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Needed firmware update from Xbox Series X, after that newest Xbox controller started to work with XIM Apex on PC too.

PC itself could not wound any update for Series X controller.

What if I don’t have an Xbox?

I always played on pc with ps4 controller. Now Switches to the new Xbox controller and have the same problem like you... is there a chance to get new firmware to the controller without an Xbox?

edit: just figured it out. Downloaded the xbox app on PC an could update my controller like this. thank you

i just got the new Astro 40 tr Gen 4 + Mix Amp. i tried to download some EQ Settings but the file is wrong. All the EQ files end on .astroeq what i need for the new Mixamp is .agp.

Is there something i do wrong or did they change the filename?

XIM Link / Re: Manual Enter Instant OKB Fortnite
« on: 05:50 AM - 06/12/18 »
How do I change between jump pad, trap and that stuff?

XIM Link / Re: No connection to XIM apex
« on: 09:03 AM - 06/06/18 »
actually its working now. I dont know what the reason was, but i switched the USB port. Befor i used a USB 3.0 now its working on a normal USB port. Disconnected the cables couple times restart Link and somehow its working so all good.

now i have to figure out how everything works, ive never done scripts or something. Too bad there is no tutorial video for example the fortnite 1 klick builder that explains what in the script does what in the game. Have to read into it now to understand everything and start doing my own scripts.

Deutsch / newbie hilfe mit XIM Link, Makros usw
« on: 01:20 PM - 06/05/18 »
Hey Leute,

habe seit heute XIM Link ans laufen bekommen. Hat einer von euch vielleicht mal lust und zeit mir das alles mit dem script erstellen usw in ner freundlichen PS Party zu erklären?

Bin eigentlich recht technik interessiert und deswegen würde ich da gerne ein bisschen start hilfe bekommen um mir den rest dann weiter anzueignen. Leider verstehe ich momentan nur Bahnhof.

Scripte kopieren und einfügen... ja ok kann man machen, aber wenn ich weiss wie es ungefäht geht kann ich mich an mein eigenes skript ran trauen :).

Falls einer lust hat, könnt ihr mich gerne mal adden auf psn: ohmi37

Falls es irgendwie schon paar tutorials dazu gibt könnt ihr mir gerne den link schicken, habe bis jetzt auf youtube rein garnichts dazu gefunden.

XIM Link / No connection to XIM apex
« on: 10:16 AM - 06/05/18 »
Hey guys after I watched the tutorial video I bought a Belkin F5U279 cable and installed Xim link 1.1 and installed visual 2017 (64 and 86).

I connected everything like in the tutorial.

When I press pause button to activate the pass through nothing happen on my ps4.

In Xim link it says connection ok. And it shows me the buttons I press.

In Xim manager on my phone it shows me that the Belkin cable is connected but it’s not showing the buttons if I press them.

Somehow the connection is there but I can’t send anything from pc to ps4.

thx 4 the quick answer.
actually i havent tried the nexus 10 with apex cause i used the ios app befor i upgraded to beta. With Xim4 it worked out though.

I´ll text obsiv for testflight.

Hey, since i updated my Firmware and downloaded the Beta Manager im not able to connect to my xim with bluetooth. Im using a old Nexus 10 tablet. On PC its working. iOS i dont know im not on testflight.

I downloaded and installed it a couple times now to make sure it wastn a bad installation, but still cant connect.

frustrating because i havent found my perfekt settings and i feel like i do something wrong with settings (fortnite isnt really working well for me :D)

maybe somebody can help me

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