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Thanks so much! Going to try this tonight and see what happens. Hopefully, it makes aiming a little more consistent as it seems a tad on the twitchy side right now.

I tried to get HV curve setting to work but it seemed to always be twitchy. This games turn cap is a real bummer makes it hard to play more than 1 game at a time since other games have very different movement settings. Rainbow, for example, Rainbow six sensitivities are able to go much higher and faster. So when you build muscle memory for that game it makes it hard to go back and forth.

Eyyy peoppleeee my settings for :

Logitech 403
Hip 16
Y/X 0.85

Ads 17
Smooth 1
Y/X 1.05

Sync default boths

Keyboard corsair k65
Simulate analog behavior 130

In game settings:
Hip 7
Ads 6
Fov 90

And i have 3 auxiliary for heal, granade and mark, alls with 45 sen for easy select.

This guy gets it. The only thing I do differently is set my polling to 500. Never had an issue and aim assist feels good. We are really @#$% close on our settings when you compare our DPI. 3200-4000 is the sweet spot and then you just config your XIM based on that

Been using XIM since the XIM2 and have read pretty much every piece of valuable information to cross these forums. High dpi/polling users are some of the most popular posters here, they are also the ones always @#$% about the STs and asking for better settings. People running the 3200-4000 range don't bother posting because they're already in love with their settings. Just my observation.

The guide linked above saying to set max DPI was probably one of the worst stickied threads on these forums. Going by that mindset, you should also be maxing your in game settings which absolutely blows with this game. So many better config guides out there. I just can't help but notice the amount of high DPI posters and when you check their post history, how unhelpful they can be to the general public. People running lower DPI seem to overall provide better general information to the public. Small litmus test, but feel free to use your own observations. I'm not here to convince anyone how to play. People just can't seem to accept the fact that they don't need to max their stats and buy the latest greatest mouse every 3 months.
I've been a XIM user since the XIM2 (still have it actually) but I've been on/off with the XIM since I was switching between console and PC every couple of years.

Right now I'm using the following and I'm doing pretty well (have taken down full squads) but it doesn't feel quite right still.

Logitech G Pro
.70 Hip
.35 ADS
Sync default

7/6 in game with the high velocity curve.

Based on what you said I am going to try to reduce the mouse DPI to around 3500 and reconfigure the XIM sensitivity to match. Is there a calculator on how to do this?

DPI Sensitivity calculator*

I play at 3200dpi Razer 500hz, in the application xim 1000hz. It feels pretty good;) but I feel better with the st pubg.

Mouse polling at 500hz, with 1000 in the xim. That would be terribly inaccurate and clunky, no...?

No, I do the same on R6 / Everything is on 1000hz besides my mouse which is on 500hz. Makes it smoother for me.

Iím new to XIM Apex in general, but why does my aiming (Hip and ADS) feel like my reticle keeps moving even after my mouse has stopped? I only notice a little extra movement not a lot. My TV is on game mode btw. In terms of the settings, Iíve tried the game on high velocity 8-8, 7-7, 6-6, didnít tell a difference in terms of this issue. On my XIM Iíve tried sync off, and Common, of the two I liked common best. I honesty couldnít tell much of a difference with mouse smoothing or not. I tried some curves I found on here but the problem remained. Iíve had mouse DPI at 4000, 6000, and 8000, polling at 1000. No change. Basically, no matter what I do, my reticle is very jumpy during subtle ADS moments, no matter what my settings are on. Like i said above, sometimes it seems like my reticle keeps moving even after I let off on the mouse. Itís almost like a momentum affect, which I know this game has, but surely not just for spinning in place?

Same here smh

What's you ingame deadzone? I haven't had this issue so I'm not quite sure.

Confused why this st is released already? There hasn't been any announcement on twitter.
Looks like the other games we've been waiting on are released as well so we probably just sniped them before they could.  ;D

I'm not sure why people only use 90 as well. 100-110 is where it's at. I guess the fisheye effect is not for everyone but it does help when you are in combat in close quarters being able to see everything around you.

Iím still enjoying using in game 7,7

12k dpi
1k polling
4.75 ads

Pubg ST
Not sure why but doesnít feel right transferring over from it to the official st.
Still winning games and getting kills.

