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XIM APEX Discussions / Re: 120hz on xbox one x ..on xim
« on: 03:01 AM - 12/15/19 »
Thanks brother!!!✌🏻✌🏻

XIM APEX Discussions / 120hz on xbox one x ..on xim
« on: 02:14 AM - 12/15/19 »
What is the best synchronization on xim for 120hz on xbox one x? Thanks

Game Support / Re: New MW Update.
« on: 03:10 AM - 11/15/19 »
How do I go back to the st1 ??? Sorry for the stupid question???

Not a dumb question! mist4fun is finishing up Death Stranding support. I'll be including the reverted MW ADS ST with that release.

Ahhh thanks brother I thought it was already out!!! Thanks!!

Game Support / Re: New MW Update.
« on: 09:11 PM - 11/14/19 »
How do I go back to the st1 ??? Sorry for the stupid question???

Game Support / Re: New MW Update.
« on: 03:42 AM - 11/09/19 »
I have a quick question why does it feel so slow when ADS on native m&k?? Everytime I play xim is always faster

Game Support / Re: Native m&k
« on: 04:57 PM - 10/31/19 »
I'm using the hero 502 & my dpi is set 800 & 100hz

Game Support / Native m&k
« on: 03:42 PM - 10/31/19 »
I have a problem guys why does my mouse stutters whenever I play the game?? Isn't supposed to be smoother experience using native k&m!!

Shared Configs / Re: PUBG
« on: 03:33 AM - 09/10/19 »
I notice you have 600ms of delay on ADS!  what i dont like is when I ADS  i have to wait a few seconds to lean right/left!! Isn't that disadvantage on a gun fight???

Also why the DPI so low??

Game Support / Re: PUBG Retrain?
« on: 09:01 PM - 09/02/19 »
How long for the new st????💁‍♂️💁‍♂️💁‍♂️💁‍♂️🙏🙏🙏

Game Support / Re: PUBG Retrain?
« on: 11:31 PM - 09/01/19 »
Are we looking at the ST being done before Wednesday?

Is there something I need to change on my serrings for pubg for now??

Game Support / Re: PUBG Retrain?
« on: 11:45 AM - 08/30/19 »
Hahahaha! Yes thank you!! This great product! GOD bless!!

Game Support / Re: PUBG: Advanced Setup (Updated 20190801)
« on: 03:45 AM - 08/27/19 »
Your comment in this post.. this is exactly what I'm talking about..


Currently I'm on 18 hip 6 ads. 12kdpi default sync..

But at one point I got fed up with these aim jumps I was having so I completely deactivated the ads page and had a very interesting game playing without the ads translators.  I wasnt sliding past the targets while aiming on them I felt like I could lock on to my targets easier..


That game was played without ads translator and on 125hz xim to smooth out the high hip sensitivity value I had to use to keep ads fast.

But i knew a downside to this setup was I wasnt using the ads translator.. and I diddnt want to lose out on added accuracy so that's when i started messing with the delay to remove this jump in speed during the ads transition..

If you think about it when you play with a controller the game must be smoothing out the transition somehow because when you ads with a controller you will never feel a jump in speed. Even at max sensitivity

I reccomend trying it out.. if it effects aim negatively you can always revert back to zero

So how are you ADS if you completely deactivate?? Are you using the hip translator??

Game Support / Re: PUBG: Advanced Setup (Updated 20190712)
« on: 01:50 AM - 07/22/19 »
Can this setup be use with the new firmware that was just released! & can you explain why the dead zones are different thank you!!

Game Support / Re: Problem with PUBG ST
« on: 03:34 PM - 07/14/19 »
Can somebody tell me why everytime I turn anyway my turn feels awkward like if I'm dragging weights everytime turn! How come it doesnt feel sharp! ???

Theres a switch behind the keyboard! Make sure it's not BIOS MODE!

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