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XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Feels like trash, why?
« on: 09:05 AM - 03/11/18 »
Why is it I feel like there's. No aim assist using xim apex?

The whole purpose of the Xim Apex is to cut through the Aim Assist. If you like AA, then set your polling back to 125Hz, and you should be fine. Just an FYI, but I am playing Battlefield 1 much better without having to get caught up in the AA bubble. Everyone is different, and I respect how anyone chooses to play, but your game is not going to improve if you still use the AA, as it limits your aim.

Just learned something i was not aware that AA only worked in 125Hz now it makes sense cause at 1000Hz i did not notice any AA even when i had it on thanks for the info!

I asked about the Xbox one GTA5 3rd person Smart Translator a while ago.
I used to play it a lot on both xbox 360 and xbox one and although it was not the best I got by ok.

After moving on to other games I went back to it for a day and the Xbox One 3rd person look mechanic was completely unplayable...just awful. I dont know what it was, but something happened to it.

I tried the Xbox 360 translator on the Xbox one, and it was ok'ish.

Yeah, it's really sad at this point, idk what to do maybe there is some kind of script for another piece of hardware to allow me to break free of using a controller I am sure it is going to take me a few weeks before I figure something out. As I really do not like controllers. And the amount of money I spent to get set up for RDR2 is disgusting tbh.

Also thanks for sharing your setting with us @Noquarter !

AA usually means Aim Assist on this forum.

Oh i am not looking at it now but i think it's set on rotation in game settings not really sure what that means but i think i remember reading it as that when i was messing around.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: FedEx is the @#$%
« on: 01:54 AM - 03/08/18 »
I hear that a lot from Aussies on this forum

Was the G502 automatically set on 12000 DPI?

No, you need to connect it to a PC, and run the software, then make all your changes. Make sure to select on-board memory so that it saves all your changes, and then disconnect it and plug it into your XIM. I don't think it's set to 1000Hz polling at the start either. I can't remember. If you don't have a PC, find one, because you can't really use it until you configure it how you want it.
I don't even know what my settings are, but I am a god on every game rn lol

Try GTAV and let me know if your still "a god"

Are you guys using an form of AA with your 12k, 1000hz profile?

Not sure what ya mean by AA to me when someone says AA it means Anti-Aliasing so um idk....

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: FedEx is the @#$%
« on: 06:52 PM - 03/07/18 »
Wow someone that had a good experience with FedEx hey can you possibly buy me a lottery ticket or go to the casino with me?

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Xim Apex hub cable length
« on: 06:49 PM - 03/07/18 »
You might be better off buying your own powered hub with longer cable just a thought. I am thinking about doing that tbh the cable is to short imo.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Xim Apex hub cable length
« on: 06:46 PM - 03/07/18 »
Usb 2.0 cable thats for sure. But im wondering if extending the hub wont affect the quality?? Lag, delay and so on. Anyone with knowledge on that please comment.

Well i am sure there will be a difference but will it be noticeable is the question cause i know you will get noise if its next to other electronics.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Fedex not delivering Xim apex
« on: 06:40 PM - 03/07/18 »
The left them by garbage cans?  Did the trash collectors throw them away?

Shows just how stupid FedEx is sorry cause I know there are some people here that work there, but hey, I had to file a complaint just to get them to release my package that sat for 2 days 30 min from my house where they refused pickup.

Well, looks like I have a lot of work to do then, since it has a "poor aiming system"

I basically only bought my xbox one x as well only because of red dead redemption 2 and to get a xim to use mouse and keyboard since Rockstar are a bunch of @#$% hats that like to stick it to the PC users.

And for all other game developers are either too scared or too stupid to take a chance and make a half decent western game I am stuck with this.

On my V20 Android phone i had a few problems getting Apex to be recognized on the Apex manager app after 4 or 5 tries it worked. Shut down the system took a cat nap cause i am old got up and it asked me to pair again so i again had problems but got it in 3 tries. Not using the beta just the launch firmware!

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: hows the apex guys?
« on: 05:23 AM - 03/07/18 »
So far only had it for about 12hrs and if you want it for GTAV i would say skip it cause it plays like garbage worst of all RDR2 will probably play the same way. I have made 2 threads asking for people's help with settings they use and no one wants to share. I plan on doing a full impressions in a couple weeks as i want to be fair about what i think. I also will share any settings for any games i find when it is running good.

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