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Game Support / Re: Linear and exponential nerf, (fortnite)
« on: 04:50 AM - 02/22/20 »
It feels exactly the same to me with Xim suggested settings. Wonder if it's Legacy AA that's bugged?

Game Support / Re: Linear and exponential nerf, (fortnite)
« on: 02:46 PM - 02/21/20 »
If some of you don’t know linear and exponential got nerfed within the new update, is it possible that we can be seeing a return of the legacy st since it wasn’t touched? Or maybe 2 st’s, one expo and one legacy?

Can you provide the link to the official Epic change log to said nerf?

Game Support / Re: Fortnite Legacy ST
« on: 08:56 AM - 02/07/20 »
Valid points and I probably should just try no aim assist but regardless we will i wont say be at a disadvantage but we will be losing as the xim regardless isnt as accurate as pc and now controller players will have aim assist. So now as a xim user we now dont have the accuracy of a pc an we dont have aim assist as a controller. So it would seem now were at a disadvantage in my eyes. What makes me those most angry though throw all this aside. The data for legacy is there. Mist i guarantee has it. Now i want you to list every excuse you can come up with an i will counter every one. Mist has said sts are made of nothing but curves,boost(maybe) and xy ratio.
The XIM IS as accurate as a PC when it comes to cross-hair placement, it's only disadvantage to the PC under the same graphic restrictions is turn speed, which is a game limitation specific to controller. Nothing to do with the XIM. Controller users on PC have aim assist and the PC M/KB users are complaining about it.

If you want to remove the only disadvantage the XIM has from PC ( with the same graphics restrictions ) then unplug the XIM and connect the M/KB direct, that instantly removes the turn speed cap. I can't verify this on Fortshite yet as I have not tried, but it is the case with modern warfare, with PC limited to 60 FPS, 80 FOV with VSync On, there is no difference in feel to the xbox running native KB/M.

Now remember the xims biggest argument is we cant have two sts yet if i remember some games do is it overwatch? But regardless no second official st? Fine cool then post in the forums the curve an xy ratio used an all us who disagree with the devs decisions we can go to generic st an paste the curve and the xy ratio an boost if its needed an boom we all have our own legacy st. Now can you reply to that? You seem to ignore that part just like the devs do. Something so small can be fixed we arent asking for official st to confuse new comers etc etc. were asking to be satisfied customers.
An ST is not just a curve and a dead zone there is much more to it, Mist is dumbing down the answer so the masses can grasp the concept. The XIM team are saying the one we currently have is correct and does it's job as it should, there is no need for another ST. They test and make these ST's with real hard numbers and facts, not personal feelings , facts ALWAYS overrule feelings, they don't care about aim assist because it is not part of the function of the translation.
The current ST is according to the designer/engineers of the product the best for the game and as the same designers/engineers have also developed every other ST I would think they know what they are doing. Maybe you should contact epic and tell them to stop messing with their game because your unsupported input device no longer gives you as many advantages.
Excuse me Farrari, you said this car could do 180MPH, every time I do I get pulled up by the police and fined, I am not a satisfied customer you lied to me. We didn't lie sir, the car is capable of 180mph, but that doesn't mean you are above the law, the car performs exactly as it should.

Now i look forward to your findings when testing fortnite an hey maybe your a casual player if you are then it will be hard for your statements to hold any light to the really good competitive fortnite players who use drum roleeeeeee LEGACY. Now whether that be abusing aim assist whether it be in your eyes have the game aim for us an do all the work. (What a joke) aim assist is aim assist. Do you think aim assist for xim aims for us? If so do you also think aim assist aims for controller players? Also one minute you say aim assist is bad an makes things worse the next you say it does the work an aim for us. So which is it? Does it aim for us an give us aimbot or does it make things worse an us less accurate? 1 or the other.

Aim is AIm, it has nothing to do with casual or pro, what does the fact I can't build, don't know strategies, rotations or have map knowledge got to do in any way with my ability to see a target and shoot it?
Firstly AIM assist isn't for XIM's and do I think it aims for you, NO,  but it holds your hand and corrects your mistakes.
Aim assist gets in the way for people who CAN aim, having good aim absolutely requires consistent feel to build muscle memory, to move from point 'A' on one side of the screen to point 'B' on the other side it must feel the same every time, put an enemy in the middle, even hidden behind a wall sometimes and the cross-hair will slow down as you pass them, creating an inconsistent feel. Aim assist often holds you just behind the enemy while tracking, which is why there are so many conversions on here about breaking into and out of the aim bubble. All of those inconsistencies are removed without aim assist.
So in short, Aim assist is BAD if you have the ability to aim yourself, but it Corrects so many errors for people who can't aim, the problem is most of them THINK they have good aim because they don't realise just how much its doing for them.

