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Technical Support / [ACTIVE] Here lies XIM Apex 2015-2022
« on: 01:16 AM - 06/04/22 »
Unfortunately, after a very long time working great, my xim has finally just died on me. I think it's a USB connection problem but I have no idea. I'm sure there's some warranty I may have had that's long been expired, but I went to purchase a new one just to support the company regardless of repair potential and they're out of stock  :-\

Is there any solution that may help me? I don't get to game much but when I do it's always been with a xim so I'm a little lost in my free time these days.

Game Support / Re: FPS with no turn speed cap?
« on: 05:46 PM - 07/04/20 »
Every controller game must have a turnspeed cap or else the game wouldnt be controllable. What you maybe search for are games with an extremly high turnspeeds. Those are for example most CoD games and BF titles.
For the game you mentioned i would first try the generic configs at the bottom of the config list though. They are basically a config blueprint and can be customized once a fitting generic config has been found.

Thanks a lot Odin, makes a lot of sense I guess this games is just really high that it's barely noticeable. I did take a look at the generic configs, there are about six or seven of them is there anyone I should be looking at specifically?

I haven't tried a COD ST yet but that's my next venture, thanks for you input!

Game Support / FPS with no turn speed cap?
« on: 03:30 PM - 07/04/20 »
Good afternoon everybody and happy 4th of July,

I was wondering if there is a game that does not have the turn speed cap That's a first person shooter. I'm playing hyper scape and I'm trying to find the best interim ST for the time being. Right now apex is working great with a few minor adjustments to the ballistic curve.

Are there any similar acting STs I could use?

Game Support / Re: Hyper Scape
« on: 10:19 AM - 07/03/20 »
I've tried both Apex legends config and Titanfall 2 config and both are pretty decent considering. However, when it comes to diagonal turn speed my cursor moves off the thermometer it's so fast.

Also it doesn't seem like this game has a turn speed cap which is great, we just need to find a game that doesn't have one That's a first-person shooter and hopefully it would come close

Game Support / Re: now there is a linear fortnite st
« on: 11:02 PM - 04/24/20 »
I have agree with antithesis here. I was thinking that the Fortnite community on here would be very happy that we released multiple STs since there are many threads (and PMs) suggesting (demanding) we do it. We've always said the Expo ST had the best overall 1:1 response. But, a lot of people were upset by this saying Linear was better because Expo's AA was broken. So, we release Linear (which supposedly has better AA) and now we are hearing people prefer Expo. I hope that our current support is sufficient for everyone.

Just to create some clarity since there's plenty of confusion and misinformation on this topic... LINEAR and LEGACY are NOT the same. I can't count the amount of time those words have been interchanged incorrectly... I'm sure you've received some requests for linear but I was a part of the majority asking for a revert of the legacy ST before it was disabled in game.

Just wanted to clarify, linear and legacy are not the same look mechanic.

Aside from that, thank you for the support, truly. We can both agree that  epic is a Triple A grade @#$% show. You've all done a great job managing the chaos that is Fortnite for us poor souls that play it everyday willingly.

Game Support / Rogue Company Alpha
« on: 11:14 AM - 04/10/20 »
I definitely don't expect an ST anytime soon considering the games alpha just began but I was curious if it's on the plan support list, or if anybody else is in the alpha and has found success with any similar ST's to use?

Just to add on to my post... Im sure you guys have a ST trainer/tester that plays fortnite and is knowledgeable about the movement in game and how the ST will affect in-game movement, but I'd gladly offer my time to test future STs and offer my experience to make it great again for as much as it's worth.

Where have they mentioned this? Do you have links or just rumours? This is kinda piss poor from xims side the whole season people have asked for legacy but ok just stretch it a bit more...

You should be able to find the Epic comments on either the fortnitebr reddit or competitive fortnite reddit. On one of the two they have mentioned it.

When translators are done the best look mechanic will be chosen that allows for the most optimal raw mouse movement experience. Legacy is just not as good as the advanced one. Aim assist will not be taken into account as the mouse movements should be as close to a PC experience as possible and NOT be as optimal for the aim assist as they can to abuse it.

