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General Discussion / Re: The Azeron - XIM out of the box
« on: 07:02 PM - 09/25/19 »
I may be selling my Azeron Compact, was one of the first to buy, only used it for about a week then I pretty much stopped gaming, I literally turn my PS4 on once, twice maybe 3 times a month.

Iím most likely going to try to get into Modern Warfare but Iím going to go back to the Sony Nav because I play with my mouse pad on my lap and itís just more sturdy with the nav.

Nothings wrong with the Azeron, itís amazing, but simply for the way I play, Itís not the best option.

Everyone including me would love this, it could even be a bundle like how Venom do thereís, XIM Apex, XIM Mouse & XIM Controller....

But the amount of times itís been asked, I highly doubt itís going to happen, thatís not me sending shots or anything, it just doesnít seem like itís possible or I think it would have been done already.

General Discussion / Re: MW is actually trash...
« on: 01:26 PM - 09/18/19 »
Will everyone take a moment to pronounce ďpseudoscientificalĒ for me.

Thank you.

General Discussion / Re: MW is actually trash...
« on: 05:56 PM - 09/17/19 »
Yeah sweating all the time might not be fun but Itís easy to adapt to how your opponents play so if youíre getting beat all the time, IMO it just means you gotta get better. Thatís just how it feels, thatís how it was for me in AW and I guess every other cod.

Its not about getting beat. I dont get beat all the time, but vs sweaty tryhards you wont have nice scores. Youd probably go 20-12 or smth like that, and I dont play COD to go 20-12 in a round. Plus as youve mentioned- I dont wanna sweat all the time. Usually I just like to relax and play relaxed vs a wide variety of playerskill, not just vs highly skilled players only. If I wanted that, I would play League in COD, which I dont.

With that said, with MW it doesnít really seem like anyone can even blame SBMM for that, the game just seems to be built so you canít do that well.

Agree with that, however SBMM adds even more toxic/sour taste in ppls mouth on top of every BS that is inside the game already.

Yeah I get you.

Maybe itís just my playstyle, Iíve never had a relaxed or tryhard zone, if I enjoy a cod, Iím always trying to do my best, I guess thatís why I always have stupid high KDís. Iíll only play if I feel like playing and if I am playing, I get called a tryhard lol.

Guess it just depends on the person, I enjoy running around like Iím skits and snapping onto people, I like spiriting around jumping and just having dead aim onto every target I notice. Whereas other people seem to not care as much as me lol.

Playing the beta though, I didnít really care, I didnít play much but after that first game, the game just felt trash, it feels like it has potential but if we donít get good maps, I donít know whatís going to happen. 3 lane just works for call of duty, it can be mixed up. All this bs isnít needed.

General Discussion / Re: MW is actually trash...
« on: 05:49 AM - 09/17/19 »
I told you guys SBMM was in the game, before it was even confirmed by that youtuber and many ppl on twitter, including Swagg who said he played for 19h to get a Nuke lmao.

This just again proof that I could instantly tell from the experience that SBMM was in the game. When ppl saw me for 0.3 seconds I was dead, no chance to react.

I donít even care about skill based match making, maybe Iíve played call of duty for too long or I was too young when I started but no matter who I play with, if weíre against a good team Iíll somehow end up doing well.

Yeah sweating all the time might not be fun but Itís easy to adapt to how your opponents play so if youíre getting beat all the time, IMO it just means you gotta get better. Thatís just how it feels, thatís how it was for me in AW and I guess every other cod.

With that said, with MW it doesnít really seem like anyone can even blame SBMM for that, the game just seems to be built so you canít do that well.

My first game I went 29-4, played one more and I started to realise how campy the game was, Iíll be getting shot from directly in front of me and have no clue where the person is hiding.

You can be on a streak, all it takes is one person to clime a building, sit there and not love an inch until they see you, the fast kill speed doesnít help this either.

General Discussion / Re: Can you guys watch this video?
« on: 01:45 AM - 09/17/19 »
Look, that was my first time ever trying to get someoneís address and IP.(also Iím pretty sure itís wrong, I used google earth) I wasnít going to do anything btw. Cause Iím not an ahole but I was proving a point and I think i did pretty well. In the end I wanted to see if I could find someone like you. This is because a lot of people on this forum think that MnK isnít cheating as everyone can get one. But that means Dossing isnít either. Cause everybody can get a booter. Dossing gives you the advantage of kicking any better players or the server if you lose. This gives you an unfair advantage right? But at the same time, so does MnK. Itís easier to press buttons faster on MnK in games like R6, you can also look left and right really fast (or shaking as some R6 players call it) which most controller players cannot do. As a result of this, there is a minor(but still there) advantage given from MnK. So why is one cheating and the other isnít? (By the way Iím just talking about r6 as the Ubisoft terms and conditions say you canít use any third party additions(MnK). And not other things like Cod, cause I donít know much about the new one)

On a side note. I donít like the argument that a steering wheel in a racing game isnít cheating so why is MnK. Well you see, racing wheels are for immersion. They donít really give you an advantage, at least in my opinion.

Thanks for reading, sincerely,

This still doesnít explain why nobody cares about you but ok ???

General Discussion / Re: MW is actually trash...
« on: 01:44 AM - 09/17/19 »
I literally read a comment on the new trailer last night and someone said ďthis game focuses on playing tactical and positioning instead of speed and aiming skill unlike other cods and I like thatĒ

LIKE WTFFFF HAS HAPPENED TO THE COD COMMUNITY, when has positioning not meant something in cod and why the f should a shooter not focus on the players speed (reaction times) and aim, especially call of duty.

