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Game Support / Re: Problem with deadzone (?) on R6 PS4
« on: 01:34 PM - 07/25/20 »
You shouldn't change anything. The ST is good the way it is. I play with the updated controller rotation it feels amazing.

What number is zeta? Am I the only one who likes the updated controller rotation  :o

Still I figure how a thing that's in the game normally. Just disappear with the xim. With a Joystick you can run forward and left/right. It can't be a keyboard thing that erupts it either because you can do the same Joystick movement on PC with keyboard so there must be a fix. Must be a bug with the xim. The movement would be so so much better. Can't count the amount of times I wanted to sprint then press A or D and my operator stops. Very annoying and it hasn't got me killed a lot but it definitely hinders the freedom of movement and it can make you loose in some situations because of it. I don't want to play with the Joystick because then I need to play with a large heavy mouse like g502. To get the extra buttons. Please devs, try to look into it.

Don't edit the SAB value and it'll be exactly the same as before we could edit it. I think that's 0 on the scale.

If you want predictability, set SAB to Off and it'll pass through the raw digital input value.

Just have to get used to it I guess.. 30 years old, first time playing with a keyboard haha so movement feels clumsy from time to time.
 I played with frag fx shark (a Sony license mouse and Joystick) Before I could but the Xim and.. Wow, what a difference in quality. God @#$% I used to love the fragfx but after testing xim I couldn't bare to use it again. Insane stutter, crazy acceleration, jumpy & funky (somehow got a lot of KILLS with it) You definitely couldn't try to hide that you were using a mouse. I liked the joystick tho for movement then I switched to keyboard with the Xim (tried to plug in a ps3 move controller but it won't connect, out of battery I think) So I grind with the keyboard instead. Want to get good with it and I was decent for awhile until the SAB was introduced in the APP. Don't know why tho.. it's like my movement gets interrupted with certain key strokes. I use Razer tournament II with yellow switches. They have a very short activation point, I'm sure it's less than the usual. Maybe that's it?
 Now I got a decent amount of practice with it but it differs from day to day.. Some days I feel very comfy moving around and it's not hindering my gameplay (when I'm in the zone) it's just..
it's definitely something about it that bothers me, something that wasn't there before.. Keyboards are so expensive I'm not sure if that is my problem or not. I was thinking about buying a keyboard that you can manually adjust the activation for each key.. Don't remember the name but it sounds great for using WASD.

Sorry I don't understand. My question was: the SAB value in R6 before the BETA came out with the option to change it. Ever since the SAB was released I feel not as comfortable moving. Aiming is fine but I liked it better before


Do you know what the SAB was set to before we got the option to change it ourselves?

Support / Re: [ACTIVE] R6 Siege XIM sens malfunction
« on: 05:29 AM - 06/23/20 »
The issue of the sensitivity changing in Siege is common. Because the look mechanic isn't changing it's theorized that it's related to network performance (servers) or an update. Are you having the issue in other games?

Thanks for clearing things up. Siege has a lot of server issues so I guess it's that plus the new season came out not long ago. Plus ubi tweeted about them doing something with EU servers to try counter the DDoS situation and said, That could have caused other server issues or something. Unfortunate. Feels bad for ubi to be trying so hard & fail. I give them A for effort at least. 

I've seen these type of comments every new patch and I can't say I disagree with them because it does feel quite different every so often.. My only tips to counter the inevitable is to learn how to play with a few different sensitivities | Low (at least able to 180) - Medium (your preferred sens) - High (As high you can while being somewhat comfortable hitting those shots)| That's what I do to stay ahead of the issue. On the high sens go a little outside your comfort zone then practice til u nailed it. On low sens you might feel like I did that it fits you better.
For ADS you could play really low successfully I wouldn't recommend going too low on the HIP. Everyone knows Shaiiko - He aims with ridiculous low ADS but his aim is arguably one of the worlds best. In a competitive stand point turning 180 is all you really need with a swipe. 360s ain't that useful other than showing off with a 360 kill on the last man alive in a 4 v 1. Try these things get used to it & don't limit yourself to a specific sensitivity. After doing this for a while I can guarantee you won't get any worse but arguably much better.   

Shared Configs / Re: R6 Siege Config Guide
« on: 02:25 PM - 06/21/20 »
Ok but the description in game says updated has less of time acceleration.. so classic has more of the bad acceleration but better micro movement.

Shared Configs / Re: R6 Siege Config Guide
« on: 04:54 PM - 06/19/20 »
Classic has less acceleration than updated version? Is that what you're saying or what do temporal stand for.. 

Shared Configs / Re: R6 settings
« on: 02:20 AM - 06/15/20 »
Will it work with XIM4?

