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Is this near opening up to the public more? Or still just looking for testers? I have a Pi3 laying around and am intrigued.

XIM APEX Discussions / Xim PS5 remote play
« on: 08:08 PM - 09/27/21 »
Since the Xim works for the PS5 games via remote play, is there any way that the Xim can be made to mimic a remote play device directly. Just curious if this angle has been considered at all as an option.

This might be a dumb question and not practically achievable at all. But I just thought would put the idea out there. I know itís a lot more complicated and technical than just ďmake the Xim tell the PS5 itís a remote play deviceĒ.

Yep. Fortnite not working on PS5 now using the @play Wired Compact controller. Is this something that might get a workaround. Or is that the finally nail in the coffin for PS5 and Xim.

Fortnite is not working on PS5 using the @play Wired Compact controller. Not sure if itís the new Fortnite patch or the new PS5 system update that just updated today. Getting the this controller is not supported message.

Can't seem to find the manager. It defaults to the old version with no ps5 option on games

I donít think there are any STs trained for the PS5 version of games yet. Itís just using the PS4 STs currently.

From OBsIV post on first page. ďWhen creating Configs for your PlayStation 5, select PlayStation 4 in Manager as the console.Ē

ď@play PlayStation 4 wired compact controllerď working great. Gave it a good run last night. No problems with connecting at all. For me it was the same price as the hori mini. Both were $36aud, so another good affordable option along with the Hori by the looks of it.

Tested by playing Fortnite with G502 mouse and Sony navcon. 1000hz both Xim and mouse. 4000dpi. Had no problem connecting navcon and G502. All connected like it used to. No timeouts or disconnects etc.

Thanks Xim team for implementing this while continuing to work on dualsense support. I know itís not ideal, but for those that have a 3rd party controller already, or are willing to buy a cheap one, this is a great option in the ďhopefullyĒ short term.

@play PlayStation 4 Wired Compact Controller connected fine.

Trying it with Fortnite and the mouse aim is way off. There is a lot of aim acceleration and pretty much zero micro movements are registering. I can move my mouse slowly across the whole mouse pad without my aim moving. Is this an ST issue since itís using the PS4 ST on the PS5 game version. Or is it something else going on. Running 1000hz on both Xim and mouse. 4000dpi. Exact same settings that I used to use on PS4 for that and everything else.

Edit: Okay, had my in game deadzones wrong. Had them at default 24,27 instead of 12,12. Micro movement back and aim acceleration gone. Will have to give it some time actually in game to see how it feels overall though. Fingers crossed.

Does anybody know if ď@play PlayStation 4 wired compact controllerĒ works? Itís an officially licensed one. Was going to pick up a Hori Mini since that seems confirmed to work, but they are out of stock near me. I can get the @play controller for same price.

I heard there are adapters that let you use a XIM on a tablet/phone, so with such an adapter it could actually work, yes.

It does look like can get an appropriate adapter. Any idea how it would work for power going to the Xim / controller / mouse. Assuming the Xim would be directly plugged in to the phone. I use ps nav, so that doesnít require power. Iím thinking it would need to go through a powered hub like is needed by some people for certain keyboards?

Is there any way to do this using the iphone remote app. Eg. With the Xim connected via cable to the iPhone. Not sure if it is even possible to connect a controller to iPhone wired or if it only accepts a wireless connection.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Fortnite PS5
« on: 12:09 AM - 12/03/20 »
Unfortunately the only way is remote play via pc with a PS4 controller. Thereís a post about it with all the details. Really hoping the Xim team are able to get the dualsense support up and running. The longer it takes, the more Iím preparing for the fact that it may not be achievable. Playing controller with no back paddles even,  Iím having a hard time with. Have had either paddles or Xim for as long as I can remember.

So Destiny 2 would be considered a ps4 game right? Even though it will run higher specs on ps5 once Bungie puts out an update?

Fortnite did disable the option to choose the PS4 version on PS5. So it is possible destiny could do the same. I donít know of any others that have done this though. Assuming Destiny give the option to switch between PS4 and PS5 version once they do an update, Xim should still work if you choose the PS4 version and use a DualShock 4 controller.

Xim will only work currently using a PS4 controller on PS4 games on the PS5.

Also make sure the setting for the controller to use USB and not Bluetooth is selected. The default is for it to use Bluetooth even when connected via USB cable.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Dear Obsiv - PS5 Question
« on: 06:20 PM - 11/16/20 »
DualSense is pretty amazing tho, I know as XIM player we don't run vibration/feedback and who knows is dev are going to jump in on developing it, but man is pretty good.

The dualsense is great. Looking forward to seeing more games make use of the features.

I wish there was a in game option to disable the adaptive trigger function though in Fortnite. It doesnít work well in that game. It basically just adds a slight road bump and therefore a delay in shooting. It can be disabled in the console settings at least.

The biggest thing for me with the dualsense is no back buttons / paddles. I miss those so much. Fortnite for me without Xim or at least back paddles is hard. Never found claw grip comfortable personally. Wish could at least use the DualShock 4 and have the back buttons or the potential that it would work with Xim on the PS5.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Dear Obsiv - PS5 Question
« on: 01:22 PM - 11/16/20 »
Welcome to the community. PS5 isn't straight forward and we should expect that if it is possible to support, it may take awhile.

Any idea if ďa whileĒ would be days, or weeks, or longer? I imagine itís probably a bit of unknown, but was just curious if there is a vague idea at all. Thanks.

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