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Game Support / Re: New PUBG ST
« on: 12:11 PM - 09/05/19 »
Copy and paste should be all you need to do

Hardware Compatbility / Re: Controller Crossover (Hitbox)?
« on: 08:53 AM - 06/19/19 »
It kinda works. Diagonal up left wouldn't register with the hitbox. Ended up buying a brook adapter.

Hardware Compatbility / Controller Crossover (Hitbox)?
« on: 02:08 PM - 06/04/19 »
I'm wanting to purchase this https://www.hitboxarcade.com/products/ps4-pc-hit-box

It seems at the moment that they only make this product for the PS4 but I'm wanting to use it for my XB1X. Will the Xim Apex's controller crossover feature work for this hitbox?


Game Support / Re: Resident Evil 2?
« on: 02:18 PM - 01/29/19 »
Aiming with a controller in this game is horrible! Will this game be supported?

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: 3K-4K DPI vs 12K DPI
« on: 12:55 PM - 11/06/18 »
I disagree with you 100%.... it comes down to the persons play style vs. what someone says.
l have played with both 12k dpi for the whole of xim4 and start of apex life, and 3200 dpi and I play better at a lower dpi and its very noticeable... night and day for me so your telling me I should use 12k dpi because someone says too? 

12dpi just feels right to me. It enables me to aim through the AA bubbles and I feel like the higher my DPI is, the happier and snappier and more accurate and more smooth my Xim apex is  ;D

I mean, obsiv said it himself, the highest DPI available to your mouse is what you should use. Idk why people even rebelled against that.

Iím even using 1000hz on a g502 and it feels better than 500hz.

In the end is the guy who designed the XIM :), so maybe it worth to trust him.

It is great that we have all these options but I have to agree with this statement. Obsiv created the Xim and he says that we should use the max dpi that our mice will handle. I'm sure he created it with this in mind.

General Discussion / Re: Read Dead
« on: 10:39 AM - 10/30/18 »
100% agree. There have been 3 games that I've played that has blown my mind and made me think "We have reached the future of gaming"

1st was FFVII. The in game CG cut scenes where amazing at the time. My 1st RPG and it was epic!
2nd was Super Mario 64. The graphics, and especially the water ripple effect were mind blowing

Finally RDR2. I'm playing it on a XB1X with a 4K HDR TV. The gameplay and story take a back seat to the world Rockstar has created. I've never been so in awe of the environment of a videogame like I have with this game. I didn't think anybody could top the Witcher 3's world but Rockstar has topped it 10 fold.

At times it looks better than an animated Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks Movie!

Hands down one of the best games I've ever played 

You wanna know what's really fun???


^^THIS!! Who is wasting their time with BO4 while this game is available!?

It's likely stick drift. Manually recentering the right analog stick should help.

^^This. Sounds like it's your controller that's drifting. Use just the controller for a bit and see if there is still a drifting problem.

General Discussion / Re: Joycon VS Sony nav ?
« on: 10:25 AM - 10/24/18 »
Joy con shouldn't be on the compatible list for Xim apex. Joystick movements do not register as full presses. I and quite a few others have confirmed this and there is no way to calibrate it to work correctly.

Game Support / Re: Official black ops 4 settings
« on: 08:27 PM - 10/15/18 »
Why isn't there an official xim apex in game settings page for this game?
Because that page is only used for games that require specific settings for the translator to function correctly, such as Exponential Ramp in Overwatch.

Vanilla CoD has always been crispy. The variance is our personal sensitivity preferences. The only 'iffy' part of Blackout is the skydiving, which can be overcome in numerous ways, but it doesn't warrant an entry in the Game Settings page.

FWIW, I ended up sticking with 3200 DPI, Default Sync, 15 HIP (way too slow otherwise) and I'm trialing 7 to 8 ADS, even though I prefer faster ADS in other games. I haven't played Blackout enough yet to understand which weapons are good vs crap and a lower ADS setting helps to keep the target centred while I wrestle with recoil, bullet travel etc.

So there is no need to crank the in game sensitivity to the max?

Game Support / Re: Official black ops 4 settings
« on: 10:47 AM - 10/15/18 »
Why isn't there an official xim apex in game settings page for this game?

General Discussion / Re: Sony NAV vs Keyboard Poll?
« on: 02:32 PM - 10/12/18 »
G13 > Nav and KB

General Discussion / Re: B04
« on: 12:09 PM - 10/12/18 »
I bought a digital copy for $45 on ebay

I have a G13. Even though I loathe fortnite I'll test it for the community.

I don’t recommend it, nothing to do with shape or lack of buttons but the stick itself. I tested it on MW2 and had issues where if the stick was pushed straight up the game only saw it as part way. I messed with settings and updated/recalibrated the controller on my switch and it was hit or miss. It would work for a minute or two then the sprinting issue would start again. I just wanted to say I’m not a joystick/nav user natively and the only reason I tried was because I have the joycon sitting around. Other than the stick the buttons work fine and I had no complaints with connectivity.

It would be nice to have an easier way to have more inputs with a joystick such as Logitech has their shift keys (holding a key/button allows for other keys to be rebound while held) I know there is Auxiliary inputs but they are a pain to setup and don’t work well for that task.

My exact issue. Joy Con is not calibrated/will not calibrate correctly for the Apex. It only registers full presses as half presses.

It should be taken off the supported list until this issue is resolved. Some may see it's officially supported and waste their money on buying one.

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