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XIM APEX Discussions / Re: PS5 unsupported games list
« on: 12:27 PM - 03/29/22 »
You can add Apex Legends to this list. The PS5 upgrade requires a dualsense and no native mouse and key options, such a pity.

Im going to keep posting on the subreddit but getting someone who actually has to make use of a specialized controller would help alot for that arguement, Ive just been pointing out how anti-consumer it is requiring a controller that already has a reputation for wearing out quickly and costs as much as a new video game itself.

Im definitely still enjoying it with the controller but I love my xim and dont really want to be bothered to re-learn how to FPS with a controller lol

Of course, Im trying to get the issue noticed on the Doom subreddit, if anyone else feels like trying to get the change reverted on principle, it may get seen by a dev since htere seems to be a few issues with the new version of the game

Just received a hori mini gamepad last night running on newest beta firmware and manager and can confirm it still is not functional for this lone ps5 game, time to learn to rip and tear on a controller

It might also just be a bug in the game, i wouldnt interpret too much into this yet.
Maybe contact the customer support about this, chances are small it will reach the dev team but its worth a try.
Alternatively post about this on their reddit board.

To my understanding the Nacon doesnt work in PS5 games when directly connected to the PS5, has anyone tried a different Hori device with the game yet other than the fighting stick or flight stick? For example the Hori Mini connected to the XIM and then directly to the console?

Have just tried the different Hori Minipad setups as you suggested (I had one sitting around to test with) and I'm getting the same results.
Dunno if this is significant or not, but I idly tried to run Final Fantasy VII Remake with the Hori plugged into the PS5 directly and received the same "can't use this controller with a PS5 game" message.
I almost saw your comment in time to cancel my order on Amazon for a hor minigamepad, man that is a real bummer I was so hyped to play Doom at 120hz with m/k

Oh @#$%, guess it might be time to invest in an XSX or PC if its going to affect PS5 support to that degree...pity

No luck securing a 3rd party controller at the local stores so I'll just get utilize the dualsense until a proven solution is observed. Is there any progress in adapting the xim to the dualsense?

The haptics for the weapons are impressive so I wouldnt doubt that to be the case. Im heading home now and im hoping a different third part controller thats not a fight stick will pan out. Really would be a bummer to not have mouse and keyboard for the 120hz ultra nightmare runs I want to attempt

Gave the downgrade a try Odin but still no luck thanks though!

I have used the new firmware and beta manager for a few hours now and still no compatability. never had a problem with this controller for any other ps5 games namely R6S, Cold War and Destiny 2 but when I try to use the Xim Apex coupled with the Hori Fighting Stick for the Doom Eternal's new version it says not compatible. Im going to pick up a hori gameepad mini from gamestop tomorrow but was hoping some other members had some luck.

Has anyone who owns the PS5 and the Doom Eternal upgrade had any luck getting their xim to work and if so what controller are you using?

Game Support / Re: Outriders ST?
« on: 11:57 AM - 04/08/21 »
Or just plug in native keyboard and mouse,   they work using the PC key layout.

There are some issues with this obviously.

You can't define the keys you want to use or set up sensitivity as it isn't officially supported, It is nothing more than left over configuration from PC, in the same way PUBG initially had usable keyboard mouse before being patched out.

The mouse sensitivity needs to be changed by changing mouse DPI, Personally I needed to go to 100 DPI  ( YES, ONE HUNDRED )  to give anything like decent mouse control.
There is acceleration on the mouse and you can't remove it, with low DPI it is very controllable.

I am sure in a short time this will be patched out instead of them giving full support to stop the controller cry babies.

Of course this also means you don't get aim assist, so it's a win win for me.

Are you on xbox AgentSmith? No native mouse and keyboard on PS5 so for now im using the dualsense until I can try out Mist's ST.

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