Not the code. My settings can be replicated.. same dpi 3200.
I'm not sure what SYNC Xim4 is compared to XimApex. Some say OFF others say default. If it's default then it's pretty easy..
About 37-44 Hip.
28-35 ADS.
If it's SYNC OFF then it becomes more complicated. I could go in and try get similar settings with SYNC OFF if needed.
Usually my Go2-sens is.. ~44cm/360. From there I can always 180 left and right if I have my hand centered in the middle of my mousepad.

Game Support / Re: R6 Problem with stuttering
« on: 02:07 AM - 06/15/20 »
Guys do you play on ps4 pro? I do. I switch controllers from time to time. One of them the ps4 pro version I have to use the "usb-cable setting" and with my other I can use both USB and Bluetooth.. I feel like it's more responsive with Bluetooth !?
I change nothing in xim settings, same monitor no change but the communicationmethod for the controller. Any idea why? On USB-cable it feels slower it's the same sens but feels heavier.. maybe I'm trippin

Game Support / Re: R6 Problem with stuttering
« on: 01:16 PM - 06/02/20 »
Do you guys sometimes feel like one day your sense is fast and the next day it feels slow ?
Yes. It's the same but it feels often faster before you get warm.

Shared Configs / Re: R6 settings
« on: 06:12 AM - 06/02/20 »
How do I see this config, Im new to all this

First make sure your xim and app is updated. Create a new Rainbow Six Siege config. (Updated) not the classic controller rotation. Then copy and paste this code in the manager.

>>> XIM APEX [Rainbow Six Siege (Updated)4.2] START COPY >>>

I use 3200dpi every other setting is in that code. Test it and change it to your personal preference but this is a good starting point. I have no issues with stutter etc. I use a very reasonable easy to control sensitivity. Hope you got a big mousepad otherwise you have to crank up the sens a bit haha

Support / Re: R6 Problem with extremly stuttering
« on: 05:53 AM - 06/02/20 »
I started playing with Xim Apex a year ago. I always played R6 on the firmware 2018/05
,everything worked pretty well.

Since march, when firmware 2020 came out the Xim Manager version forced me to do the update to stay in support. So actually no problem. But something doesnt work as it should. The movement is weierd and its exremely stuttering. I also tried to change the Synchronisation, and al possible settings, dpi change etc. I actually didnt leave a thing i could probably try to fix that. I dont know what to da anymore.

So to get you a Bit more in how i did everything i will explain step by step, because iam not an expert as you might expect.
1. I update my Xim Apex on my Laptop like in your descripition. Everything was fine and the Xim update is on.
2. I plug my Xim and everything toghether before i start my ps4.
3. I start my ps4 and after few seconds the Xim andoid manager
4. I make a new configuration on Xim manager with update rotation
5. I start the game and proof my in game settings on 100-100-100 and 10/10 DZ, uptdate Rotation on.
Actually it always worked finde like that. But not anymore.

I play with a G502 Hero, G213 gaming keyboard. My mouse is always on 1000Hz and 12000dpi. In App Hz is on 1000 or sometimes on 500Hz. Depends on my mood. I prefer to play on Synchronisation off, 386 Hip and 170 ADS. That was perfect for me..

I already wasted money in a new Xim apex from your original sell store, and a new G502 Hero mouse, because i thoght both might be damaged but it didnt change anything.

So pleeease help me  :-(
Sry for my broken english, im from germany

Look, I play on updated rotation with no problems. We have similar settings. I used to play default synchronization but sync off feels more responsive so I played with that for some time now.
One question! Your Mousepad is it Hard or Cloth?
 I use a 3 mm thick cloth, Logitechs G640. Width 460 mm, Depth 400 mm. Why is that important to know?
One: To use my settings you need a large mousepad.
Two: High dpi ain't so good for cloth. That's why I use 3200 dpi. Most mice has 3200 as a preset option. Hard mousepads can work good with high dpi. Don't know how common these are since they wear out mouse feet faster. I recommend cloth for comfort. Logitechs G640 or what I used before.. Steelseries QCK Heavy that's even thiccer.
MY SETTINGS - (updated rotation)
Mouse 1000hz (try 500hz if my settings don't fix it)
500hz in XIM app
Mouse DPI 3200.
HIP sens 170
ADS 135
Test Smoothing if necessary between 0 - 2
No other advanced features, no costume curves etc. Leave all the rest at default. X/Y - 1:1 even if recoil is hard (R6 don't have much recoil, except for smg12, tapfire works fine, nobody can control that thing with full auto spray the entire mag without any recoil macro)
.. so don't change it. Practice and get used to it.
TBH medium to low sensitivity makes recoil control much easier.
In Game settings: Use Recommend 100, 100. 10,10. 100.
I almost forgot, My SA settings is set to OFF (personal preference) Honestly don't think this work properly.. I tested it yesterday all the way from OFF to 0 - 100. Almost no difference. Well I hope this helps, let me know if you have any questions or leave me some feedback after testing these settings. Thanks

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