If you turn off the aim assist in Fortnite you almost have a PC like experience with your xim, the turnspeed cap would be the only noticeable difference. If you want to play with aim assist then you can of course do that, but dont expect the STs to be tailored around the aim assist.
So no there is no stretching taking place.
As i said with the upcoming aim assist adjustments everything will change once again anyway, chances are that the advanced settings then allow for the most optimal performance even with aim assist.

The OP thing about legacy is that you pretty much have no aim assist from the HIP but once you zoom the aim assist kicks in at full force. The only other console game that also used this for a while was BF1, and they removed that a few month into the game, its just too unfair. The advanced aim assist is basically how any other console game handles aim assist, a noticeable slowdown once being close or onto the hitbox plus a slight magnetism for tracking.

Just wanted to chime in on this, I don't post much but this fortnite ST thing is annoying to me as well being a competitive player. Epic hasn't made any official announcement regarding changes to aim assist. I follow their Twitter and both regular and competitive subreddits daily and if that was ever mentioned it would be big news. Honestly, this felt like an out.

Just to be clear, PC players bitched about advanced aim assist when it first came out too.

There is a severe disconnect here regarding the ST and its performance. I've been playing fortnite since season 1, using a Xim since season 2, I play competitively in place well in tournaments, I've been in champs league for a while and still play everyday. There's no comparison from legacy to the advanced settings, legacy absolutely blows the advanced settings out of the water and the only ones saying differently are those that either aren't that great or just don't play enough to notice.

Even the ST for the advance settings seems off in comparison (even it it was a viable option) to older legacy STs and is only made marginally playable with the in-game settings rather than the XIM config settings.

And yes, I've tried it all... The full range of syncs, DPIs from 1600-16,000, smoothing off, low, and high... Nothing feels right. We've just had to get used it. Now the only savior (legacy) is being blackballed because you guys are tired of changing it. I understand that to an extent but when XIMs popularity of late (due to the lack of stunning COD titles) is tied to a specific, world wide phenomenon of a game like fortnite, maybe it's worth the extra trouble to get it just right. I know that right now I'm not recommending XIM to any of my friends in its current state and it was all I could talk about for the first year of owning it.

Please be careful basing the decisions of XIM on PC players opinions on Reddit or the opinions of XIM owners who don't play at all (you know who you are) or enough to share accurate information. All of the ximmers here that are requesting legacy revert are diehard fans of both XIM and fortnite and want to see it perform to it's potential. It's why we are here and passionate about it.

Game Support / Re: Using XIM on PC
« on: 09:14 AM - 12/31/19 »
Yeah and it's got what feels like A LOT more input lag obviously. So there are definite pros and cons to consider. Espeically because there is no ST for PC version. So you kinda just find something close.

I've been playing PC for about a year with XIM. Input lag is WAY less on PC than on console. I've jumped back and forth between console and PC and it's one of the main reasons (besides frames and visual performance) I've stuck with PC.

Not trying to be toxic but I donít see 1K wins lol

All good man, it's actually 1,449 as of today... I shouldn't have used Fortnite Tracker, they are really inaccurate if you don't log in frequently.


Fortnite tracker is showing the same thing wym .. ? I donít see 1,449 🤦🏼‍♂️

Do you have anything to say about the config or are we gonna debate the accuracy of fortnitemaster? Who cares lol

It's at the bottom of the page for lifetime stats on Fortnite master, not Fortnite tracker. I linked it for you if you open your eyes!  8)

Either way you can message me if it really bothers you  8) leave the thread for questions and feedback

I don't know how accurate that tracker is since its telling me I have over 600 wins on switch which I do not own and have not played on.  Also says you have 600 on switch....

Yea they're both a little strange I never check them but every config post I see everyone asks for stats so I put them

Not trying to be toxic but I donít see 1K wins lol

All good man, it's actually 1,449 as of today... I shouldn't have used Fortnite Tracker, they are really inaccurate if you don't log in frequently.


Thanks for sharing.
Couple of questions,
Why do you prefer Sync off? Any particular reason?
Then why you donít use ADS profile and put ADS send to 100%in game as Mist suggested?
Finally, why did you need smoothing 8? I guess it s because of Sync off right?

