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XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Update to the NAV ?
« on: 09:03 PM - 04/18/19 »
What firmware and manager version are you on?

The look mechanic is still the same on controllers, it could be the FOV in Widowís scope making it feel faster but it isnít.

I donít really know how to explain it, itís like ADS and hip are two sides of the same coin, the only difference being FOV.

Also, donít worry about flexing, I do it too, sadly, nobody wants to main tank, so Iím stuck playing Rein on MnK, not the best experience but it got me into 4200 this season. Just keep pushing.

Thank you sir. Then why is there so much information that you need to set widows aux profile to 45% of your hip sensitivity to give the two a 1:1 speed? This is definitely not true. It gives me roughly 45% speed. In other words, I'd have to muscle-memory both settings. I want hip and scope to move the same distance. Is that ridiculous? Do you use a 45% sens for ADS?

Thanks for your help. I'm a fairly smart dude but this is baffling me.

Those calculations were made from the assumption of PC play, someone took that and threw it at console OW.

I assume itís to have a slower ADS sensitivity for easier control so you can zip around in hip and still be accurate without needing to adjust your sensitivity, but some seem to think that measuring your sensitivity based on FOV will help, you experienced it, it feels off, some may like it but I donít.

The official recommended settings for OW are 100/100 and 100 relative zoom sens on expo ramp with 0 aim smoothing, thatís it.

OW console is already 1:1 on controller, using the 45% method (which was originally for PC) on console isnít needed. Weíre using a mouse emulating a controller, there will never be true 1:1.

I just want dolphin diving back  :(

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Rainbow Six Siege
« on: 09:51 PM - 04/16/19 »
Trial and error, just keep trying until you find it.

I personally use 3200 DPI and a slowíish sensitivity for Siege. On top of that I have a curve that maxes my mouse movement speed at around the 68th mark in the ballistic editor.

Since Siege is using a dual zone look mechanic, having that curve lets me do almost instant 180s while keeping my Xim sensitivity relatively slowíish.

Widowís ADS and Hip look mechanics are the same as every other hero. Thatís why it looks like they are both moving the same distance, because they are.

The only reason it would move slightly more in ADS, is because theres less FOV vs her Hip.

If both your Hip and Zoom sensitivities are at 100, then the movement distance of unscope vs inscope should be the same, if not close.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Generic STs - Difference
« on: 11:38 PM - 04/14/19 »
The different Generic STís are just different stock deadzone shapes, and Iím assuming would be linear if they fit correctly with the game youíre playing.

There was a setup for Apex that used a Generic ST but I donít see many people using it, you could search around for it, I think itís still in the first few pages in Shared Configs.

What keyboard and mouse are you using? Some draw too much power from the console, your Xim shuts down to prevent any damage to it, Aka the yellow blinking.

You could also have a faulty controller wire if youíre using wired, so try replacing the wire first.

My Apex does the same thing, I wouldnít worry about it, Iím pretty sure thatís just the Xim confirming that it authenticated with your Xbox.

Code: [Select]
>>> XIM APEX [Rainbow Six Siege] START COPY >>>

Iím using 3200 DPI with these settings. Latest beta firmware.

Iím Plat 2 currently while using these. My bindings are a tad weird so be warned.

In my earlier years of gaming, I used to tilt really easily and threw sometimes.

I was playing BO3 Ranked with some friends and lost my cool, went on a throwing streak that night.

Proud to say Iím a lot more mellow now and keep my cool even when getting yelled at.

General Discussion / Re: PSA: HDMI 1.4 Vs. DVI
« on: 07:36 PM - 04/02/19 »
Does 120Hz affect the games you play? I havenít really read up on this yet.

Are games capped at 60Hz while only single player or games that donít really have a competitive side allowed to hit 120?

Hey dude what does snaking mean?!

I believe he means the glitch in BO1 that if performed, made your character appear prone for other people, but on your screen you were standing up, so you could effectively shoot people over cover and them not be able to hit you.

If the game has aim assist on PC for a controller, then yes, it will work.

Game Support / Re: GTA V retrain
« on: 03:49 AM - 03/25/19 »
Pretty sure thatís just how GTA is.

Rockstar have a habit of making the worst look mechanics possible. Theres so much smoothing and acceleration even on a controller that itís unbearable.

The game is better played with a controller anyway, I donít see a point in using a M&K when you have temporary aimbot.

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