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XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Will this hub work with apex?
« on: 06:05 AM - 06/19/19 »
Sorry to hear you are having trouble with your hub. Yes, the best choice is a USB 2.0 hub like you've linked. You can get them cheaper on Amazon though. Also, we can look at getting your XIM hub fixed if it just failed like that.

Thanx OB. Itís failing at the external power plug, for some reason itís as if the external charger is not even plugged in. So when i plug the keyboard  in apex showes the power error yellow and white flashing, because keyboard has rgb lighting and I also run T2 with it.
 I went and bought this one and it works very well itís was basically a plug and go.

You can send me a new one if youíd like 😁. But itís not needed at the moment.

XIM APEX Discussions / Will this hub work with apex?
« on: 09:48 AM - 06/16/19 »
So my hub all of a sudden stoped working.  It showes power issues as soon as I plug my keyboard in. This is the 1st time am having these issues since the release of apex.
Anyway will this after market on work?


XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Slow walk
« on: 02:37 PM - 11/30/18 »
Deadzone to 25 or somewhere around there in game for R6 slows walk way down. I'm not aware of a good way to do this in the Xim itself. But Left deadzone is how you slow the walk to my knowledge. Mine is 20 I believe.

I found it in the xim phone manager app there is a new add on for slow walk you have to check it.
I got mine to literally crawl if I want to.

XIM APEX Discussions / Slow walk
« on: 12:31 PM - 11/30/18 »
Sorry if this is the wrong form to ask this, mod please move.

Anyway how do you guys slow walk with a keyboard. For example on a game like rainbow six. Is there a way to slow down you walking speed when you hold down W to walk forward, basically sneak instead of walk full speed.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Rainbow Six Siege
« on: 04:08 AM - 03/27/18 »
Iíve been having a problem playing Siege ever since I got my Apex. Itís just not smooth and itís hard to get precise headshots or aim without the crosshairs being jittery all the time. Is there ever going to be a fix or something to help stop this jitteriness and make the game run smoother. Also if anyone found a sensitivity that works good for now please post it below (Iím new to the XIM community so help is appreciated)

Your doing something wrong bud mine is smooth as hot knife thru butter.  G502 mouse 12k dpi 1k apex 1k mouse polling rates. I occasionally exceed the turn cap speed but it dose not bother me or I donít feel it I just see the apex flash but still feels good at turning 

Same here I think the quick peeks gotta be controller or mouse buttons. When I try to quick peek allot of times it keyboard doesn't register first click.  But I just adopted to playing with out quick peeking.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Turn speed cap.
« on: 09:55 AM - 03/17/18 »
What happens if you continue to go over the limit? Can u mess up the apex or?

General Discussion / Re: Decent bugdet headset
« on: 01:53 PM - 03/15/18 »
I'd say turtle beaches owned them before astros. Their nowhere near as nice as astros but they get the job done plus their allot cheaper.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Jitter?
« on: 11:14 AM - 03/15/18 »
It means your crosshairs are not moving smoothly when your moving your mouse. It basically jumps pixels.

Playstation / PS4 RB6 Seige
« on: 09:36 AM - 03/15/18 »
Looking for chill decent Players who know how to play the game  to squad up and and own some @#$% with M/K lol

Currently plat 2 1.1kd. With controller just started using apex so that's bound to change to diamond soon. And k/d to go up. I Cary my own weight and whole squad at times.

Psn: JoKeR-_-773

Ohh yeah I tried with 8200dpi on a g700s  and had to use curves to eliminate pixel jitter still at 1000polling tho.

It feels more crisp and and smooth at 12k. With no curves. On RB6 seige for me anyway.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Apex Performance Poll
« on: 09:19 AM - 03/15/18 »
It's great 1-1 if you have common sense to tweak it to perfection.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Keyboard bindings
« on: 03:45 AM - 03/15/18 »
Anyone know if you can bind multiple keys to a single function in apex manager?

Example:  I want C and X on keyboard to act as Triangle.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Apex curve glitch
« on: 03:39 AM - 03/15/18 »
Why do u need a curve?

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