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Game Support / Re: RB6 Aim Mechanic changed - Feedback?
« on: 09:48 AM - 12/02/21 »
I didn't feel any difference, if there was a change it was something imperceptible, I'm playing on PS5 with remote play, but I also tested it on PS4 and for me everything is the same. I use ST 4.8, for me 4.8 is less worse than current 4.9, for me no ST is perfect on R6.

So I think yes, the ST should be retrained, and I also think there should be a specific ST for the PS5, as a lot of people are using Remote play, I understand the caution of the devs for not supporting the PS5, but this would make PS5+Xim users very happy.

I'm from Brazil, here we have a WhatsApp group with more than 200 ximmers, many play siege R6 and when there was an update to ST 4.9, it was very disgusted, most went back to 4.8, in addition to those who didn 't update. To this day I help people get back to ST 4.8 using the XIMMR file. This shows how bad an update was. I'm one of the few that interact here on the forum, as our native language is not English.

I agree it's horrible, am pretty surprised how bad it is. I haven't played for a while due to not being able to access remote play so I switched back to contoller and with the controller everything just felt GOOD! No delay and responsive.

I think they fixed the PS4 version on PS5 console. The game isnít that laggy anymore, tell me if you also noticed that or itís just my impression

Even if it is fixed its just not worth playing at 60 fps

they will never find a way !!! since the release of the ps5, its still the same ...

even, im not sure they search how to fix ...

the answer was : remote play

but doesnt work now

its useless xim apex now

Actually there is mutliple ways of getting the xim to work with the ps5, and am sure solutions are being made . It's just a waiting process and once the devs implement it on the xim it'll work flawlessly.

Theres also illegal ways of getting the xim to work with the PS5 but let's not go down that root lol.


I ordered a new battery for the Nav, if I remove the battery completely will that remove the shutting off issue? I don't use it wireless, I use it wired anyways.

Also if I can buy another refurbished one (found a store) should I do that?

Or is this something else other than the Nav?

It's a battery issue . Am a nav user and I've got 5 of them currently 3 are in working condition the other two  have dead batteries. It sounds to me that you also have this issue best thing to do is either replace or by a whole new nav. Even the analog wears out over time which causes issues

That's surprising never expected it to be a controller I may just make the switch back to controller!! Am guessing this controller work best with game that have AA ?. Do you guys have price and release date??

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: A new xim?
« on: 07:40 AM - 09/16/21 »
Im thinking about selling my ps4 and getting a ps5 but after reading some feedback,i feel like xim apex doesnt work properly on ps5 games,do you guys plan on making a new product?like xim apex 2.0?i thought about getting an xbox but i really dont think is worth it just to play fps games,is there any hope to a get new xim that works 100% with ps5?
There won't be any new xim MNK adapter.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Sony Nav/Mouse/Controller
« on: 07:53 AM - 09/12/21 »
Dot 1 should.be mouse dot 2 nav and dot 3 controller

As we know the xim apex doesn't work for PS5 games so i downloaded the PS4 version of RB6 siege on the PS5 but I was really curious to try both consoles to test out the smart translator of 4.9. after Testing for hours going back and forwards the smart translation works surprisingly better on the PS4 compared to the PS5 even though both consoles are on the same versions of siege.

On the PS5 playing the PS4 version the game felt much more sluggish, delayed and slower and way less accurate with the deadzone issues I was on about on a earlier post that (Mist) knows about .

On the PS4 the Game felt much more responsive. More faster and way more accurate with out the deadzone issues.
Keep in mind I changed nothing all settings and everything else the same apart from the platform switching between both consoles.

With this conclusion Smart translators work better with the platform they are intended and created for.

I found this really interesting and thought I'd definitely let you guys know so we can have the best for XIM.

Game Support / Re: Helps with aiming inaccuracy on R6.
« on: 07:45 PM - 09/08/21 »
The ximr file I have, I got the link you posted on wetransfer, mist4fun that sent me your profile and I managed to download the file. Do you remember which manager you used?

I was more confused because the Xim Central channel says that the beta manager does not support the XIMR file, is it true what it says?

I used the beta manager that I linked in my previous post for that file.  Try that one and it should work  :)

Could you please tell me how you got 4.10 ? I can't find it anywhere on forum or anything

omg what's going on here please a new solution :(
the worst day in my 6 years RB6
There are two current working solutions - either play the PS4 version at 60FPS, or use Remote Play for the PS5 version at 120FPS. Both work with XIM APEX.

Other solutions are being worked on, but will take time to develop. In the meantime, use either of the above.

I was testing the ps4 version the game isn't on 60fps it's like 40 fps really sluggish this is rb6 fault

Game Support / Re: Helps with aiming inaccuracy on R6.
« on: 11:42 AM - 09/08/21 »
Could you tell me how you got 4.10?

Game Support / Re: Helps with aiming inaccuracy on R6.
« on: 11:41 AM - 09/08/21 »
And I just want to go back to 4.8, can you help me?
U need to download the manager on pc then change the ximmmr file then getvthe4.8. I don't recommend using 4.8 though . Can u tell me how u got 4.10

I've already used PC Manager, tested it on 3 versions 2018, 2019 and 2021 of PC Manager. I do as explained in the video of the XIM CENTRAL channel, I go to the XIM5 folder in ProgramData, I change the ximr file from the date XIMR-20210605-123810, but it keeps the st version 4.9 and 4.10. Could you provide me with your st 4.8 backup? could climb on wetransfer or google drive? I would appreciate it. I know you recommend using 4.9, but I don't feel good playing with it, I was happy until then with 4.8, but I had to update and now I can't go back, I'm grateful if you can help.

You'll have to downgrade your firmware and pretty sure it's that.

Game Support / Re: Rainbow Six (Tweaks and improvements ).
« on: 11:38 AM - 09/08/21 »
Just sharing something Iíve noticed,

On the ps4 your aim feels smooth and good when playing terrorist hunt because in that mode you normally get around 70-80 FPS but when youíre playing multiplayer the aim feels weird cuz your FPS is locked at 59fps. This kinda makes sense cuz when I tried siege on the ps5 it felt somewhat similar to my experience playing terrorist hunt on ps4. But what I donít understand is why does it have to feel like that now ? On ps4 the FPS you get in terrorist hunt is always higher but Iíve never really felt a difference from playing terro hunt to multiplayer before.

It's got nothing to do with fps. Terrorist hunt has never felt the same as muliplayer. T-hunts has always felt smoother most likely due to the MS response time or different aim mechincs, unless you have a 120 fps monitor you won't benefit from the frames even if it shows 120 mostly likely its a placebo effect. I told my friend the same thing. You can check older posts about T-hunts feeling different if you want more information.  It's the same for ps5 aswell T-hunts feel different to the actual game

Game Support / Re: Helps with aiming inaccuracy on R6.
« on: 10:39 AM - 09/08/21 »
And I just want to go back to 4.8, can you help me?
U need to download the manager on pc then change the ximmmr file then getvthe4.8. I don't recommend using 4.8 though . Can u tell me how u got 4.10

Game Support / Re: Helps with aiming inaccuracy on R6.
« on: 09:57 AM - 09/08/21 »
Bro I just checked I don't have 4.10 ? Am so confused on how u got it

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