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Hardware Compatbility / GLORIOUS MOUSE
« on: 12:11 PM - 12/09/20 »
hello, i picked up 2 GLORIOUS GAMING MODEL O WIRELESS mice about 2 weeks ago in hope to replace my logitech mice from my xim and pc. well they work beautifully on my pc but im getting really bad lag when i plug them into the xim. is anyone running this mouse on their xim and having the same issue? could it be that the mouse is too new? any info/input would be greatly appreciated.

EDIT: before i forgot everything is up to date as far as firmware goes.

step 1. go to zero
step 2. click 1 to the right
step 3. with the controller cursor hover over the middle in between 0 and 1 select it with the controller.

and thats it

are u using the 5k settings with the ballistic curve?

settings feel great, anyone using these on pc? ive been wanting to play on my pc and wondering if this is the route.

config feels really good, is there a way to make the parachute movement better? do i need to make a aux for it?

im getting extreme jitters with this config anyone else experiencing this past couple of days.

Shared Configs / Re: Apex legends ST vs TF2
« on: 05:05 PM - 04/29/20 »
TF2 ST on PC - Bad
Apex ST version 1 on PC - Godly
TF2 ST on PS4 - Decent
Apex ST version 1 on PS4 - Inconsistent AF (Awful Servers)

can i ask whats the purpose of using the xim apex on pc? is it like reverse so that u can use the controller instead of the MnK?

Shared Configs / Re: SIEGE XIM APEX (FIX PLEASE)
« on: 08:56 PM - 03/27/20 »
i use the new update for this config but the ads switches to the 4.6 and the hip stays on 4.7 is this what everyone else is experiencing?

I've been using the beta firmware since it launched and just today it is telling me it expired. Should I uninstall and reinstall? It won't even open today. It just says "beta expired" luckily the config for the game I'm playing is the first to load so it's not a big deal. Just curious if this is happening to anyone else. If I open the old manager I can use it but I'm not not sure if that will mess anything up as I have SAB on my current profile enabled.

open the TESTFLIGHT app and update the XIM manager app

i never received an email with my invitation how do i access a code. for testflight

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