is an order of magnitude higher, ergo issues are magnified well beyond what you'd feel using a controller.

Xim usage in the Fortnite community would be a very, very low percentage of the overall userbase. Epic is highly unlikely to dedicate resources to intentionally sabotage the experience of 0.0001% of their players.

Ensure you're using the latest ST to overcome the inconsistencies introduced by the patch, which relate to deadzone changes in the look mechanics. Other than that, inconsistency is most probably environmental. Is your mouse sensor clean, pad calibrated, etc? What's your DPI, polling, response rate, smoothing and sync? Are you using a curve? If no (or few) others are reporting an issue, the inability to adjust micro-aim indicates a problem with your gear, or you may be using an advanced setting that isn't properly calibrated, or you're not using the updated ST.

What's your ping? What's your connection type? When are you playing? What screen are you using? What's its input lag rating (not g2g)? These all factor into the gaming experience. STW mode is incredibly laggy and has been for months. BR's performance has also declined of late, so don't rule out a game issue.

Personally, I really like the change to AA and the new Fortnite ST. I don't play BR often, but had 7 solo games a couple of nights to test the new ST and won 2 of them, while placing top 2-4 in another few games. I was very rusty and forgot my build bindings for the most part, so it all came down to gunplay and aim. I think the final kill in both games were micro-aimed 100+m AR shots. Point being, I suck at BR and the ST felt good.

AA has been dialled back, but IMHO, that's a positive as I no longer get stuck outside the hitbox, and find it easier to adjust my shots to the head within the hitbox. Tracking is smooth and consistent, especially at long range, which was previously inconsistent due to AA.

I'm on PS4, those with BR issues have largely been on XB1. The same is true of STW where framerate is frequently reduced to a slideshow. I haven't fired up BR on XB1 but will spend some time playing it during this week to see if there's a noticeable difference.

Have seen that XB1 players complain more than PS4 players....

Please see below the requested information:

I am using the latest ST X1.5
I am using 3500 DPI (Logitech G502)
I am using 1000 HZ pooling rate (on the mouse and XIM APEX)
I have calibrated the PAD in the Logitech software
I am using Synchronize - COMMON / Smoothing - 5 (both HIP and ADS)
I am NOT using a curve
I have a 30 PING in game
I am using a 1 ms VA Panel with adaptive sync (FreeSync) support
I have a good connection,  I have 80 MB/s Download / 7 MB/s Upload
Playing time varies, tried in the morning / evening

Just to make myself clear again, I am not strictly referring to AA as being tweaked, let's get over this.

!!I am referring to the inconsistency you experience in game. Without changes, one match doesn't seem to compare to another one, and I am talking about how the aim feels , micro movement, etc.
A couple things...

1) You really shouldn't need any smoothing at all with low dpi and common sync. I play on xbox and never ever need smoothing unless set the sync to off and use high sensitivity because otherwise there's zero jitter.

2) If you're enabling freesync on xbox that could be part of the problem. I did testing with the new 120hz/freesync options on xbox and it did more harm than good. It was super inconsistent with response times and buffering etc.

3) Your mouse could just be really bad with 1000hz so I would try setting both apex & mouse to 500hz and make sure to restart apex after.

Appreciate the intrigue guys but like i have said before, im no settings expert so mine could be bad. Plus im a strong believer in finding your own set ups to your preference.

Here it is though if you would like to try.

1000 hrtz and polling

3200 dpi

In game ads is 0.60

Scope is 0.65

>>> XIM APEX [Fortnite: Battle Royal] START COPY >>>
Did you ever update your xim apex firmware or are you still using the same version that came with it when you bought it?

Game Support / Re: Fortnite acceleration while turning
« on: 01:57 AM - 08/14/18 »
So this is a xim issue? Will it be fixed?

