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The latest update made my sensitivity feel much faster. (particularly the hip sens) Flicking feels less consistent also yes I did make a new configuration

Love the Apex btw bought it as soon as it was released on the store like 2 years ago and have hundreds of ppl tell me they have bought it after watching my videos

With the new ST my hip sensitivity hits max turn speed when i barely even touch the mouse anybody else ?

My settings:
Mouse: 4000dpi - 1000hz
Xim apex - 500hz

Hip: 260.00
Sync: default
Smoothing: 3
Y/X: 1.00

ADS: 42.00
Sync: default
Smoothing: 5
Y/X: 1.00

Settings felt good before the update mouse didnt hit max turn speed fast either

I dont use any weights in it lol but i went from the Corsair Harpoon which is very light i think 99g to the g502 so maybe thats why
More than likely if you've just made the switch recently. I'm going to add some weights to my G502 and see how it performs. Maybe it will help me track a little better.
i have been on the G502 for a while but the Harpoon is the only other mouse i have used for gaming

I dont use any weights in it lol but i went from the Corsair Harpoon which is very light i think 99g to the g502 so maybe thats why

Palm grip and its exactly 7 inches from tip of my middle finger to the beginning of my wrist

Looks like a really good mouse especially for the price too.

G502 is like pushing around brick when trying play siege lol

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Problem with sony nav
« on: 10:38 AM - 12/18/18 »
Also i should point out that im using it as a wired controller what usually happens is ill be walking and either ill just stop completely or keep going in whatever direction i was last walking in but only way to fix this is to unplug the apex

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Problem with sony nav
« on: 10:31 AM - 12/18/18 »
How do you charge a nav controller do i just plug it in to the ps4 or a wall outlet ? I have it plugged into ps4 and the light flashes red does this mean its charging ?

XIM APEX Discussions / Problem with sony nav
« on: 07:56 AM - 12/17/18 »
Anybody have a clue as to why my sony nav keeps disconnecting/stops working ?

I was just playing Red Dead Redeption on the PS3 yesterday and it really wasn't that bad only problem I had was switching weapons because of the stupid weapon wheel and the way the mouse moved

Using the Xim apex and Logitech G502

XIM APEX Discussions / My xim apex is haunted
« on: 01:08 PM - 09/25/18 »
When i shut the ps4 off it will fully power off and then about 2 seconds later it'll start right back up and so i have to power it off a second time i couldn't find anything on the internet about it but then i figured out if i unplug the apex it will power down normally but heres the weird part right as i unplug the apex from my ps4 my ps3 will starts up ??? Anybody have any idea @#$% is happening ? lol

I have 2 configs for Rainbow Six Siege to test different sensitivities and I made an auxiliary setup for droning on one config and it works perfectly fine but the second config just doesn't work at all

Any idea why ?

That should work fine with the controller. I would use the least amount of length possible for stability, I recommend 3' or less if this works for your setup.

Would this cable also work with a Sony nav ?

I'm not 100% sure which one I should get.

Will this work or is there a better one to get ?


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