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XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Mouse settings every time ?
« on: 08:11 AM - 04/16/18 »
What are you asking? Is it do you need to set your dpi every time you play on your PS4?

If your mouse doesn't have any on board memory, yes would have to set it every time.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: USB Port Order, does it matter?
« on: 08:00 AM - 04/16/18 »
I haven't noticed any differences.

General Discussion / Re: SSD, external hook up?
« on: 09:07 AM - 04/14/18 »
I bought this, I still think USB C is a long while a way to become main stream.

xbox 1 x only has usb 3.0 so no point going over that unless you plan on using it on other things.
I must say I love how much faster games load,  I have compared it to my elite xbox with the hybrid ssd/hd build in and it still way faster.

ALSO that cable is usb c to c you want usb c to a 3.0 (or a converter)

General Discussion / Re: Corsair k68 rgb
« on: 08:52 AM - 04/14/18 »
Both my k65 and Strafe work just fine. not the most helpful, but k65/k70/strafe all working, it maybe you?
Is the k68 the older style k70? 

If the cue2 software isn't picking it up you are having keyboard problems than.

I have a, mm200, mm300 and Fury S Pro. I just got the pro yesterday, wanted a bigger pad.  and it does have a different texture than the Corsairs MM stuff.  I like pads with stitched edging, so they don't fray apart.

That looks perfect. Itís amazing how pre-built desks never ergonomically fit the person, custom is the way to go.
so true
I couldn't find any I really liked, so I had to build it. 
I'm about 2 months into my build and I'm putting on the last bit of finish next week.  I hope to have it all set up in the next 2 weeks.
(aka more photos once that is done)

Little update
Desk is up but not fully set up.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Corsair Glaive RGB Help
« on: 01:07 PM - 03/13/18 »
Why don't you just bind it in the apex manager?

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: 1000hz Question
« on: 08:33 AM - 03/11/18 »
For instance on PC on 3200 DPI and 1000hz.
don't compare them.

From what I read its the 1000hz causing the problems not the DPI.

Computer desk, it's a work in progress.

More photos to come when its finished and all set up.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Xbox One X vs Xbox One
« on: 01:45 PM - 03/06/18 »
In PUBG I still get frame rate dropping and the big lag spike.  It probably really hard unless you played them back to back or have XXX hours into a game and switch.

I thought I read something about the X giving like better view range in a game, but it was nerfed shortly after being discovered.

You need a cable and anything that transfers data.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Leaving Apex in console?
« on: 12:33 PM - 03/06/18 »
Xbox does have a deep sleep and a full shut off in the settings.
I leave mine in my xbox too.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: I GOT ONE !!!!
« on: 10:05 AM - 03/02/18 »
Congrats!!!  :D Mine was just delivered right after I left for some breakfast with the girlfriend.
I can't wait to use it.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Xim apex order cancellation
« on: 05:37 PM - 03/01/18 »
Odds are it may be your CC causing this problem too.  Had it happen before to me.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: i thought
« on: 04:10 PM - 03/01/18 »
It's for people who log on the forums and check. Has nothing to do with post count, you could have been lucky logged in yesterday and saw it was going to opening last night.

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