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hey i just want to thanks for the awesome help and how quick you guys handled the situation i really appreciate it.
I have the new xim apex you sent to me and it works great, already have two games loaded up on the settings.
However how can i further edit settings? like i see people with what looks like lines of code is this something i have to manage on a pc?

it looks like its already at your location, that was pretty fast honestly.

Just an update, I have sent out the xim apex yesterday.

Ok i sent in a request, will i get all the needed items to send the apex I have to you guys? and is there anything else I need to do?

thankyou for your help, when i plugged the thing in and nothing happened i got this horrible feeling like oh noooo.
I will be busy for a bit so i will try to when i get back home get things going and hopefully the site is working again and if not ill try tomorrow. but again, thanks for responding so fast and being very helpfull.

what one do i chose? Device Help and Support: XIM Support

Store and Orders Questions: XIM Orders Support

Distribution Inquiries: XIM Distribution

because the xim orders support and xim distribution goes to the store page i guess and i get this
The XIM store is currently closed for maintenance for upgrades to serve you better. Sorry for the inconvenience. We'll be back shortly.
so i guess ill have to wait till the page is back up?

No there is absolutely no sign of life out of this thing, no sound in windows no recognition on the xbox nothing. The 3 port usb hub that came with the xim does work and powers up.

No this does not get any lights to show up on the apex. I have verified the usb Hub does work however nothing from the apex.

Support / [ACTIVE] Xim Apex DOA (no lights + flashback)
« on: 03:48 PM - 03/10/18 »
I have just bought a xim apex from flashback limited and literally just got it in the mail and just like other people i see posting on here the usb hub is working but the apex itself is dead. I have no activity at all and have tried connecting to a few things to make sure it wasn't my xbox. So what should I do? I have never purchased this stuff before for a console was going to buy a xim 4 till i seen i can't get it without paying alot. do i rma through your site or would it be delt with flashback limited? I only went there because the main site never changed from out of stock status and flashback was the only other us site.

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