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3200-4000 CPI on GTF-X or Steelseries Dex.So Hybrid Pads my favs.
CoD IW 2 K/D, WWII 1.8, BF Hardline 2.5, BF1 1.9
Wish me a bigger Dex from Steelseries.
Did you consider Asus ROG Scabbard? it's 35.4"x15.7" with 0.08". It's low friction & moist resistant mouse pad.

Beta / Re: Any updates soon?
« on: 04:11 AM - 08/11/18 »
Welcome to the community, SNAKE003. Thanks for offering to test this and I'm always looking for feedback from community members that are already proficient with controller. I'll PM you.
When this feature be available for public to experiment ? and can you make it so that it work with DS4 and XBOX controllers ? I would like to test this feature and send feedback since i consider myself decent with a controller. But i don't have Switch and not willing to buy a Switch pro controller that probably won't be using after that especially with it's high price in my country.

XIM Link / Re: Povohat Mouse Acceleration Program
« on: 01:11 PM - 07/22/18 »
excuse me if my question looks stupid but i noob in these stuff and want to understand what is the difference between using this program and the xim ballistic curve and do they interfere with each other ?

If I'm not mistaken, the original xim was made for this exact purpose. OBS wanted to play Halo with motion controls similar to a wiimote.
With what xim apex achieved regarding mouse using on consoles; i think now its time to look at this control type and IMHO it adds diversity to xim apex. and could be the next selling point.

I think he mentioned that this will be a feature of the next update


Re: Any updates soon?
Reply #1 on: 09 June 2018, 17:38:02

For XIM APEX, right now we are working on motion control. That's going to be our next experimental Beta build.

In what topic did he mentioned that ? This is exciting news.

XIM APEX Discussions / OBsIV can you add this feature ?
« on: 09:41 AM - 07/17/18 »
I just came across this youtuber who plays FPS games with motion controls using Razer Hydra controller as you see below. and i learned that Nintendo's games like Splatoon 2 & Zelda:breath of the wild support this type of controls and from what i saw its very interesting.
So i am wandering whether it can be added to xim apex and if it needs ancillary equipment ?

Hardware Compatbility / Re: A4tech bloody mouse v7
« on: 06:58 PM - 07/04/18 »
I have the same problem, I use PS4, xim4 and bloody TL8 mouse (with default 1000 hz rate). What is the default polling rate in XIM4?
XIM4 only polls at 125Hz.

Tutorials / Re: Tutorial - Best Mouse & XIM Polling Rate
« on: 06:48 PM - 05/25/18 »
Thank you odin for this video.It helps me choose the best polling rate for my mouse.

Sorry for not replying to this sooner -- XIM APEX does not support customizable response rates for last gen consoles. Of course, playing last-gen back compat games on current gen will work, but, not last-gen hardware.

Where did you learn about switching to 1000Hz? I'd like to update that to be clear that this is a current gen feature only.
ok then good to know that there's no problem with my xim apex , I just thought it would work on last gen, I didn't know that apex support 1000hz on current gen only. however I am loving it even without 1000hz on last gen. May i ask you why xim apex don't support 1000hz on last gen? thanks

Does anyone play on PS3 having the same problem or its just me?
 Obsiv any comment on this situation.thanks

When setting it to 1000Hz on your PS3 have you unplugged the Xim and plugged it back in?
yes, I do it more than once and didn't show the 1000Hz mark. Even my hip/ADS sensitivity didn't change from what i used to with my previous xim4 (which report at 125hz) and didn't need to go to high sens like what suppose to when using 1000hz.However it appears when using my PS4 .
my setup is:
logitech g502 at 3000dpi and 1000hz
Synchronize at Default
smoothing at 0
hip sens at 24
ADS sens at 8
no ballistic curve

XIM APEX Discussions / PS3 and 1000Hz report rate issue
« on: 10:13 AM - 05/06/18 »
Hello, I tried to use 1000hz report rate on my PS3 to play call of duty black ops 2 but my xim manager doesn't show the 1000hz mark; but when i used it on my PS4 the 1000hz mark is shown. Does this mean xim apex doesn't support 1000hz on old gen console and can the xim team fix this issue please? thanks

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: cod ww2 toggle ADS
« on: 03:39 AM - 04/18/18 »
if you select NOM4D layout for toggle ADS what happen is that when you press the ADS button you will switch to ADS mode in game but in xim manager you will return to the HIP mode so you are actually using the HIP translator not the ADS translator. that why Whatever sensitivity you choose on ADS mode won't change anything.what you need to do is select the default layout in the game and check the toggle checkbox under aim in ADS mode.

Anybody want to go back to the initial manger/frameware use this link http://community.xim.tech/index.php?topic=60725.0

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Response Rate
« on: 03:17 AM - 03/11/18 »
After changing APEX's response rate there is a popup that mentions you must reboot for the changes to take effect. After rebooting the sensitivity scale will be different due to the new response rate. If you previously set your sensitivity using 125hz (default) then you would multiply by:

250hz = Sensitivity x 2
500hz = Sensitivity x 4
1000hz = Sensitivity x 8

Raising APEX's response rate causes APEX to update more frequently with the console which can improve responsiveness with your game. Smoothing is intended to correct a jitter issue introduced by using a faster response rate. If you're using 1000hz and notice small movements are jittery compared to 125hz then adding smoothing can help smooth these jitters out. How much smoothing will depend on your game, your mouse, and personal preference. Add it in increments of one to determine if it helps and what you prefer.

Please sticky this info, very helpful and informative.  Lots of people are complaining about sudden mouse movement speed being suddenly very slow and unresponsive.
yeah like you said and if you notice, a lot of there problems is because they didn't see the instructional videos or read the needed information about the product before they use it.

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