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hey OBsIV , can you at least evaluate the possibility of adding this please ? thanks


I played an insane amount of hours of BF4 on PC and this is the first time I've heard of this. I wouldn't say it's OP nor that these are the settings all the top pilots used. I can see how it would help if you're not used to a keyboard though. That being said, the OP should see if the in-game settings would allow to rebind buttons for the helicopter and make a separate config page to see if he can come up with something he likes.
Not all the best pilots use this I know ,but a lot of them (especially the best 1v1 ones) uses ,like I said the advantadge of this config its that your aim stay all in your mouse so you have full aim controll ,the aim doesn't jumps like it does when using Yaw on keyboard ,and like I said to its not possible to do changing configs in game (already tryied all the configs), the only way to do that its mapping left stick x-axis to the mouse at the same time you map right stick yx-axis .

Is it hard to map left stick x-axis to mouse at the same time you map right yx-axis to it ?

Yes, any feature added is a significant amount of work and needs to be considered against other requested features.
Oh didn't know about that I tought it was something simple to do ,but can you please evaluate the possibility of adding this ? I really want to fly like I did on PC :(

If you can use a workaround such as switch controller layouts to make this work that would be great.
Its not possible ,i've already tryed that ,but Yaw and Roll will be always separated on left and right sticks :( so I'm not abble to controll them two with the mouse.
Is it hard to map left stick x-axis to mouse at the same time you map right yx-axis to it ?

Yes, but you want all 3 of these functions to be mapped to your mouse only?

Concerning making your mouse control your Left X-Axis, you can map your mouse to left stick and then change your YXRatio to 0 which will make you mouse only controller the left X-axis.
not only to the mouse cause I need the keyboard to help making mooves , so I want these 3 functions mapped to the mouse but also to the keyboard to make fast turns , I gona use veteran legacy in game settings to this to work

Yaw left and right on PC are done with the A and D keys on keyboard by default, not the mouse. If you are using defaults controls on your Xbox and are using the WASD keys for movement, then the controls are actually very similar to PC. The only difference is on PC the pitch movement is more noticeable, but not by a lot.
Yes the default controls , but most of the best pilots uses Yaw , Roll and Pitch all mapped to the mouse in a custom configuration , this way you have more controll of your aim , you can try it on pc , you gonna see that your aim acts like an infatry lol its so op , here is a video of it (its in portuguese but u can see he mapping the mouse and mooving it)

Yes ,like on PC ,this way you can make all your aim with the mouse on chopper ,it can be to :

Right X-Axis for Yaw
Right Y-Axis for Pitch
Left X-Axis for Roll
Try it ,you gonna see that its better to controll your aim with that

Yes but them I will have to buy another device :/
The cross hair adapter have this feature
Can I make a request for this to be added in apex to ?

Oh thanks didn't know about that , but the problem is that I can't use a PC bcause it wont fit on my desk.
Is there a way of this stuff beeing added to the manager in a future update ?

Thank you OBsIV
Sorry I forgot to say , I would like to map the mouse movement to left stick X-axis at the same time I map right stick XY-axis to mouse to ,this way I can yaw , pitch and roll with the mouse , is it possible to be added in a future update ?

Hi Is it possible to control left stick X axis at the same time you control right stick X and Y axis with Apex ? I want it to have more control in the helicopter on BF4

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