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what's the difference between that and the hero version?

ďUpgradedĒ sensor and 16k dpi I think

Game Support / Re: Blackout ST?
« on: Today at 05:55 PM »
Will there be a Blackout ST made for easier keybinding, Its not needed but it definetly would be nice if one was made.

Itís exactly the same controls lol

Ahh, Yh I never thought about that, Iíll just try the circle button on the nav or something

Ordered g440 and rival 600 today . Hope will perform good

Do you use Sony Nav or Keyboard?

From reading what I guess was a mistake, Iím wondering, if for he aux activation I make it my jump button and made it so when I hold my jump button it would activate, also if I add a delay, would it work? And not increase my ads when Iím jumping around.

what exactly are you trying? That the sub config activates when you are jumping?
id recommend to use a button that doesnt have a function already, that way you prevent potential accidents

No, say I added a delay long enough to the auxiliary activation and had the activation key as my jump button so when I hold my jump button instead of clicking it activates.

Would that work?

I canít access my Xim right now or I woulda tried myself lol

Shared Configs / Re: XIM APEX - CoD Blackout Config Guide
« on: 03:34 PM - 10/20/18 »
From reading what I guess was a mistake, Iím wondering, if for he aux activation I make it my jump button and made it so when I hold my jump button it would activate, also if I add a delay, would it work? And not increase my ads when Iím jumping around.

Iím about to buy a g440 today, finally I will get a fitting Logitech mousepad to my Logitech mouse (g502).
I hope the 440 will be better than my cloth pads

Yeah it will be. Definitely feels better and Iíve used good cloth pads

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: BO4....is it just me??
« on: 11:57 AM - 10/20/18 »
Turn your ADS sensitivity up until you can overcome the AA. My curve can help, but if your ADS speed is too slow you're going to get stuck outside the hit box occasionally.

You can also try turning Aim Assist off in game. This has never worked well for me personally though.

There's a few other tricks to like SNYC off, etc.

Have you made a new curve, Iím using the first one you had for Bo4 that was on both hip and ads, still get this issue sometimes

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: PubG Recoil scripts?
« on: 10:50 AM - 10/20/18 »
what do you want next...? aimbot maybe...?

Yeah, I really love seeing people ask for scripts / posting scripts such as no recoil and bla bla bla on this forum.

For real though, it kinda ruins everything Xim stands for. Imo

No, if you want stronger aim assist, out your ADS onto Common Syncand then use the Male the sensitivity 1.31 of that doesnít make yor ads stronger try turning down your polling rate.

I play with Nav.

Have a subconfig for vehicles, get into the vehicle the sub-config kicks-in Nav stick turns into the Right thumbstick. Get out exits vehicle subconfig to HIP.

No need to pickup the controller.

I see you Alan...script incoming.?  8)

Ohhh ďscriptĒ yeahhh, f those lol

Good tip on the surface tuning hadn't a clue that was possible. This thread got me to dig out the 600 out of the cupboard forgot how good it is  8)

Youíre welcome from me and the guys who told us about the surface tuning :D

The only thing which was an issue for the first day was, coming from the G502 which is considered ď heavy ď by the mouse community ( it really isníT, it feels great )  is the mouse felt cheap😂 ( the Rival 600 ) I guess itís jusy how gaming mice are built when made for the most precision, which in my opinion is unnecessary because calling something of 120-30grams heavy is just @#$% lol.

The buttons on the G502 are most definitely better, the feeling, the placement and sounds of the clicks are just better, maybe itís just my mouse but as I said before it was only a issue for a day or so, I do prefer the buttons on the G502. Also pretty much all other reviewers have said the same thing.

The mouse is  great though, the buttons on the G502 were annoying at first but itís just going to take a second to get used to on the Rival 600 as was the same for the G502.

All these issues will most likely be fixed because I play with my mouse pad on my lap as Iíve always been a TV gamer, Iím going to buy a desk today or tomorrow ( soon. Lol ) just hope that isnít to hard to get used to and doesnít take to long. After that Iím sure everything is going to feel perfect.

I seem to be having a easier time tracking with this mouse, when I get onlitn Iím going to play one game and see if I have the sticky aim assist issue with the G502 because it could all be in my head. It does feel like this mouse has fixed it, now I just need to perfect my ADS sensitivity.

To tune it you hold the DPI button until the mouse starts flashing at you and then you move it around on the mouse pad until it stops flashing.


I donít understand why they donít advertise this feature more and I couldnít find a tutorial / any instructions online on how to do this.

General Discussion / Re: Ops 4 Positive Opinion
« on: 06:18 AM - 10/20/18 »
I replied to this on the ď BO4 worth it? ď thread.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: BO4 Worth It?
« on: 06:01 AM - 10/20/18 »
It's definitely worth it. Don't listen to the salty cry babies that bought the Xim and thought it would make them a God at every single shooter. It takes a little tweaking but you can create some insane settings and dominate the competition. I managed to find some sick settings that literally feels like I'm using an aimbot. They're so accurate I climb from a 1.38 level 16 to a 2.34 level 42. If you want it buy it. Just be patient, focused and test a bunch of different settings until something clicks and you find what you were looking for.

Boy you have a 2kd, watch your mouth... Thatís the BO2 / AW / Ghosts side of me btw

I was getting some pre game practice in on custom games, picked up my controller because when I watch killcams nobody has any issues aiming, it looks like people can just sit still and have aimbot (WHICH IS HOW THIS GAME WORKS)

Iíve actually found, on BO4 (IMO) itís easier to aim on controller🤣

I didnít change my sensitivity and my aim was literally percfect. I can admit it was off at times but I could easily snap onto my target, this just comes from playing max sensitivity Ďall my lifeí on shooters. Movement was also natural to me.

I was playing against bots but I KNOW, if I spent a day or 2 just using a controlle, Iíd play as good if not better than I do with XIM.

Thereís just less recoil management it feels like on bo4 ( with controller )  and being a high sens player ( with Xim also ) kinda counters that unless I decrease my ads, which feels weird if I do ).

I would happily do this but even after like 10mins my hands hands started hurting and Iím not about to go though all that again just to play with a controller..

Not everyone who has an opinion that is the opposite of yours on this thread are ď salty crybabies who bought Xim and thought it would make them a god ď

Some of us are naturally good at shooters, have our own reasons for buying Xim and have our opinions on the game. Most of us also heavily agree with each other and based off of what ( based on what... for you American guys ) youíve told me, we are on a higher skill level than you ( without that sounding rude )

Back to the topic off this thread.

The game has just released, its messy right now, as fun as quads on Blackout is, even Blackout has a lot of issues.

The multiplayer is the worst multiplayer Treyarch have made but it can be fun and with a few nerfs, patches and fixes, it will most likely be enjoyable for more than 5 games.

Like Iíve said, I would highly recommend the game AS A WHOLE GAME but if you want to strictly play multiplayer, you might have some mental issues after a few days.

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