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General Discussion / Re: Wassup
« on: 09:57 PM - 09/26/21 »
Sheeesh this man is just gettin schooled over here by OBsIV, hittin him hard with the facts

I have a XIM Apex that i could sell to you if you want

 (I donít use my XIM apex anymore because I have a gaming PC now)

General Discussion / Re: A tip for calibrating displays
« on: 12:02 PM - 05/10/21 »
I have 2 monitors (asus pg279 1440p165hz, lg 27gn950 4K160hz) i just set it to R 100 G 100 B 100 on both and called it a day lol. Oh an youíre probably gonna think im insane but i set the brightness to 100 on both too 😂

(But on monitors when you set brightness to 100 the screen doesnít get all washed out like on tvs, 100 brightness on a monitor is the same as setting the screen brightness to max on a laptop or iPhone)

I would totally buy a GLIDE 38 or Scabbard ii if they made it in 3xl size. I need a huge mouse pad cuz my cm/360 is 86.6 cm (on PC, i no longer play on console)

Or how about just donít use XIM on pc and use the native mouse and keyboard instead

And Iím not even high skill Iím average tier myself but i was having a really $#!tty experienced and just wasnít having fun with how awful the aiming and looking mechanics are and the turn speed limit not only makes some characters not fun to play like Genji, it also makes them unplayable.

And the AA is another reason why ow on console sucks and just why shooters on console suck in general. Itís not even that I want it removed, I just hate how the aiming is so bad that AA has to be there in the first place. FPS games on console are a joke

General Discussion / Played Overwatch on 30 FPS laptop
« on: 01:44 PM - 12/04/20 »
While waiting for my pc parts to arrive for a real gaming rig i tried playing ow on my crappy 30 FPS laptop w/ intel graphics. And the sad part is, I had a better experience with that than ps4+XIM. Main reason? The aim+look mechanics on console Overwatch are just atrocious and the turn speed is unbearable. On the laptop i could actually turn as fast as I needed/wanted and the aim is just so much better even with the 30 FPS and super low quality graphics settings.

If youíre still trying to tweak settings on ow on XIM and trying to find something that feels good donít bother, you will never find it. Console ow is just pure trash and will always feel like dog $#!T no matter what settings u use on XIM

Build a PC, what i plan on doing too. Far better and more precise mouse movement, better performance in terms of FPS/Graphics, no more paying to play online, upgradable, your games/system wonít become obsolete the list goes on. ďi play console cuz my friends are on consoleĒ isnít even a good reason anymore since more and more games support crossplay between pc and console

General Discussion / Re: Hard or Cloth mousepad?
« on: 07:37 AM - 08/25/20 »
I also use RVU, best mouse ive used so far. Before RVU i used GPW which is a nice mouse as well

General Discussion / Re: Hard or Cloth mousepad?
« on: 12:40 PM - 08/24/20 »

Hard pad with a good surface area to move the mouse and low sensivity.

What brand/ model is your hard pad? I use a similar setup, thunder x large hardpad with 1.00 sens

General Discussion / Re: Hard or Cloth mousepad?
« on: 07:30 AM - 08/20/20 »

If I like the desk top why would I spend money on a hard pad :-) 

If you like the desk top then by all means stick with it. I was just thinking you might like a hard pad because i also used the bare desktop as a mousepad too but found that hard pads offer better glide than the bare desktop. But if you donít wanna spend money on hard pad and prefer desktop thatís completely understandable. You gotta do whatís best for you  :D

General Discussion / Re: Hard or Cloth mousepad?
« on: 04:58 AM - 08/20/20 »

Hard pads turn quickly, aren't as accurate as cloth pads and tear up mouse feet.

True, i figure once my Thunder X/Helios completely eats my mouse skates ill just get new ones from corepadz. Or hyperglide when theyíre available for Viper ultimate.

 My Thunder X has almost no resistance compared to my cloth pads (g640, gtfx, goliathus, amp500, dash, raiden) so its a little harder to aim but honestly it just feels better in OW to me. Gotta go w/ what feels right.

Dex looks like a solid pad, does look a little small tho. Would be nice if they offered a QCK large sized dex

General Discussion / Re: Hard or Cloth mousepad?
« on: 04:49 AM - 08/20/20 »
As I said my wife doesn't like me using the desk top  but when I move rooms back I can use the desktop again.

If u like the desktop u should try hard pad, i recommend Glorious PC Gaming Race Helios XL

General Discussion / Re: Hard or Cloth mousepad?
« on: 09:31 AM - 08/19/20 »

From 1993 until 2019 I have always just used the top of my desk ( I guess that would qualify as a hard pad )

i used just the bare desk as a mouse pad, only once tho. Was comparing it to the roccat taito control cloth pad (wouldnít recommend itís way too slow) i liked the desktop as a mousepad better so i started using various hard pads from Logi, Corsair, Roccat.

Then i switched to cloth pads (again from various brands Logi, Razer, Zowie, Aorus, Fnatic, Artisan etc.)

Now Iím back to hard pad using thunder x and getting a helios. Hard pad just feels better to me, i like the no resistance mouse movement 

General Discussion / Hard or Cloth mousepad?
« on: 04:15 AM - 08/19/20 »
Iím interested in what mousepads my fellow ximmers are using. Are you using a cloth or hard pad and what brand/model?

Iím currently using a Thunder X hard pad by Xraypad and im also getting a Helios XL

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