Itís actually kinda sad, it seems like theyíve been taking steps in the right direction the past few years but then they think ďoh wait, no thatís too Call of Duty, letís add some bs and complete change the gameĒ

Map designs just seem to be stupid, from when the guy explained what they were going to be like I knew it was going to be bs.

Another bigolí letdown...

General Discussion / Re: MW is actually trash...
« on: 01:38 AM - 09/17/19 »
I honestly didnít think AW had sbmm, my issue was when I first got the game it probably took me a few games to get my first good game, then I just started going ham, it always takes me at least a week to adjust to a new cod. Once Iíd settled I switched to PS4 and I felt trash again.

Again, after I settled, the game was just fun, I was rewarded for doing well, never had a moments where I died and thought it was the games fault, it was actually a game Iíd go into custom games with my friend and play against bots to warm up, Iíve not done that in a cod since that game because it hasnít been worth it, I still know thereís going to be bs ways for me to die.

This is all being a controller player at the time and still holding a 3+ kd. I personally focus on my KD a lot, people may joke about it but everyone who plays to win focuses on something whether itís wins, KD, W/L ratio, thatís just always been my thing but if the way the game is built  limits me from doing well, whatís the point in playing.

General Discussion / Re: MW is actually trash...
« on: 05:33 PM - 09/16/19 »
.Ya I just watched that on reddit .... got so angry I had to go watch some Red Dwarf on Netflix to chill out!

Same @#$% as advanced warfare ! all over again .....

Advanced warfare was the last good cod thatís been on current gen consoles, idc what anyone says.

They made change, yes but the change made sense, it was unique and done well. Movement made sense, it was quick, snappy and very controllable, the better you knew how to use the movement system, the better youíd do.

Alright maybe BO3 was alright but even that age was a let down.

Modern warfare now, idk what this bs is. I had high hopes for it but it seems like theyíve tried to do battlefield mixed with siege on small maps, just doesnít work for run n gun type players like me who enjoy making people rage by actually doing well and shiiting on people instead of sitting in buildings and camping doors and windows.

Seems like time-to-kill has been decreased significantly. It looks a if it only takes about 3 shots and then you're on to the next target. I don't like that not one bit. I would rather be able to have a gun battle with my opponent. I'm not interested at all in this game. Thanks for posting this.

Yeah it looks stupid low like sometimes it seems like the guy is kicking up to the enemyís head and itís a one tap, theyíll most likely change it because a few YouTubers have said it seems too fast.

hope i do not get into those lobby's with aimbotters or cham hackers like shroud.

So long as you aren't playing with anyone on PC in your party, or PC yourself, you'll be fine. They're absolutely doing exactly what Fortnite does in which using NATIVE MnK will put you in a PC lobby. Using the XIM on console will still detect it as a controller and only put you up against other Pad users.

I'm hoping either on here or the Discord gets extremely active. I'd love to run a 6/10/20 man of XIM users.

Iíd probably be down, Iím more of a solo player ( when I played cod ) but these bigger maps and player counts gives a Battlefield vibe so having my kills stolen doesnít seem like it would be an issue lol.

Iíve pretty given up on gaming and when the first gameplay was released I gave up on cod completely but this looks like it could actually be great. It doesnít look like cod, it doesnít really look like battlefield or R6 either but it gives those vibes and is something new which I think due to CODís past with introducing ďnewĒ things and the way they go about doing so made me want to go back to basics.

As long as I can hold a 3/4kd or whatever would be considered high on that game, Iíd be happy haha, Iím a KD warrior yes...

Eww @#$% is this.

If it was just called Modern Warfare it would make alot more sense but this is not Call of Duty.

Looks like one of those shooters youíll see YouTubers posting with the title ď Could this be the next call of duty ď

A Zowie mouse or the Rival 600.

Isnít the R650 heavier than the 600? ( I donít know )

I have a 1.62 kd ratio.  I've gamed on PC for a long time and normally in games like CS I'd got 13- 5 to 27-3 hardly ever have 12-20 type matches.  I'm not saying g I'm God or anything but I'm wondering if there are any "advanced" settings that could help the Apex.  For example I saw a post on reddit talking about switching the X/Y values to .05 for smoother aiming.

In the first month or so I used to be super aggressive due to my set up but I've last that mentality due to 1 v 1 fights where I've lost.


Example ^^^ I felt like I was pretty accurate... so I cant tell if it's the game, me, possibly better settings in Xim software.

I have the Apex settings at default basically so if anyone can recommend some settings to look at for Blackout I'd greatly appreciate it, thank you.

Havenít turned my PS4 on in months so I havenít really been in the forums but....

Iíd highly recommend playing wrist and on a high sensitivity l, when I was playing and came across other ximers Iíd always come out on top and find it they all played Arm and lower on sensitivity compared to me.

Playing more aggressive will also help you improve your reaction speed and accuracy, FFA helps a lot with this, constantly trying to play more aggressive helped me a lot.

Stopped playing with a 4.60kd, not saying it to brag but it may sway you into thinking what I say isnít meaningless lol.

Also, play with 30 ads delay or none, I played with 30 without smooth aim transition

General Discussion / Re: Azeron Compact or Regular?
« on: 12:50 PM - 05/25/19 »
Where can you buy these at?

Just type in Azeron, it should come up.

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