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In voice chat if someone asks i will always tell them and sometimes I will reply to messages.

General Discussion / Re: The n (or e) in Wednesday
« on: 11:10 AM - 09/13/18 »
I like how it sounds but I do not like how it is spelled.

Game Support / Re: Rainbow six Siege only aim sens?
« on: 03:36 PM - 08/31/18 »
Hit the 3 dots in the top right. Select global settings. Then hit enable expert configuration

Game Support / Re: Overwatch patch 28/8/18
« on: 03:22 PM - 08/30/18 »
My aim feels fine.

Q= ult
E= lb
F= rb
Shift= crouch
R= reload
Space= jump
Z= switch weapons
Ctrl= interact
Wasd= movement
Tab= scoreboard
C= melee but i use scoll down
3= comm menu

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Overwatch ADS auxiliary page
« on: 12:15 AM - 08/21/18 »
Use 330 delay

I tried the curve and it feels really good. Micromovements are so easy.

Glad you like it. You’re actually a better widow player than me, so this is a very big compliment to me. I know you’re almost GM or something now
This season I have been doing awful dropped to about mid diamond. I think you are a much better widow than me actually.

I tried the curve and it feels really good. Micromovements are so easy.

I do not know which one to do.

I tried this setting for XB1X and my reticle doesn't move with very small movements. I've tried a couple of generic alpha settings posted on these forums and each time it's the same problem. It seems these linear generic alpha settings are being created using PS4. Is the deadzone different for xbx1?
Yes the deadzone is different for xbox 1. Try moving the first point on the curve to 15 that should work better.


Are you sure you had the mouse set to onboard memory?

My settings are very similar to this.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Overwatch is Screwed atm
« on: 12:35 AM - 07/11/18 »
Mist suggested doing a power cycle to the xbox in another post. Almost entirely fixed the floaty aim assist problem for me. It only happens very rarely now.

What’s a power cycle?
It is where you hold the xbox button on the console until it shuts off. Then unplug the power cable cable and wait atleast 10 seconds. Then plug it back in and start it. Here is a link to the xbox support page for doing a power cycle. https://support.xbox.com/en-US/xbox-one/console/power-cycle-console

I think you can use an auxiliary config for this. Go to your destiny config then go right to auxiliary 1. Enable it and set the activation key to shift. Then set your sensitivity to 4x of what it normaly is.

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