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To begin, this is assuming any devs actually take advantage of it. Most likely, the only games that will use it are maybe 1-2 FPS games, and the rest will likely be MOBAs and RPGs that otherwise can't be on Xbox. This would mean you probably will still need a Xim to play all the games you actually play.

And if keyboard and mouse becomes popular for games, I would think that many of the games would have segregated servers to keep the playing field level, this means a Xim will still be useful to bypass segregated servers.

And no, this won't mean anything if Microsoft bans these adapters afterwards, the Xim is untraceable, and even with comprehensive viewing of one's gameplay it's pretty hard to tell if it's a legit good controller user or a keyboarder.

Namely games that support Xbox One controller, say, Minecraft or Modern Combat 5 to achieve annihilation against people who can't even aim and shoot at the same time? If the answer is "I don't know" then I might just spend $3 to do a little experiment.

Xbox / Re: [Xbox Group] Comp Overwatch Bros
« on: 11:09 AM - 07/09/18 »
I've already played with you, btw, last time you guys abruptly left after my first match with you guys, what happened?

The particular one is the Afterglow 360 wired controller. It's not made by Microsoft, but it is officially licensed. Will it work? I don't feel like spending 60 dollars on what is a past-gen controller that I won't even use for anything more than authentication for my Xim Apex.

Xbox / Re: adding people
« on: 06:52 PM - 06/17/18 »
I'm Ikusa, we already friended, last time I tried to group with you I couldn't really figure out how to talk with you in overwatch XD. I'd be happy to play comp, but, keep in mind, i have no clue what my rank is yet. I ranked plat in Comp DM, but thats the only real measure of skill I have. If you are okay with the fact I might not be some esports pro, I'll gladly join you.

It'll be a while until I get my wired Xbox 360 controller, but I got so many 360 games I want to try KB/M on. However, whether the Xim Apex would work well on 360 games when they're being played on the Xbox One is beyond me.

Playstation / Looking for fellow Xim users on PS3
« on: 11:17 AM - 06/12/18 »
And yeah I'll get a PS4 eventually (probably around Christmas or whenever I get enough money for it) but for now I only got PS3. I'm looking not only for skilled players but also just someone to play online with, as I haven't really gotten any active friends on Playstation.

My Games:
- Battlefield Bad Company 2 - (Lvl 12, all unlocks in assault class)
- Battlefield 3 - (lvl 5 or 6, don't remember)
- Battlefield 4 - (lvl 3 or 4, again, don't remember)
- Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - (level 7, have not played much)

I'll also be getting many more games eventually, if you want to have some fun on PS3 feel free to add me!

I don't have many Xbox Live friends, cause unlike Steam, nobody just randomly sends friend requests on Xbox. I'm not just looking for someone to do comp with in Overwatch or team based games, but also am looking for someone to just have fun gaming with cause my current 2 friends aren't always online.

Games I play (XB1)
Overwatch - (Lvl 39 with 2514SR in DM, have not tried real Comp yet)
Paladins - (lvl 12, no comp rank yet)
Titanfall - (lvl 26)

Games I Play (XB360) Keep in mind I'll need to buy a wired XB360 controller first
Battlefield: Bad Company 2 - (don't remember my level)
Battlefield 3 - (Don't remember my level)
Battlefield 4 - (lvl 7 I think????)
Call of Duty 4 - (Prestige 1 Lvl 30-ish)
Call of Duty MW2 - (Somewhere around lvl10.... Dunno)
Call of Duty MW3 - (lvl 4-5 maybe?)
Gears of War 1 - (Haven't played online, cause nobody seems to play online)
Halo 4 - (SR15, haven't played much ever since I got my adapter, probably will play more after I buy a wired controller)
TC Rainbow Six Vegas 1 - (Nobody seems to play this game online anymore)

Will probably get more games as I'm a big collector. If you have a PS3 or are on PSN then also check out my post on the Playstation discussion I'll be posting after this one, I have a list of my PS3 games there and I have literally no friends on PS3 so....  Oh, and feel free to search me on steam and add me, I play PC way more than I do console.

Feedback / My experience with the Xim so far
« on: 11:09 AM - 06/10/18 »
So my Xim Apex just came in yesterday, I was eager to set it up (even though I have not gotten a gaming mouse yet, literally playing with an 800dpi office mouse) and so far, even with the terrible mouse I'm using, I'm very impressed, there is no input lag of any kind that I can notice, and provided I crank up sensitivity in the control editor, it felt completely seamless, if there is any difference between playing on a computer and using this adapter, it's either barely noticeable, or not noticeable (in Overwatch I noticed a little jitter, in every game I've played other than Overwatch, it actually felt identical to PC gaming). And to think I'm not even getting the best experience (as my Logitech gaming mouse won't come in until wednesday) just makes me jump in excitement as this is probably the best $130 gaming device I've ever gotten. I already can notice a huge improvement in gameplay and frequently getting praise from teammates (although, I'm aware that praise isn't really earned, I'm just happy they aren't hating at me like they did when I used controller).

Support / [Q/A] Some very many questions before I buy
« on: 03:33 PM - 06/08/18 »
Alright, so, I suck REALLY badly with controller (because I've got only 1 month of console experience, and 10+ years of PC gaming experience) and I'm getting a Xim Apex, but I got some minor questions about what this device can actually do.

1: Is there any specific minimum DPI for a mouse, and do I need some special keyboard? - I use an 800dpi dell mouse (I know, very unprofessional for a gamer with 10+ years of PC gaming experience), I don't care if it isn't as PC-like as it should be with a low-end mouse (as I plan on getting a gaming mouse anyway, because its such a cheap upgrade that at this point I've been wanting for years) I just want to know if an 800dpi mouse will get me started until I get a real gaming mouse (probably 2 days after my Xim comes in the mail)

2: Can it convert an Xbox One controller to PS3, or Xbox 360 controller to PS3? - If so, that would be awesome for when my sister and I play some COD together on split screen as though I have two PS3 controllers, one's a cheap knockoff P3 controller.

3: Can it convert controller input into mouse input? - I don't want to abandon learning a controller, it's just the gaming world can be very hostile to newbies and I don't have nearly as much time to dedicate to mastering a controller as I did when I was little, if I can convert controller to mouse input, I could run Aim Hero (an aim practice game that I used to master keyboard and mouse) and learn to more effectively play with a controller in a matter of 1-2 weeks. So can it do this?

4: Minimum phone specs for Xim Apex app? - I use a Samsung Galaxy S6, if the need arises I could borrow my mom's Samsung Galaxy S8.

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