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Hehe, That health of yours :) Skill!!!

They must have been absolute bots. 3 vs 1 caught with half shield in the complete open. I get to 1 hp and still have 2 to kill and get to reload before killing them. They should uninstall!

With my standard ones (these ones) i dont like the experimental ones on second go.

Btw watch this ridiculous clutch lol


My hip firing is scarily good with these settings. But the ads is kinda awkward. However because the hip firing is so good my kd and win rate did increase last night.

If I could use advance hip and normal ads I would be a god.

Well perhaps add an ads page with whatever setup u want on it and see if that works well?

played around with these setting a good amount in game and in training and there a few things I found.

1) the dead zone posted may be too high.

- Keeping the settings constant, I tested movement/dead-zone sensitivities between your other config and this one. I found that your old non advanced settings are more dead-zone responsive when its set to small; where as these advanced settings felt as if the dead-zone was higher than the default "small" we are all used too. I tested the dead-zone set to "high" and found it was the same feeling as the advanced settings "default line." lowering the dead-zone in the advanced settings to the left 2 times resulted in identical dead-zone feel as "small" does in the non advanced settings.

Essentially setting the dead-zone 4 clicks to the right feels like "small" and 6 clicks (to the line) feels like "large"

2) Is it just me or does turning on advanced settings essentially just add mouse acceleration?

- Doing some basic cm/360 tests I found moving my mouse slowly resulted in me running out of mouse pad space before completing the 360, while moving it faster resulted in my completing the 360 with a little room to spare.

Thought on this is greatly appreciated. I don't think I have anything wrong in my settings that may be causing these issues. I am on Xbox if this helps.

overall these settings felt clunky and no where near as accurate and responsive as your other settings D1sable. I use my arm+wrist for turning and wrist+finger adjustments for ADS tweaking and couldn't get the settings to feel smooth.

Yeah as soon as u adjust the sliders ur messing with the translation which is made to counter the normal acceleration. So yes it will have some acceleration or deceleration like any config that moves away from default..

Yeah my only really thought process to this config was to combine alan McGregor theory on aa posted in discussion and combine with mine and oldmans to see if it was a positive result. I left the video private for those reasons and can only be viewed by people with this link as i wasn't sure if they were ready to use.

I must say at this point that i seem less receptive to setting changes and feel like u could give me any of this forum and i feel i would play around the same level.

Anyway by all means take the concept guys and tweak and change it, see if we have something here. If not ill happily take the L and chalk it up to me getting lucky for a few hours.

Hi m8

Thks for this update! I tried this config.. and i have a question for u =)
Why dont u lower the deadzone on adv config.. any cons? Cuz i did it.. and i felt it more fluid.. (1 click to the right)

Thats why i posted this having only played a few hours  for you guys to test and tweak.

I personally never touch the deadzone as the ST was trained on default. All you do by lowering deadzone is add an unspecified amount of boost.

Imo leaving deadzone and adding a measurable number of boost is a better method for the same results.

However as always what we "should" do is irrelevant and what works for you/others is all that matters.

which mouse do you use? it was too slow for me. I had to raise it to 38.

Yep tweak sense as required

Concept is good but ads is very hard to control recoil wise

Thats not my experience, did you watch the clips?

Perhaps sense is too low for you?

30cm 360

Go to training

Look at a single point

Move mouse slowly and consistently from one side of mouse mat to the other.

How many cms does it take to get back to the same point.

Ill check mine when home to see if it matches

Just tested it out in 1 game, seems smooth, just few questions.

1) How to increase mouse sensitivity when flying down from drop ship? (in previous settings it was really sensitive and good)

2) And do we just add numbers on HIP sensitivity to get it more sensitive? Cause i put 29.00 like in your old settings i did, but still seems not so sensitive.

Otherwise it feels just like it, wondering why we don't use SAB - 200 anymore tho.

Thanks and good job.

1) i dont have that issue but just up the sensitivity or hold down "o" for me my heal wheel button which is higher sense.

2) yes but make sure u have it correct. Should be 30cms ish (will check when home).

I dont use SAB because hip and ads are as one and u cant use SAB above like 25 without breaking sprint so i have turned it off. If u want it on ads then make an ads page with the exact same settings as the hip but with sab on.

I dont feel like its needed though with this config.

I play Overwatch. For one hero I really like a particular curve, but for all other heros I like just a default curve. Is there a convenient way to switch between the 2 curves preferably mid game/ on the fly?

Create 2 identical configs expect 1 with curve 1 without

On the first page of a config u can assign a hot key to move to that config

Assign a hot key to each and press them when u need it.

Nice, how would you describe the difference to your regular config? More/Less aim assist? More responsive?

Ummmm the same?! Haha honestly i feel like it just has a better interaction with aim assist and therefore hit detection.

But like i say i only used it for a few hours so im hoping the community does the testing for me. =)

Hi all,

Some new experimental settings for you try, my old ones work fine but we all have preferences so feel free to give these a go and feedback.

I must credit Oldmancluth606 and AlanMcGregor for their influence on them as i have taken parts of theirs and fused it with mine.

Video link to settings:

Image of in game settings:

Code for settings:

Code: [Select]
>>> XIM APEX [Apex Legends] START COPY >>>

Firmware: 20190719
Manager: 2010819

Apex Legends ST
1000 hrtz
1000 polling
3200 DPI

Sync: default
SAB: 0

No ADS page - tick the activation button (default is right mouse) until it says 'none'

Manage your ADS sense in game as explained in the video

Few clips taken from a few hours using this config:

Let me know how you guys get on

So if i use older software and set all in PC, it should stay that way on XIM aswell when playin right?


First comment no u can't unless u turn off aa

Second comment dont use ghub its awful.

Use the older logitech software, no issues with that.

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