But like i said the biggest issue is set it all aside. the fact we could paste the data in our own config with the general st an they dont even want that. That is the main concerning thing i have with xim an looking back at alot of old posts if you use the search bar over a long period been lots of complaints an while some of the devs replies or actions are understood also some of their actions/replies are laughable especially if we are talking from a customer service standpoint. We arent asking for a new st due to its to hard for the xim team an tiring an taxing on their body. We are asking for something that pre existed an still exists an make the data available for the public for us to make our own generic st an paste the curve an settings an us be happy and the xim team not have to worry about straining themselves with a new st. I dont see how this is an issue? Idk if its a power trip they are having an want to just show they make the choices etc etc. i do take into consideration using no aim assist. An may try it an will probably suck for a while. But it is still something to wonder how such an easy fix could make alot of customers happy an help guys who play the game competitively.

They have been asked many times if they can share their tool for training so we could train games that are not currently done. We were politely and correctly told to go forth and multiply.
Obsiv has done a great job with locking down his system and IP. The training software is propriety, we are not getting it.
From a customer service standpoint, you have the most accurate translation form digital to analog available, the ST is doing it's job perfectly.

I know you keep saying for those who play competitively like it's more important for those people than it is for those who play casual. It isn't. But, here is a reality check for you.
If you or anyone else, with a precise mouse but NO AIM ASSIST, are being beat by a controller user with aim assist, you are being beat by a better player, the aim assist is only in the game to remove the inherent inaccuracy of a controller. You already have turn speed advantage and the ability to stop precisely and instantly.
Oh before someone jumps in with the the XIM can't turn faster than it's possible with the controller statement, I know it can't, but very few people use max sense with a controller, and nobody using max sense on a controller has the precise control of the mouse, so they have to compromise speed for accuracy. So YES  the XIM does in reality have a huge turn speed advantage.

Wish we could up vote! Perfectly said^^

General Discussion / Re: The Azeron - XIM out of the box
« on: 10:20 AM - 02/06/20 »
Hi guys can i alter the deadzones in the xim app or does it have to be done in the azeron app ? Id like help on a good deadzone for blackout ... thanks in advance

The Azeron software will allow you to alter the deadzones. It will also allow you to adjust the joystick angle if you choose.

What seems overwhelming about it? You can literally adjust it to fit your hand like a glove. Every button is just a finger flick or press away. I had a G13 and it's way easier to use than it was. The analog stick is the same one that's used for a Dualshock 4 so it's miles better than the G13 and the Sony Nav. It's unfortunate that there isn't a way that you can just try one out but if you're looking for an analog keypad there isn't one better on the market right now.

I highly recommend the flat handrest over the ergonomic one (I own both the Classic and Compact models, ergo & flat rests).

I wish I would have bought the flat palm rest. I don't understand why Azeron won't sell the palm rests separately. Their FAQ say that palm rests should be available to buy separately by December of 2019. February and still unable to buy  :-\


Kind of expensive but well worth it

Game Support / Re: Fortnite Legacy ST
« on: 06:37 AM - 01/25/20 »
For those who liked AA with Legacy previously, how does AA feel with current support when using these changes to the recommended settings?

Advanced - Look Sensitivity
Turning Horizontal Boost: 100
Turning Vertical Boost: 100
Turning Boost Ramp Time: .20 seconds

Advanced - ADS Sensitivity
ADS Turning Horizontal Boost: 0
ADS Turning Vertical Boost: 0

Advanced - Sensitivity
Look Dampening Time: .20 seconds

Has anyone else tried these settings? Feels amazing to me  ;D

General Discussion / Re: Gaming on TV
« on: 07:46 AM - 01/14/20 »
I'm playing on a 75" lg with input lag at 10.9ms in 4k. I couldn't imagine playing on a tiny monitor. =0, even with all the  added of benefits of using one. Would be great not having to strain my eyes chasing w/e all over the screen tho lol.

I'm 100% with you on playing on tiny monitor. I've been gaming on 55" or bigger TV's since the 90's. I'm sure once the next Gen consoles come out the gaming performance gap between TV's and monitors will narrow substantially

125hz sync off for Fortnite, PUBG, Apex Legends,OW, and Battlefront 2 all feel much better.

Definitely the setting I'll use from now on. :)

General Discussion / Re: Suggestions on a new mouse.
« on: 09:06 PM - 01/12/20 »
Viper Ultimate is pretty hard to beat right now.

After reading this entire thread. It looks like the general consensus is to use 125hz on the Xim and 500hz on the mouse. I haven't seen anyone mention using 125hz on the Xim and 1000hz on the mouse. Would using a highly accurate mouse, like the Viper Ultimate or G-Pro Wireless benefit using 1000hz on the mouse?

General Discussion / Re: The Azeron - XIM out of the box
« on: 09:34 AM - 01/09/20 »
I asked Azeron about this a couple of weeks ago, and this is roughly the answer I got ... "Our programmers are working on a system which will allow different spare parts to be bought in the shop. Most likely this will be available at the beginning of next year".

I got the same response. Crossing my fingers that they're available before the end of January.

« on: 03:47 PM - 01/08/20 »
I said “LMFAO” & you replying some dum @#$% in you’re feelings over some that wasn’t even towards you

Tsk Tsk little one. Do we need to put you in time out? Such language and anger. Kids these days  :(

« on: 03:21 PM - 01/08/20 »

Awww..how cute. Just got out of daycare and is learning how to hit random keys on the keyboard.

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