The only positive thing I see with no ADS profile is that you wonít have slow down when building ramps

One last point, I might switch to pc from PS4 if they keep cross play, is it easy to setup? Just attach the xim to the pc like I do on the PS4? Do I need a xbox controller or a PS4 one is enough?

I use sync off because it simply feels best. I notice either a little bit of float or input lag type of feeling with other syncs and even with lesser dpis so I chose 11k (the highest my mouse goes) and off sync.

Yes, the smoothing is because of the off sync, may not be necessary but it helps smooth out the micro movements specifically during ADS mid to long range gun fights. Any range from 3-10 should work well with off sync.

I don't use an ADS config for 2 reasons. 1,  the ramp slowdown is detrimental in serious build fights and a auxillary config can cause problems with misclicking buttons and sensitivity headaches (I've tried it). 2, Boone knows the true ADS speeds of every gun and not having an ADS config avoids shower or faster than exact ADS speeds.

You would love XIM on PC. I know even the developers advise that XIM was not meant for PC but I can guarantee you it really feels great, much better than console since there is virtually no input lag.

Edit: Yes it's very easy to set up on PC. Just plug and play, works with both PS and XB controllers.

Not trying to be toxic but I donít see 1K wins lol

Neither 5KD.... :o

How are you dominating Arena? just sitting in the map..? 8)....

no hard feelings but by the looks of it (how you wrote the thread) you kinda asked for it.... ::)

None taken lol.... I should've been more specific... I didn't expect to be interrogated  :D

I took my total wins (which is actually 1,449) from my lifetime stats at https://fortnitemaster.com/profile/1856567/MediumFri%E3%83%85 which I know to be more accurate as Fortnite tracker only updates stats the more you visit their site. And my duo KD is 5.5 this season. My overall KD is 2.49 if you want to look at Xbox/pre-xim days of the early seasons. Squads is about 4, and solo is my arena stats as that's all I play solo.


Competitive Fortnite player. 15K kills, 1.4K+ Wins, 4KD* - If you clicked on this thread, you're probably like me and have been messing around with your settings for ages but can't seem to find that perfect combo that just seems "right". The reason I finally feel confident enough to post this is because it seems Mist4fun has done an incredible job with this most recent ST, and all the tinkering has finally come together as I'm dominating Arena and dropping 50 Bombs in Team Rumble. Also, there have been plenty of Ximmers kind enough to share their configs and discoveries and its only right to share mine.

Here are the basics:

Mouse - TTeSports Ventus Z (a lighter version of the fabled G502)
Movement - Sony Navigation Controller

Mouse Polling Rate: 1000
Mouse DPI: 11,000
Mouse Pad: Corsair Double Sided Aluminum (HARD, I prefer the "rough" side for control)

XIM Polling Rate: 1000
Smoothing: 7
X/Y Ratio 1.10

Settings: *USE ADVANCED CONTROLLER SETTINGS* This has not been tested with legacy settings yet. No need.

In-Game Right Stick Deadzone: 21-23 (I use 21, use 23 for stronger AA stickiness)

In-Game Sensitivity Settings:

XIM Settings & Binds:

Sony Nav Mapping:
9 is Left Bumper
7 is Left Stick

"P" is the Thumb Button on my Mouse.

Please keep in mind I play on PC, so some settings may feel a little "off" such as deadzone. Very simply, make this number wherever you just barely move your mouse and your crosshair moves, but doesn't float. Leaving a little bit of a deadzone really helps increase the "snap" on target with legacy settings but may give the illusion of input delay.

Here are my stats for some credibility: https://fortnitemaster.com/profile/1856567/MediumFri%E3%83%85

Any questions feel free to ask.

Full Config: >>> XIM APEX [Fortnite Ch.2 - Ventus Z COMP] START COPY >>>

Edit: Corrected stats.
Lifetime wins- 1,449
Season 11 Duos KD- 5.5
Squads KD- 3.95

Lifetime KD- 2.49 (pre-xim included)

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