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XIM APEX Discussions / Re: weapon inspection cod mw2
« on: 01:03 PM - 04/14/23 »
Mine works. Something is off with your config.

Can confirm Xim Apex wont get you shadowbanned. Youíre either using hacks or getting spam reported 😂. Been playing all day after new ricochet update just fine. No notifications or warnings.

Shared Configs / Re: Mw2 matutaiki config
« on: 06:28 AM - 02/01/23 »
Been using this config since Blackout and ever since Warzone 1 came out lol. Happy to see yall giving this config attention 😂

Hardware Compatbility / new update for compatibility?
« on: 12:24 AM - 07/22/21 »
Any hardware compatibility update in the work? Sorry for keep asking. really want to use my corsair k100. thanks in advance

Thanks, for checking that. Unfortunately it seems this keyboard is not compatible so I've forwarded the support request. Peripheral support hasn't been a high on the list of priorities but we have added support for common models like this in the past.

Any updates on hardware compatibility happening? Really loving this keyboard. Just wished xim was compatible

Hardware Compatbility / Corsair K100 with Xim Link
« on: 07:25 PM - 02/22/21 »
So I know the K100 isnít compatible with xim apex at the moment. But what about the xim link method if I am planning to use the xim apex on PC? Would it work if i have the keyboard connected to PC and use xim link?

I use a ps4 controller with the xim on PC ever since apex legends came out. Works fine for me. Using it now on Warzone no problem

Hardware Compatbility / Hardware Compatibility Update
« on: 07:46 PM - 01/11/21 »
Any news on when the next compatibility update will be? My Corsair K100 is just waiting to come out itís box lol

This Matukiki guy is on PC.. It will never look like console unfortunately. (Or can you?)

I haven't had problems spinning like a lunatic with MJs base. With or without curves. I dont think Im gunna switch methods anytime soon.

Have you tried D1sable's version? No curves and feels pretty neat.

Matutaikiís curves are from the black ops 4 days. He used to use xim on console. I actually use these curves now for warzone. Currently playing consistent weekly 3.0+ kd with them

Hardware Compatbility / Re: Corsair K100 Support Please
« on: 03:56 PM - 12/19/20 »
A lot of Corsair keyboards have to be put into BIOS Mode to work with the XIM, have you tried that already?

Another user had this talk with mist. The K100 apparently can go into BIOS mode automatically. Pressing the winlock and f1 button for 5 seconds does nothing on it. It simply isnít compatible with the xim apex. Hardware support whenever you guys can please. Love this keyboard already

Hardware Compatbility / Re: Corsair K100 Support Please
« on: 06:57 AM - 12/19/20 »
Literally just got this nice @#$% keyboard earlier today just to find out it doesnít work with xim lol

It literally told you how to fix. "visit options to change." You have to change your input to controller under general tab

« on: 01:20 PM - 05/22/19 »

Switch SAB to 90 or 100 during ADS and you'll see how absolutely ridiculous AA can get in this game. Want it even worse? Drop in game ADS to 6 or 5 and you can basically let the game play itself. I don't suggest going that extreme, but SAB absolutely helps AA in Apex a ton.

Itís not even fair with SAB and common sync.

Shared Configs / Re: d1sable Apex Legends Config 10/04/19
« on: 02:41 PM - 05/02/19 »
4K Damage here

Man. Whatís a good strat for 4K games? This is the only badge iím having a hard time with. I get plenty of 20+ kills games. Even hit 26 once but never 4K damage. Closest iíve gotten was 3998 lmao. I hope you guys wonít say sniper because youíre just asking to get third party taking too long on that first team.

Need a good sens for r6s 6000dpi is my highest dpi

Exactly what the guy above me said. Donít ask for another personís sensitivity. Itís all preference. Use what makes you feel comfortable. Iíve copied alot of ST codes here from others, and every time I had to change sensitivities.

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