Game Support / Re: Fortnite - Season five setup
« on: 04:39 AM - 08/02/18 »
Roughly 30 cms
I'm actually getting about the same result with both versions of firmware on xbox.There is one strange oddity though... When I tested first with the new version of firmware the camera would pan up even though I was sliding in a slow/straight line above the tape measure, but that doesn't happen on your version of firmware. I feel like something is wrong with the x/y on the new firmware.

Game Support / Re: Fortnite - Season five setup
« on: 04:13 AM - 08/02/18 »
Didnt know there was a new one =)
How many cm is your 360 with these settings? I'm gonna test on xbox one x again with multiple firmwares.

Game Support / Re: Fortnite - Season five setup
« on: 03:54 AM - 08/02/18 »
Does you mouse have onboard memory.

Are you sure your dpi is correct?

Some razors dont unless in PC for example
I have the g502 mouse with on board memory enabled. I have only one profile and made sure that it was set to 3200, 500hz, etc. I triple checked all settings in app as well. I even created a fresh config and applied settings again. I restarted the device and console both multiple times but I just can't get the same result. I'm wondering if something is wrong with my hardware/software, or xbox is just that much different. I don't know but it's frustrating lol.

Roughly what was is your 360 cm right now? I'm gonna try your settings on multiple firmwares and see if I can get correct result.

Game Support / Re: Fortnite - Season five setup
« on: 03:48 AM - 08/02/18 »
Firmware is 5.00.20180402

EU servers

I dont use any builder sub configs but perhaps i should try
Ah that makes sense I have the newest firmware and it feels so off. I'm still trying to figure out if Xbox is different than PS4 though. ObsiV for examples uses 3200 500hz 4 hip with common on ps4 and has a 45cm 360, but when I apply these settings on xbox I can't even do a 180 within my 45cm mouse pad. He confirmed he has the same firmware as me too (newest) so I'm extremely confused.

Game Support / Re: Fortnite - Season five setup
« on: 12:54 AM - 08/02/18 »
Hi guys,

Part shameless plug for my youtube channel, yes.

But many people have asked me so thought i would leave my most up to date config here with this video.

Changed it up a bit so i could be even more aggressive , my hip was a tad slow before.

Here is the config in full:

12k DPI
1000 hrtz and polling
Default Sync
6.50 Hip
ADS profile is inactive (double click the activate button (RMB) on the ads page so it says none)
All in game settings at maximum except:
ADS 0.70
Scope 0.60
No smoothing / XY changes
AA on

21 Kill Solo here - one of my most fun games i think

Appreciate the support.
Hey not sure if you remember I sent you a few messages before but can you please tell me what version of firmware and xim manager you're using? There seems to be a pretty big difference between firmware sensitivities.I remember before you said you had used a 15cm to 20cm 360 but I'm not sure if that's still the case. I keep getting different results than other people with the same settings.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Best Xbox Fortnite settings?
« on: 04:35 PM - 07/27/18 »
Cmon I know some of you have go to settings! Where they at?

Just try things, itís all personal preference,

No sync for hip, 7 smoothing 130sens

Common Sync for ads, no smoothing, 3.86 sens
Do you still use sony nav? Do you have any gameplay?

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Od1n Settings ?
« on: 02:57 PM - 07/13/18 »
3200 DPI
4 hip 3 ads

I believe he plays on ps4. I tried this on xbox and couldn't even turn around lol. I don't understand how people use low sensitivities at 3200 DPI even with common it would take me like 2 feet to do a 360 rotation.

Sens depends on a lot of things:
personal preference (obviously).
mouse ( the weight and shape changes your sens) its not the same a mouse that is 130g vs 85 g, the lower the weight in a mouse usually you tend to use lower sens with the xim.
polling rate
How you aim with the mouse: When you move the mouse using wrist movements usually sensitivity is lower. By reading your comment I think you move the mouse with your arm.
I actually just started using mouse for the first time a few days ago lol all I know is that those settings require me to move the mouse very far for a single 360. I have g502 mouse and 2 cloth mouse pads (hyper x and steel series) havent noticed a difference between them

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