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Yall stop rushing that man. We cant expect him to change his schedule because a new game was launched. There will be updates after all and i dont like having to find my sweet spot after every update

Game Support / Re: Planned Support List
« on: 06:53 PM - 02/07/19 »
Be patient on the apex st gents. These guys always get @#$% done real quick, but they do have schedules. Also I just started managing a couple of hookers. So if youre having a bachelor party hit me up

Game Support / Re: Bunch of Black Ops 4 questions!
« on: 12:22 PM - 12/05/18 »
Yes, max sens.

Use binds that work best for YOU. Play with the binds to find something comfortable.

Use your controller for gliding and vehicles in blackout.

Game Support / Reinstalled fortnite - whats next?
« on: 12:17 PM - 12/05/18 »
I quit fn when bo4 dropped, but i had a fn hankering so I installed it. I know there were some changes EPIC made to block kb&m support a few months back. Question: what do I need to install/update to play with the apex. Thanks in advance. I tried to look for the information myself, but random pages are blocked on my school network.

Im sure most know, but just an fyi: most mp guns are trash in bo and vice versa.

Blackout: spitfire and kn for cqc, abr and sdm for range

Technical Support / Re: [Q/A] Mouse and movement question
« on: 09:11 AM - 11/03/18 »
Logitech m510 ADV 

Mist, it does flash red. Thanks for the quick replies as always! Its a rare encounter, so Ill learn to live with it

Technical Support / Re: APEX RANDOM DISCONNECT
« on: 07:47 AM - 11/03/18 »
I had this issue before and good charging cables fixed it. Those that come with the controller are cheap and the connections are spotty

Technical Support / [Q/A] Mouse and movement question
« on: 07:45 AM - 11/03/18 »
Just curious if this can be fixed and what, if anything, causes it. About 95% my mouse works great, but sometimes if I move it too fast or maybe even too far on the mouse pad, its like it just stops sending information to the cursor.

Example: I go to do a 180(cod) and I just stop moving about half way through.

Ive tinkered with sensitivity a bit, but no luck.

Thanks in advance!

General Discussion / Re: Curves Library
« on: 06:48 PM - 10/19/18 »
Rookie question: how do I tune a mouse? First ive ever heard of this. Logitech m510 ADV  if it helps

I havent died yet from swapping, but a few hot drops have gotten me killed while swapping out the controller. Its a small price to pay. With most vehicles I just stop, swap controllers and then exit

Edit: this reminded me of the guided missile in fortnite. If I was in squads I would always trade the GM for a better gun from one of my mates. After the nerf nobody wanted it anyways

Is it really worth it to switch to bo4 config? Been using bo3 and it works great. Just curious how everyone would compare the two.

Same problem here, tried EVERYTHING. Bought a new controller and its working great. I think the wire can loosen up that controller imput over time and if that connection isnt solid, its not going to respond

Bought a regular controller and its working no problem. So when that miniusb imput gets loose, its just time to get a new controller. Thanks for the suggestions, you guys are always on top of it. I wish I could get this kind of support everywhere!

Having the same issue, but I just got a new controller. I had the same problem before and switching controllers fixed it. I doubt this helps, but just my experience

USB receiver and usb keyboard.

I switched to an elite controller, ill dig out another one because its only done it on this controller

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