You've gotten used to the PubG ST / it doesn't matter what ST you use as long as it works for you.

I wonder if they increased the aim assist on some attachments.  I was using this 2x HCOG on the flatline earlier and it felt like BO4 lol it was tracking for me  :o

I personally find it tough to use anything more than a 1x sight on any gun that isn't a DMR or Sniper. The X/Y ratio seems to be messed up because I have mine at 3.00 and it doesn't pull down enough with some sights. Which seems ridiculous IMO. 2x / 3x are useless to me seeing how they aren't good for close up. My main setup is Wingman / Hemlock (Titan two script for full auto). Amazing loadout just no place for anything over a 1x.

I am seeing everyone using HIP 11 or below and for me thatís insanely slow with 12k dpi mouse on default setting.  Are these xim 4 users and not Xim Apex.?  I am always in the 40s or 50s for hip and ads.  Am I missing something?

500hz vs 1000hz makes a difference / May have a higher DPI mouse / Common sync is usually the fastest one with the lowest settings / may have higher in-game settings preferences. Many different things that could affect the numbers. Doesn't really matter in general. This games turn speed cap is very low compared to games like Battlefield or Rainbow Six Siege.

And this scenario keeps repeating every single game release hehe.

1. New game came

2. XIMers who CAN NOT WAIT, start to play with an ST not trained/polished/tune for the game aim/look mechanics

3. They got used to it, regardless acquiring bad habits using a sub-par ST.

4. mist4fun release the official ST after working like a true craftsman on it, regardless the pressure.

5. Then those XIMers (2) said is Official ST is not good enough, is not working properly, bla bla bla.  ::)
sorry piiwii I going to steal your phrase, I roll my eyes so hard so I can see the back of my neck.

mist4fun, I know your pain man hehe

Nothing is ever good enough it seems nowadays. I appreciate all the work Mist and Alan do on both devices!!

For those with a Titan Two if you use AlanMcgregor's Universal script for xim apex and set one of the presets to 10 / 10 it makes the Hemlock Full auto on semi auto.

Where I can find the Titan 2 Script?
Thanks in advance.

If you have the Titan Two device itself go into Online resources in the software on your computer of choice and type in xim apex. Scroll down until you see the universal one for Xim Apex by AlanMcgregor. Hold time 10 / Wait time 10 and it makes it full auto and makes the hemlock my gun of choice every game. Haven't perfected it yet but it works very well so far. The only gun I've really tested so far. The same setup goes for the R-301 on semi auto.

For those with a Titan Two if you use AlanMcgregor's Universal script for xim apex and set one of the presets to 10 / 10 it makes the Hemlock Full auto on semi auto.

XIM APEX Discussions / Apex Legends PS4 Players Unite!
« on: 03:28 PM - 02/06/19 »
PSN: PeteLanglois

Squad up and destroy scrubs!

Trying to get a squad of Xim users on PS4 to play Apex Legends!!!

PSN: PeteLanglois

Game Support / Re: New user to xim apex [R6S]
« on: 01:38 PM - 02/06/19 »
Mouse: razer deathadder chroma
Keyboard: razer blackwidow or corsair strafe mk 2

Im having issues with my settings it feels really slow and jumpy.

Using: 500HZ

Sensitivity 228
Synchronize Off
Smoothing 4
Y/X Ratio 1

Sensitivity 152
Synchronize Off
Smoothing 4
Y/X Ratio 1

Code: [Select]
>>> XIM APEX [Translate Ballistics] START COPY >>>

I paste this into ADS and HIP?

Source: https://community.xim.tech/index.php?topic=61658.0

If anybody could help me set it up correctly please.

Many thanks!

I can give you my ST to try out. My mouse is at 500hz and my xim apex is at 1000hz. Works best for me. I'm also using 16k DPI which helps with using OFF sync. Try using Common for R6. Works very well.

I think, at the Training room if you don't do the lesson, (e.g. where is asking for use your ultimate, don't deploy it) it continues endlessly.

BTW this is another game where analog input is very handy, for inventory and dial's controls.

How would you recommend setting this up using the analog inputs to make the scrolling through items a bit easier? I don't usually play games that use them.

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