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The way the devices are plugged in is mouse, keyboard controller > usb hub > xim apex > magic ns > switch. I've confirmed it working with an xbox one and ps4 pad but I had problems with an xbox 360 controller. As far as the paste codes you don't really need them. I had the best luck with the overwatch ST, mouse aim of 30, mouse x/y of 2.00 and creating a dummy alternate control profile to turn the view center button into a toggle.

Hope that helps.

So I finally got this setup and working. Right now I'm using the Magic NS with a xbox one elite pad, ideazon merc and a logitech G9x using the overwatch PS4 profile, aim 30, x/y scale to 2.00 and I did not really notice any issues.

Out of curiosity I read the instructions on getting the Y/View Reset button to turn into a toggle. Is there any reason to make two identical alternate profiles with one set to activate on the Y/View Reset button? It seems like the default profile and the one alternate with the activation key set to toggle and being the Y/View Reset button does the job.

Edit: Looks like we're getting some more generic profiles.

Hardware Compatbility / Re: Fortnite on Switch
« on: 10:12 PM - 06/13/18 »
Just as a heads up if your epic account is associated or used on a PS4 you can't use the account on the Switch. Sony has some kind of agreement with Epic that locks your account to Sony machines once you use it on a sony device.

Thanks for the quick reply I'll give it a try.

I was wondering if you could give a bit more detail on exactly what you did to create this setup. I'm trying recreate this on the Apex but I don't believe you can just paste the X4C code in it's entirety and get it to work on the apex. Getting the full setup written in plain text would be good. Got that the PS4 Doom translator works well but the button, hip, curve, etc would be good.

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