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Game Support / Re: New MW ST
« on: 10:04 AM - 12/28/19 »
If I have the new beta fw, do i need to add a deactivation delay or is is alrdy build in the new st+beta?

Support / Re: Xim apex stops working randomly
« on: 03:00 PM - 11/17/19 »
Is your XIM APEX blinking yellow when you say it starts blinking?
Today I disabled all bluetooth things in my room i dont use. I had no problems today.
Does the apex gets disconnected because of too many bluetooth signals?

Support / [ACTIVE] Xim apex stops working randomly
« on: 03:21 PM - 11/16/19 »
im pretty helpless atm.
My apex disconnects randomly.

What I use:
USB-Hub for more power(recommended on this forum)
Wireless Logitec mouse
Nav controller (wired)
Ps4 Controller
bluetooth ps4 headset

Lastest 5.00.20190719

What happens:
During the game (cod:mw) my apex starts blinking. I cant use my any controller anymore. My player starts walking in one direction.

What have I done:
Reinstalled all drivers.
Removed all controllers from the ps4 and paired it again

I dont know what I should do :/

Please help me.
Thank you!

General Discussion / Re: mClassic is the real deal
« on: 10:58 AM - 10/02/19 »
im far away from beeing a technic nerd, so this question might be stupid. When i have fire tv stick to watch twitch on my 4k TV and the stream i watch is only 720p 60 fps. Can this thing upscale the twitch stream to 1440p? The fire tv stick uses a hdmi port, too.

Game Support / Re: Question/Idea on R6S ST for XIM Devs
« on: 03:13 AM - 07/30/19 »
I think in siege you dont need as much as for other games (e.g cod) the flick- and 180- potential. Siege is more about position, aiming at map corners and peek holes. So for ME the .4 is the better all in all package.

Game Support / Re: SIEGE ST
« on: 01:40 AM - 07/17/19 »
i really have to say, that 4.4 for me is the better solution. It may have a bit of micro waving, but it feels more direct as the 4.3/4.5 version. on the other hand i play like sh1t so it doesnt matter anyway :D

Hello Guys, Played R6 on PS4 for about 2 good years on XIM apex and then moved to PC. But it was a great mess to play this beautiful title on PC as 80 % of players are using hacks. Now I am going back to PS4 and will again use APex.

Just wanted to know if anti recoil still working or not on Bloody Mouse after the new update? On PC macros don;t work any more after the latest patch? Thanks

Can anyone share a link for the latest optimized settings and curve and the new firmware as well. Thanks
complains about hackers, asks for no recoil ....classic move

Game Support / Re: Rainbow Six Siege - Controller curve
« on: 09:29 AM - 07/06/19 »
Platform: PS4
Issue with Hip or ADS: Both. looks like little waves when i try to aim a straight line
Sync: off
ADS sensitivity: 183
DPI: 3200
1000hz/ G703

Game Support / Re: Rainbow Six Siege - Controller curve
« on: 01:15 PM - 07/02/19 »
The required in-game settings have changed. Players should now use the 'updated' controller rotation setting.


Should we use the newst beta  too? or is it okay to play with an older version?

Support / Re: [ACTIVE] Is my apex broken?
« on: 11:26 AM - 02/14/19 »
Okay i tested my apex with an older beta version and i had no problems. So this case is closed. The newest beta version was the reason for my problems.

Support / Re: Is my apex broken?
« on: 11:36 AM - 02/13/19 »
i MAYBE found the problem. The newest beta could be causing the issue. I reinstalled the "older" beta version and had no problem in the last game. I will test it a bit more in the next days and keep you updated.

Support / [ACTIVE] Is my apex broken?
« on: 10:20 AM - 02/13/19 »
i never had any big problems with my apex since i bought it at launch day.
At the moment i play bo4 alot. Never had any problems, i didnt changed my setup.
Since a few weeks  i had the problem, that my controller turns off during the game ( i used the controller for the wing suit). I thought my controller was broken, so i bought a new one. With the new controller i even had more problems. During the game my whole setup stopped working.  i couldnt used the controller or the kb/m.  i have to unplug the controller, hit a few times the ps4 button while the apex is flashing in yellow lights.

KB: LK 20
Mouse: G703

I already used diffrent usb-cables.

Game Support / Re: BO4 My Advanced Setup (20181215)
« on: 10:42 AM - 12/16/18 »
Thanks ChrisV, why the x/y ratio change to Hip?

r6s days, just old behavior i guess.

Game Support / Re: BO4 My Advanced Setup (20181215)
« on: 10:03 AM - 12/16/18 »
I use now
12k dpi
sync off
boost 200
sens 85
x/y ratio 1,25

sens 85
sync off
x/y ratio 1,25

works okay for me


Mist, can you try messing with the reflex and elo site because they are Deff different then iron sights, and those two sites are most commonly used. If you find a good middle ground between iron sights, reflex and elo that may solve our problem.

I would like to support this request. Thank you!

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